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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Human Food Factor Show is leaving the airwaves

Hello folks, 

As of January 12, 2013, Ron Lewis and I have decided to terminate The Human Food Factor Show. There are a number of contributing factors that led to this decision. It wasn’t taken lightly and had nothing to do with the network or the company. My instincts say we should consider watching our step more closely. We know too much. I have no problem telling the truth and talking about it. Consequently, we’ve had the FBI snooping around for the last 3.5-4 years. We’ve had a very popular show since the beginning and accumulated a substantial listenership in every venue we’ve been in. This is problematic. Large venues of listenership, telling the truth about who did what and why. They do not want people hearing this stuff repetitively and especially, where to find the proof for themselves. It is not the kind of attention they want. Consequently, many have expired over it. 

With the flagrant political environment being what it is now, the gloves are off. They are picking people off Facebook, Twitter, out of crowds and are using data collection to make it happen. They made it legal to make people disappear. It has already happened to one of my hosts. Ron and I both have had this nagging in the backs of our necks since even before TME, to the point we really didn’t want to go back up this time, but we did it anyway. And, for the cause. I pumped it up, but the feeling has not gone away. We both agree, we are all beyond the point of no return. The proof of what they have done and been willing to sacrifice, is horrific. Accepted collateral loss in life, being one. This is Communists taking over. They own it and us, or at least they think they do. 

I may seem paranoid, but I’ve been around long enough to respect gut instinct and warning signs. Ron has verified this also. The way it stands time wise; if you haven’t woken up yet or are just beginning to wake up, hyper drive and unlimited funding won’t even work. It took over 10 years to accumulate this level of knowledge and we are out of time. For us; it’s time to shut up, cover our tracks and finish preparing for what we and many believe will be the most devastating events to come, ever staged. Mao, Stalin and Hitler, all balled into one. Once guns and ammo are illegal, it starts. Historically.

Sorry for my gloomy report, but it’s history repeating itself. Thanks to everyone for your interaction with our show and bringing us to the level we enjoyed for over 5 years. The Human Food Factor website will be left up and intact, including all the archived shows. We hope it has helped. Good luck and keep your powder dry. 

Your friends and action characters, 

Howard Axtell
Ron Lewis


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