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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fellow Americans- A Human Food Factor radio show announcement!

Fellow Americans, 

With the launch of the new and improved HUMAN FOOD FACTOR radio show (on the Micro Effect Network-  http://www.themicroeffect.com/ ), comes a new level of professional responsibility. This is in reference to the scope and accuracy of the information we’ve gathered over the last year. In the realm of preparation, this was no small project. It was designed to bring attention to every item used and needed in our daily lives, to provide personal self sufficiency. Now comes, the “nuts and bolts”. 

Self sufficiency is an honest approach and the ability to provide for oneself, family and friends, when necessary. 

Preparation is the vehicle for becoming self sufficient.
Our belief that we must become more prepared to provide for ourselves has been paramount in our daily lives. The combination of the two venues almost lends itself to the impossible. Monetarily and time wise, these two things are what most have the least of. Preparation must be prioritized, recognized and acted upon, to succeed at it. 

This new show has been a lot more difficult to put together. The reason being, we have much more accurate information and a wider scope of information to offer. This is thanks to our callers and everyone involved with the show. The last year has been “preparation on training wheels”. This show is different. What we‘ve learned through our callers and further research, the combination will make this show a whole lot more productive. Much more direct, to the point and not as much guesswork. Also, the easiest and least expensive manner in which to do so! 

WE DO HAVE A REQUEST! We need all the callers from our last network show, to call in and help by sharing your experiences again. 

Your contributions have made this show what it is and now it is time to nail it down for everyone who is taking the time and interest. Our new call in number is (888) 747-1968. 

If you have unlimited minutes, please call (208) 935-0094! 

We will be what save’s our society, or at least our part of it, in the event of necessity. Many others will follow suit once convinced. Of course, NEED is the mother of all invention when it’s too late, but still plays a role. We will know how to utilize those who desire to earn rather than to take for free. The rest will starve or become cannibalistic in nature, in the event of a national or global disaster. In the event of a nationwide disaster or global strife, we will be some of the survivors. 

We, as many others agree, are on the brink of collapse. No one can survive by printing more and more paper money. Bottom line, it becomes more and more worthless and frankly, YOU CAN’T EAT IT!!!! Then, there is the factor; what if the services and products needed to live, become unavailable? Seems impossible? It isn’t. 

This is why we are doing what we are doing. This program is designed to help and your contributions in experience and knowledge is essential to our efforts so, PLEASE CALL IN!! If you’ve called in before and offered your knowledge, please call again, as we are starting this show from the ground up. The basics to the more intricate. The least expensive and most effective means to accomplish the objective of self sufficiency. 

This show is not fear mongering or to suggest anything in particular. It is only designed to project the means of being prepared for anything and self sufficient in your own community. That’s it. How to regain what we used to be and become that of which, made America great. We need to do this to get our solvency back. Our families, friends and the rest of the planet need us to get back where we were. Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. The place everyone wanted to come, to be free. The Land of Milk and Honey. Love and caring. America, strong and standing on its own two legs. 

There are those in key positions around the globe that have allowed this degradation to happen because they do not care if America is great. They only want what America is worth and what it contains. They also need us as the human resources, to make that happen and to maintain their way of life. In case nobody noticed, the monster share of our society is out of time and money. Maxed out. So, who has the lion’s share of all that money?
I would strongly suggest; it’s those very people I spoke of, who are no longer here AND the people that organized and allowed it to happen elsewhere. ALL for their personal cash benefit, while the society that allowed it goes down the toilet. Still, none of this makes any sense to some. Maybe at very least, those who don’t need to open their eyes and realize the importance of these facts. This is in consideration for the cliff we are about to go over, getting higher and higher every day. Point is, when the probable does happen, it will be worse that could ever be imagined.
So, let’s be prepared??????? 

In any event, The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW will resume on Saturday, on the 22nd and every Saturday to follow, at 6PM- 8PM Eastern time. You can listen live on the net at - http://www.themicroeffect.com/ and all show archives can be downloaded, free of course, at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com 

Show call in number is (888) 747-1968 

If you have unlimited minutes- (208) 935-0094 

TO KNOW WHAT STATIONS IN YOUR AREA ARE CARRYING THE SHOW- go to Micro Effect and hit the “stations” link! 

Call in, give our listeners and us here at HFF the benefit of your expertise and knowledge! We must be prepared for anything!!! 




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