The Human Food Factor News: June 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

This is a global wake up call. Read this!

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In addition to this article, we have changed our showtime to 6-8 PM Eastern Standard Time, LIVE, on the Republic Broadcasting Network at You can also listen to the archives on preparation for what we be...lieve is an up and coming event that will require all of us to become self sufficient. Listen live, Go to Call in, offer your experience or questions to our listeners and staff. Enjoy! That call in number is 1-800-313-9443. Today we will be interviewing Jack Jenkins, the owner of Country Living Grain Mills, that produces the finest grain mill on the planet and discussing the health benefits of homemade foods.
A number of things that have been going on are now producing negative and adverse conditions in our lifestyles. We have watched how food growers and producers have been driven out of business through intentional over regulation, taxation and government granted NAFTA programs. This drove food production out of America and handed over to numerous small countries with even more fragile supply chains than ours. Strangely enough, but not so strange really; much of the foreign production is also owned by globalized mega American corporations. The benefits: no human resources or laws controlling pesticides, etc. These smaller countries also provide a very inexpensive and disposable work force.
Case and point: California and Florida used to produce 99% of our winter fruits and vegetables. Now they don’t. Why? Some of the largest and most fertile growing areas at these locations have been cut off from water, for one. Secondly, the tremendous amounts of geo-engineering, the spraying of our atmosphere in these locations, have not only raised the PH of the soils, it continues to create drought in these areas. Texas is another prime example.  Consequently, the production of food from these areas has been intentionally eliminated from happening. This is only one of the pieces of the puzzle.
This indicates some kind of “plan” that will have monumental and long lasting results. Not just in America, but throughout the global community. One would ask why? Why would anyone ever want to remove our ability to provide for ourselves? For the money? Possibly. Why would our food production be moved to less stable environments? Same answers, with a potential kicker.
The problem; this is our food supply and, we are no longer able to produce it in America.
This geo-engineering of our atmosphere also has other negative ramifications. It is an absorbent as well as being poisonous to living organisms. It allows the provider to absorb moisture out of the air, through this spraying and drop it to the ground and/or, move it using the jet stream. Nature provides cooling and cleaning of the air with this moisture. Without this moisture in the air, we have a poisonous atmosphere affecting every living thing, drought and very unusual weather anomalies. We had unprecedented temperatures in Tennessee yesterday. Recorded: 109 degrees. They have been spraying day and night here now, for years. This is part of the results of this spraying.
We’ve got several big problems.  “Somebody” is writing the play book and the rules of the game.
Genetically modified foods and organisms.
The ramifications of what has and is continuing to be done, will affect the personal well being of every one of us. The effects of GMO’s have never been tested before becoming legal. This is a huge business involving the patenting of organisms. Huge money. GMO crops infect normal crops through cross pollination and then can be prosecuted for patent infringement. This has become a globalized, a huge business for companies like Dow and the Monsanto Corporation, to list a few. These are ruthless entities primarily known for their production of the most toxic poisons known to man, now producing our “food”. Go figure.
This altering of Nature’s provisions is also backfiring, due to inadequate testing. The infected grasses consumed by animals is producing cyanide and killing the animals we rely on for our meat, for one. It is infecting every natural crop on the planet, for two. The Round Up Ready crops are also now being re-infected by a stronger strain of the primary insects they were modified to resist.  It is now proven that GMO products, now in 95% of every product on supermarket shelves, causes reproductive problems and damages the organs of those who consume it regularly. The seed for these GMO plants will also only produce one crop. They count the seeds, knowing they cannot reproduce for a second crop. This forces the grower to have to buy new seeds every year, instead of being able to “hold back” normal seeds from their crops, for the coming year. Huge money. These companies have also bought up 85% of the world’s seed companies, to force growers to buy from them annually.

Much of the activity has one thing in common: It concerns our food supply, on a global level. This is a very big problem. Who is planning this? Why? Our government and other governments are providing the services needed for this plan and the people seem to be powerless to stop it and/or, completely unaware. FUBAR!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New show time!!

Well folks, friends and family; here we go again, another beautiful Saturday!
Starting next Saturday, we’ll be going to our new time 6-8 PM Eastern Time, a little earlier and more convenient. Our syndicated radio show presents a vision of vigorous preparedness, by forum. Callers from all over the world have made this an entertaining and productive show indeed! Our callers have given the show a life of its very own and we appreciate it.
The world of preparation and “peppers”! For the last 3 weeks, we have discussed water purification and gathering systems. We’ve also discussed food stockpiling, as well as preserving and dry storage systems. We will continue with the food venue, because it is one of the top three necessities to life there are. You live 3 minutes without air, three days without water and 3 weeks without food so; this is where we are concentrating for the moment. Food preparation will also be discussed today. Call in, participate. Our listeners appreciate it!
Listen in, contribute! Today, Saturday, 8-10 PM Eastern time, on the Republic Broadcasting Network at or on my website at   Remember, starting next Saturday, our new time is 2 hours earlier! Our call in number is 1-800-313-9443

Sunday, June 17, 2012


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I have changed our show time from 8-10 Eastern Time to 6-8 PM Eastern, starting in 2 weeks! A little easier on the weekend schedule around here. Last week we discussed in forum, how to collect, store and purify water. Today, we will explore growing wheat grass and sprouts, as a 100% supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. An unbelievably easy method of having what it takes to survive without a food supply. Cheap and quick too!
The Human Food Factor talk radio forum has become hugely successful, based on the venue of preparedness for a coming event that will affect our supply chains in this country. An already fragile structure that is all linked together. Call in, offer your take on our subject matter 1-800-313-9443. Listen live at at 8-10 PM Eastern Time!


Friday, June 8, 2012

The Great American financial bubble

Hello folks, Here we are back again for another fantastic voyage through time and space, to a land that is falling apart at the seams. Welcome to America! The people who set up this condition are the very same people who have profited trillions from it. First, their central banking system with fractional banking and then the same people getting the FED act ratified. Then the gold standard being dropped, sealed our financial fate. It just came out that the right arm of the Rothschild’s in America, the Rockefeller’s, have joined hands with the Rothschild’s, to work in our remaining American finances.

These are very same people who brought these systems to our country. They were designed to fail at will. When only 10% of a bank’s balance is required to have cash asset backing, the remaining 90% is based on absolutely nothing and is being lent out for interest. It has created a bubble so large, it cannot be fixed without the value of the dollar dropping to about one cent.

With this in mind, The Human Food Factor Show has formatted itself as a Prepper show, with people dedicated to preparing for when this bubble pops. It isn’t a question of if anymore folks, it’s a question of when. Listen in, call in, from 8-10 PM on Saturday nights to 1-800-313-9443. You calls are critical to our listening audience and your welcome participation has been overwhelming. You can listen live at or you can go to our website at; The show archives are also stored there for downloading at you convenience! Listen in, call in, our callers have made this show the success it is at #2 on the network, in just 9 shows. Proud? Just a little bit!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Preparedness forum on National Radio!

Well folks, here we go again; another beautiful Saturday! Our syndicated radio show presents a vision of vigorous preparedness, by forum. Callers from all over the world have made this an entertaining and productive show indeed! Our callers have given the show a life of its very own and we appreciate it. Listen in, contribute! Saturdays, 8-10 PM Eastern time, on the Republic Broadcasting Network at or on my website at   Our call in number is 1-800-313-9443

I’m telling people, “watch the stock market!” Once it begins to freefall, it’s over folks. They will close the stock market to stop the freefall, which will start a run on the banks. The banks will be closed because they don’t carry enough money to cover their deposits. This isn’t something new, it’s history repeating itself. Centralized, fractional banking and the FED was brought to this country by the Rothschild financial arms and created a financial environment in which 90% of the money on their books, is fictional. Fractional banking, look it up. Every country that has it is in big trouble.

When people and businesses cannot withdraw the funds needed to survive, here comes the rest of the story. We are talking about a financial collapse engineered by the same people who brought it here. When it happens here, it will be much different than the rest of the world. This will be on a much larger scale and will create an environment 1000 times worse than anything we can imagine. Those who believe nothing could happen here in America, are dead wrong. Ignorance and laziness will not save them either. These will be the people who don’t have what they need to live and the first to become desperate and dangerous.

Those who realize something is terribly wrong, are not going to be caught with their pants down. They are preparing. Everything from footwear, clothing to medical supplies, food and water supplies, everything needed to live while our fragile supply chains are affected. This is what our show is all about. Preparedness. Listen in, contribute, call in  1-800-313-9443

The show can also be downloaded from our archives at

Prepare. Prepare to help yourself and your neighbors. Know who your neighbors are, talk to them. Tell them you are preparing for a potential economic collapse (like every other country with central banking) and you will need their help.

Peace folks, we have everyone's best interests in mind. Have a great weekend!