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Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great American financial bubble

Hello folks, Here we are back again for another fantastic voyage through time and space, to a land that is falling apart at the seams. Welcome to America! The people who set up this condition are the very same people who have profited trillions from it. First, their central banking system with fractional banking and then the same people getting the FED act ratified. Then the gold standard being dropped, sealed our financial fate. It just came out that the right arm of the Rothschild’s in America, the Rockefeller’s, have joined hands with the Rothschild’s, to work in our remaining American finances.

These are very same people who brought these systems to our country. They were designed to fail at will. When only 10% of a bank’s balance is required to have cash asset backing, the remaining 90% is based on absolutely nothing and is being lent out for interest. It has created a bubble so large, it cannot be fixed without the value of the dollar dropping to about one cent.

With this in mind, The Human Food Factor Show has formatted itself as a Prepper show, with people dedicated to preparing for when this bubble pops. It isn’t a question of if anymore folks, it’s a question of when. Listen in, call in, from 8-10 PM on Saturday nights to 1-800-313-9443. You calls are critical to our listening audience and your welcome participation has been overwhelming. You can listen live at http://www.republicbroadcasting.org/ or you can go to our website at; http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com The show archives are also stored there for downloading at you convenience! Listen in, call in, our callers have made this show the success it is at #2 on the network, in just 9 shows. Proud? Just a little bit!


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