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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Showtime! 7-21-2012

Well friends, here we are again! Another day in time, Saturday the 21st, July 2012. Today's show will air at 6PM-8PM Eastern and can be listened to live at http://www.republicbroadcasting.org/. Call in, if you like 1-800-313-9443, tell our listeners your take and part in becoming prepared and self sufficient. You have played a very large part in the show's success!

Today marks several events, some sad and some good. Our radio show, The Human Food Factor Show is now ranked 2nd on the RBN network, signifying that the public is finally realizing we are not being told the entire truth about where we are headed as a global community. People are reaching out in huge numbers, to these other venues to learn the truth. Alternative radio is one of the very few places where one can learn what is really going on in our world today. More realistic viewpoints and opinion.

We are the final pawns in a global financial governance program being organized and projected through our puppets in Washington and other world governments. All under the guise of being for our own good. In case anyone hasn't noticed, all these removals of our freedoms have not resulted in anything positive except the removal of our freedoms. We are the last calling card. We are also the very last hope for freedom on planet Earth. This will all come to pass and we will all get to participate. It doesn't matter what we believe, it will come to pass and will affect every one of us. It already is.

On another note; A very large part of this program has been organized through creating a social environment where beliefs in the public arena has become severely divided. Divided in beliefs and the value system we worn born with. It has caused devastating differences in our perception of reality. A diversified application of values that were once common place, have evolved to some morphed value system where there are no basic values, no rules and a world in which anything goes, if it feeds a need. Beautiful things die, for frivolous purpose. Temporary things that hold no permanent value, have created a sector in which all things are disposable.

I have structured my own life to project and protect the sanctity of meaningful values. A place where quality means something, a venue where everything good counts and is important. At the end of the day, we must care for each other and recognize the difference between becoming disposable, and creating things of meaningful value. Respect for life and the Laws of Nature. Everything and everyone are one in the same and no matter how you bend the truth; it will always be the truth, regardless. Love somebody, count yourself in. It will pay forever and is contagious. Peace folks.

Howard Axtell


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