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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Human Food Factor Radio talk show- today!

Hello folks, 

It's time for roll call! The Human Food Factor Show is airing its 4th show this season today on the Republic Broadcasting Network at 8-10 PM Eastern (every Saturday). Turnout and call ins have been incredible!! Either this show is a phenomenon ally good show, or alternative radio is being searched out for a more realistic approach to knowing the real news. I believe it is the latter. 

Many are tired of playing the game. Then there are so many others, it's all they know to do. It is sickening and horrifying, all at the same time. It's all a trick to get the mice to follow you into the box; then teach them it is home. Actually, it is a relatively easy process to perform. So there we have it; the followers (sheeple wanna be's) and the counter component, people who make choices by using common sense and logic. People who care enough to figure things out for themselves and help to create solutions. These are the people who listen to our show and other alternative new broadcasts. 

We say bravo to you!!! Call in 1-800-343-9443 and join us and our audience! When people worldwide hear our show and your eyewitness accounting on our topics, it means everything. It proves what we are saying, it adds to what we know. It verifies what we are discussing. Once we agree, then solutions become the next venue. Join us either on AM/FM radio nationwide or by tuning in on the internet at http://www.republicbroadcasting.org for the live show. We are also carried by KU satellite to the farthest points!

Shows are also archived and downloadable at our website http://www.humanfoodfactor.com for listening anytime. Show your support, call in and help America regain what we've lost. Help format a return to sanity, solutions that count. America is headed off a cliff and this self destructive process and those causing it MUST BE STOPPED! Who's going to do it? Somebody has to!!! 

Call in folks 1-800-313-9443 8-10 PM Eastern, 5-7 PM in California, every Saturday!! God bless those who care about where we are headed, and who is taking us there!


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