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Sunday, March 18, 2012

OBAMA and his 112 Executive Orders- Study this folks!

Well folks, if anyone had any doubt over how and why Obama was placed in the White House, here is something that needs to be looked at very closely. Just Friday, March 16th, 2012, Barak Obama again bypassed Congress and passed a 10 page Executive Order- the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, that takes over all resources, transportation, water supplies, productive lands (no matter who owns it) and commandeers manpower from civilian and the business sectors, as deemed necessary by Homeland Security and FEMA, with a single stroke of a pen.

This is the combination of 31 martial law E.O.'s from the past into a few that accomplish the same purpose. This E.O. encompasses a complete takeover of all production, land, water, farms, businesses and suppliers of all kinds, to include mandated civilian manpower. This Executive Order combines all these past E.O.'s into one, in the event of martial law being imposed in the United States.

This E.O., in combination with the National Defense Authorization Act (Executive Order) he just passed, completely sews everything needed to remove all state powers, suspend the Constitution, detain anyone who does not comply, create orders at will to remove ownership of property, business and delegates powers to command civilians to labor, under direction from the federal government, the Dept. of Defense, Dept of Homeland Security and FEMA.

This completes the legal preparation for a complete takeover by the federal government and their associated corporate interests, in the event of martial law being declared. It's like they know what's going to happen soon and they're prepared to ball everything up for total control. The profits for those in bed with them are open ended.

This is one of the worst and most dangerous president’s in history. Our only hope is to convict for fraud and all these E.O.'S BEING REVERSED. There is no way this guy wrote all these E.O.'s, but someone did and they were waiting there for the next president elect to sign. One must ask oneself, "who wrote them and why"? How did "they" know the E.O.'s would be signed by whoever was elected? All we need now is one of their manipulated false flag attacks or a MSM supported venue to sway popular public support towards a major conflict in America and it’s over.

These 2 E.O.’s will turn America into a complete and absolute monarchy. BAD NEWS!!! This guy just keeps getting better and better. This is very, very serious. It’s a setup.



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