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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wake up call....

Hello folks, 

This is a time of internal strife in which we must know what our metal is inside ourselves and what it means. It is a time in which we must strengthen our beliefs, move in that direction and reach out to those who have missed the boat. This means our young. So many believe we are in uncharted waters and there is no beacon left to guide us. So much to do and not enough time to get there, maybe? Where does one begin? How about regaining a balance including sanity, for starters? 

The day of ease and comfort has passed. We live in digital cobwebs from communication to entertainment. We live in a country that someone has turned our gleaming beacon that everyone in their right mind wanted to be, into a place where no one in their right mind would want to go. That is unless you could target something you want and have the opportunity to just take it. Freedom used to be that item. Now, it is all about “things”. Today, we are now smut to the rest of the world. A bad joke. We are laughing stock to the global community, as confirmed by a foreign entity who spoke to a comrade the other day. 

Even with all that; there is a huge percentage in this country that believes in the traditional past values and is ferociously protective of theirs, when it comes to that subject. Xmas. Religious beliefs. The value of traditions. The very things that made America what it was. It’s time to re-define our beliefs, strengthen our posture and tell those cretins who would turn us into the smut they envision for their own benefit, to take their garbage back to the closet where they belong. 

Weakness has never been part of our culture. Weakness has been force fed to us by those who would then profit from it, long term. Where has that left us? Broke and disillusioned!! We are the best because we worked for it. We were able to offer hope because of the same. We have lost our way and we need to get a grip on those reins and rein it in. Merry Christmas and who cares about those who think it’s worthless, except in the marketplace? They are the ones who need to lose the flavor. They suck, by their own hands and need to be regarded as trash that is hurting everything America and half the planet believes in. Hope, value of life and caring for each other, a lost art? 

Bravo to all Americans who remember who we are. Not the killing machine, but the loving and caring people. We stand strong and I am proud to still be one of those, along with the rest; that still does believe in the good old USA!!!  Merry Christmas folks, from coast to coast!! I love you and we will always be cut of the same clothe, no matter how fun the alternative is to visit. We will always come back home, to who we are!! 




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