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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chemtrails- They are still knocking the bottom out!!

This has been a very, very unusual winter here in Tennessee. At any given time, you can count up to 9-10 large jet aircraft spraying long persistent trails of what floats down and joins, forming fleecy "cloud" banks, blocking the sun and absorbing atmospheric moisture. Everyone in my business and others are predicting by gut instinct, that this storm season is going to be one of the worst the USA ...has ever seen.

Messing with Mother Nature is probably one of the most stupid ideas scientists have ever pursued. Just my opinion. Then, there's the fact, if it was good for everyone, someone would surely take credit for the process, you think? Instead, people have died from talking about it and it is a Defense sponsored contractor process under top secret status. Then there is the issue of who is paying for this continentwide constant barrage of chemical and metals spraying? Why is it under wraps? Thank God people are finally realizing that there just can't be that many crisscross flight paths and these trails are not disipating like normal contrail ice crystals.

They are hell bent for leather, just knocking the bottom out like they are trying to accomplish some goal, before people actually start wanting to get something done about it. I would really like to know what that actual "goal" is! I do know one thing, messing with Mother Nature is not a good idea and when she responds, there will be hell to pay.

The real bitch is, due to this, it has caused a very warm winter here. They will probably say it is global warming and they are fighting that battle for us. When the actually caused it. That is what the UN is stating. Interesting no? The other interesting part is where is all that money coming from? Aircraft operation is tremendously expensive and all these aircraft are a monumental bill to pay for. Then there is this constant spray each of them are blasting out. Translation: An awfully tremendous cost factor for an otherwise broke economy, indeed.

I would ask everyone here to do you due dilligence and at least notice what is happening in our skies and be aware of this. My website http://www.humanfoodfactor.com/ has a section that deals specifically with this thing known as "chemtrailing" and all input would be greatly appreciated. These are not contrails and all information related to where you live is greatly appreciated. I will distribute your information to all the appropriate places, anonomously if wanted!


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