The Human Food Factor News: March 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday 8-10 PM Eastern - The Human Food Factor with Howard Axtell and Roxy Lopez

Saturday, at 8-10 PM Eastern, The Human Food Factor Show will interview world reknown radio talk show host and activist, Roxy Lopez of the Truth Denied. You can listen live as we discuss the latest news concerning the seriousness of GMO content in our food supplies, the chemtrail problem and a host of other highly controversial subjects.
Listen live on the internet at Call ins are welcome at 1-800-313-9443. Voice your concerns and be heard by thousands of other concerned citizens. The Human Food Factor Show has taken on a life of its own through its participating audience and we appreciate it!. Again, call in, be heard! 1-800-313-9443. We must investigate, figure out our own problems and talk about it amongst ourselves. Nobody else is going to help us out of our mess! Join in tomorrow!!
Go to our website to educate yourself with up to date information. Check out the radio program archives of the show, at Find out where we are being taken to, who is taking us there and why!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A terrific show Today!

Folks, we had probably one of the most rabid shows yet. We heard testimony from concerned citizens concerning these latest two unpublished Executive Orders that change everything in this country. All the legalese is now in order for a complete takeover of all property, resources, transportation and civilian manpower, by the federal government. Hello Stalin, hello Hitler, hello Mao, move over.

"The Human Food Factor" talk radio show- Saturday 8-10 PM Eastern!

Hello America,

Today's show will focus on several of the latest Executive Orders signed by our president. This is an intently serious day we live in. It seems the powers that be have taken it upon themselves to bypass not only Congress, but the will of the people they work for, to pass all of these Executive Orders that had to have been prepared long before the birth of any said presidency. In other words, these Executive Orders had to have been written before any said election. By Who? And, Why? They were already prepared, just waiting for whichever candidate took the seat in the Oval Office, Republican or Democrat. Very curious indeed and dangerous.

Our president again bypassed Congress on March 16th, 2012 (last Friday) and signed an Executive Order that legally establishes peace time martial law here in the United States and commandeers everything from your property, all water rights, resources and production, agriculture, transportation and even expounds on the usage of the general public to perform specified labor in behalf of the agencies given special powers by the federal government. Now if that wasn't a mouthful...

We will also discuss the 1800 page NDAA (Act) the president signed on January 2, 2012 This Act enables any authorized Dept. of the Government to determine potential terrorist status of any citizen in the United States. It authorizes the arrest and indefinite detention of citizens without charges, for anyone who who is deemed a potential terrorist, even for using his or hers 1st Amendment rights. In other words, if you don't like the government ordering you to produce a certain crop on your farm for their use and distribution, using seeds provided by them and refuse, or even disagree, you could be arrested and disappear indefinitely. Legally! It's now a law.

Tune in and call in at 1-800-313-9443. This show has been a terrific success due to the tremendous support by our listening audience! We appreciate it, so please keep the calls coming.

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You are what is keeping the educating of the general public going and this is your opportunity to participate Call in!  1-800-313-9443

Sunday, March 18, 2012

OBAMA and his 112 Executive Orders- Study this folks!

Well folks, if anyone had any doubt over how and why Obama was placed in the White House, here is something that needs to be looked at very closely. Just Friday, March 16th, 2012, Barak Obama again bypassed Congress and passed a 10 page Executive Order- the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order, that takes over all resources, transportation, water supplies, productive lands (no matter who owns it) and commandeers manpower from civilian and the business sectors, as deemed necessary by Homeland Security and FEMA, with a single stroke of a pen.

This is the combination of 31 martial law E.O.'s from the past into a few that accomplish the same purpose. This E.O. encompasses a complete takeover of all production, land, water, farms, businesses and suppliers of all kinds, to include mandated civilian manpower. This Executive Order combines all these past E.O.'s into one, in the event of martial law being imposed in the United States.

This E.O., in combination with the National Defense Authorization Act (Executive Order) he just passed, completely sews everything needed to remove all state powers, suspend the Constitution, detain anyone who does not comply, create orders at will to remove ownership of property, business and delegates powers to command civilians to labor, under direction from the federal government, the Dept. of Defense, Dept of Homeland Security and FEMA.

This completes the legal preparation for a complete takeover by the federal government and their associated corporate interests, in the event of martial law being declared. It's like they know what's going to happen soon and they're prepared to ball everything up for total control. The profits for those in bed with them are open ended.

This is one of the worst and most dangerous president’s in history. Our only hope is to convict for fraud and all these E.O.'S BEING REVERSED. There is no way this guy wrote all these E.O.'s, but someone did and they were waiting there for the next president elect to sign. One must ask oneself, "who wrote them and why"? How did "they" know the E.O.'s would be signed by whoever was elected? All we need now is one of their manipulated false flag attacks or a MSM supported venue to sway popular public support towards a major conflict in America and it’s over.

These 2 E.O.’s will turn America into a complete and absolute monarchy. BAD NEWS!!! This guy just keeps getting better and better. This is very, very serious. It’s a setup.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Catch the Human Food Factor Show 8-10 PM Saturdays!

Hello everybody! A little slow on the draw today, had to work!! Today, the "Human Food Factor" talk radio show on RBN presents a very distinquished guest Michael Murphy, director and producer of "What In the World are They Spraying". Listen live at from 8-10 PM Eastern! Archives of the shows are on the Human Food Factor website and can be downloaded.

His documentary explores the reality of the toxic chemicals being sprayed everyday, in our skies. Listen in and learn as we address the latest research by Michael and his discovery being released soon as a sequel, "Why in the World are They Spraying"!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

3/10/2012 Today's show was fun and informative!!

The Human Food Factor Show was another rip roaring success, for our fourth show this season! Archives of the show can be downloaded from Next weeks program will concentrate mainly on preparedness. What kind of a plan to have in place for any national disaster and what kind of preparations are necessary. Water, food, shelter, protection and power to heat food/ dwelling, etc. The basics. Tune in next week and dial up the website for tons of up to date information!! See you next week! Saturday's, 8-10 PM Eastern at

The Human Food Factor Radio talk show- today!

Hello folks, 

It's time for roll call! The Human Food Factor Show is airing its 4th show this season today on the Republic Broadcasting Network at 8-10 PM Eastern (every Saturday). Turnout and call ins have been incredible!! Either this show is a phenomenon ally good show, or alternative radio is being searched out for a more realistic approach to knowing the real news. I believe it is the latter. 

Many are tired of playing the game. Then there are so many others, it's all they know to do. It is sickening and horrifying, all at the same time. It's all a trick to get the mice to follow you into the box; then teach them it is home. Actually, it is a relatively easy process to perform. So there we have it; the followers (sheeple wanna be's) and the counter component, people who make choices by using common sense and logic. People who care enough to figure things out for themselves and help to create solutions. These are the people who listen to our show and other alternative new broadcasts. 

We say bravo to you!!! Call in 1-800-343-9443 and join us and our audience! When people worldwide hear our show and your eyewitness accounting on our topics, it means everything. It proves what we are saying, it adds to what we know. It verifies what we are discussing. Once we agree, then solutions become the next venue. Join us either on AM/FM radio nationwide or by tuning in on the internet at for the live show. We are also carried by KU satellite to the farthest points!

Shows are also archived and downloadable at our website for listening anytime. Show your support, call in and help America regain what we've lost. Help format a return to sanity, solutions that count. America is headed off a cliff and this self destructive process and those causing it MUST BE STOPPED! Who's going to do it? Somebody has to!!! 

Call in folks 1-800-313-9443 8-10 PM Eastern, 5-7 PM in California, every Saturday!! God bless those who care about where we are headed, and who is taking us there!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Todays radio show!!

Today's show was another tremendous success. We have had more concerned and educated citizens call in, than we could barely even handle. We talked about the Chemtrail problem extensively and it just wouldn't go away. Everyone is finally looking at this problem. People are getting sicker and sicker from it and it is altering the weather everywhere. Who's paying for it? Who is doing it and why?

We also taked about preparedness. Something we all need to consider immediately. An excellent show indeed. The show archives can be found at my website Enjoy, appreciate and contribute! See you next Saturday, live, on "The Human Food Factor Talk Radio Show" 8-10 PM Eastern at


Hello folks,

Today marks the third show since the Human Food Factor Show returned to the airwaves on the Republic Broadcasting Network! The first 2 shows have been unbelievably successful and the response has been terrific. Either it is a very good talk show or people understand; we need to talk about the real issues and discuss solutions now. Why not on the air?? The show goes on the air live every Saturday, from 8-10 PM Eastern, California 6-8 PM and Alaska/Hawaii, from 5-7 PM!

Out shortwave is temporarily down but we can be found on satellite, AM & FM radio coast to coast and live on the internet at Further instructions and archives of the show can be found on the Human Food Factor website at

You can also purchase the book, "The Human Food Factor" there and at This is an innovative read on where we are going, who is taking us there and why! Join us, call in and let our listeners hear your input. We need to talk about everything and decide among ourselves. Do we care about freedom in America? Do we need to run the bums out of town and make them their phony digital debt with them?

Call in!!! 1-800-313-9443 Call ins are mandatory!! Solutions. Answers to skyrocketing prices, unavailability of needs, broken supply chains; we need solutions so call in and do your part!!

~ Howard Axtell, your host ~