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Friday, October 26, 2012

This is to all our faithful and new listeners of "The Human Food Factor" radio show, normally broadcast on the RBN (Network), Saturdays, from 5-7PM Central....

As of 10/25/2012, even though our preparation forum was rated #2 on the Network, our show was cancelled. Archives of the show can be found on our website http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com and contains hours of valuable information concerning becoming self sufficient and successfully being prepared for a coming FUBAR condition in this country. It is a shame that management at RBN felt this was a suitable answer to a customer service issue, it really strikes a blow to the listening audience. Myself, Ron Lewis and many others have spent a great deal of our time, with no compensation, to help bring light to this subject of "preparation". Being prepared. It was never about the money, it was about doing what we believed might help in a time of need.

Six months ago, I was approached by RBN and offered live station coverage nationwide, which I personally paid for. The Los Angeles basin, 6 stations in Washington state and a fairly long list of blanketing AM & FM stations across America. Normally, when a purchase of that kind is made, there is an accompanying agreement and a receipt for those services. When I didn't get that, I began requesting that information. Then, our programming advertisements disappeared, my company commercials, and to follow, my book commercial vanished. Suspicious, I began calling the stations where my program was supposed to being aired live. They had never heard of my program.

These items are all part of a contractual agreement between myself and RBN. It appears, my money went to fund something other than what I had purchased, or thought I had. As a business owner of 4 or 5 companies, contractual agreements are part of my daily life so, I know what they are for and the responsibilities entailed. So, beside being willing to lose a paying customer and dropping all the work we and our listeners did off a cliff, they elected to sidestep the truth, blame us and cancel our show.

So ends the saga of The Human Food Factor Show, a 10 year project. We truly apologize to those this means something to. It has not been well received here either. You know where our hearts are at. Pass the word and do go to our archives. There is tons of valuable contributions and information there, that is of great substance.

Bon Voyage folks and good luck to all of you!


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