The Human Food Factor News: May 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hello America, hello friends!

Today marks our 15th show this season and we are still holding at #2 on the Republic Broadcasting Network!!! The show has been widely received worldwide and appreciated for its useful venue and information on preparedness. Preparedness: The option of preparing for something that would alter in any way, how we do business in our everyday lives.

This subject describes preparing for an inconvenience that many mock, or simply cannot envision. The eminent possibility of any of our supply chains being broken from some "event" is no longer just a possibility. The only question left is the historical; "when" and “just how bad could it get?” You could pick among the most obvious and most important; electricity, the most fragile supply chain we have. Everything we know, stops.

This would interrupt every other supply chain in its tracks. No deliveries. No gas, food, stop lights, utilities, nothing. Where would that leave you? For anyone who has lived through a hurricane or some natural event that cause widespread power outages knows; no refrigerator, being the most obvious. Stores boarded up, so no food or cigs. It goes on and how quickly does it go downhill? Within 3 days, neighborhoods look like a war zones.

Animals tearing into the trash, spreading it everywhere. All services and stores boarded up, sewage backing up into sinks and tubs, faucet water completely unsafe to use and the list goes on. The worst being, when everything in the fridge goes bad. Then, if you have had foresight enough to prepare, your neighborhood friends who ignored the warnings, become an issue. Desperate people do desperate things and when it comes to time dated necessities like food and water, friendship takes a back seat. 3 days for water and 3 weeks for food, that's how long you have to satisfy those needs.

To prepare, or not? Maybe a good idea to just consider the reality of where we are in history today and what shape global governments have put their people in? They have allowed the value of global currencies to drop so badly, it has created a financial whirlpool. Money, backed with no actual value. Some of us believe it was intentional because it inflated the volume of money to be made at the top of the corporate finance chain; yet to the common public, it only deflated the value. Thus, it takes more money and buys less.

I admit, it is frustrating to see so many simply ignore all these warnings. To many, it's unfathomable that anything could dislodge everything we take for granted. Then, the cost and attention needed cuts into the daily processes. These are nice people too, until they become needy. Neighborhoods across America are paying attention and joining together in various forms of preparedness. Growing cooperatives have become popular and many are just stocking shelves with a little extra stuff, every time they shop. Highly advisable! Look at Italy, Spain and all the other countries affected. They are in flames so badly, it's not even making the news any more.

Tune in today, Saturday 8-10 PM Eastern. Call in: 1-800-313-9443. We get calls from all over the world and no comment goes unheard. Preparedness is our primary venue, where and what to buy, and why. See you there!