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Monday, February 6, 2012

Back On The Air again!!!

Alrighty then folks! It's been a year of hiatus repairing what this economy almost destroyed. My business, my income. I have struggled with feelings of helplessness versus the absolute necessity for people to understand the truth and getting the facts to back it up.

The bottom line is this: The mainstream media simply is not in the pocket of the people.

After years of research, the questions now that should be most asked: Who owns almost every media outlet on the planet? How is it possible, their reporting is as far from the truth as one can get? Why would anyone desire to mold the educational value of history in any direction other than the truth? What gives them the right to lie to the people they supposedly serve?

Bottom line: someone thinks the truth is overrated, unpopular and unusable for an intended purpose.

To who's benefit do they serve and how? Who, what, where when and why. These words form the greatest formula on Earth for discovering the truth. This is an age old process. You can completely control people by knowing how people feel, how people will react and then, manage an end result.

People only know what they are taught and told. If we were trained that black is actually blue; in 20-30 years yup... black is now blue. Or perhaps, by bypassing Congress and passing an Executive Order that states so and makes it law!

Societal indoctrination is big business, right here in America, the once wealthiest and most prominent country in the world. It is serious business and it has been practiced for centuries. You only believe what you are told, as the truth. Problem is; who does the telling and why? Then the sixty four dollar problem... What can we do about it? Frustrating at best but, talking about it is the answer. Every set of eyes, concentrated communication and identification is needed to acquire the facts that support the truth. Then, there's common sense.

This is where we sort out the facts and apply our God given common sense, as to what really makes sense! I am back on the air effective today, 2/6/2012. I cannot sit by and continue to watch people make fools of themselves any longer. When someone stands up under oath and lies to the entire planet, it isn't a mistruth. IT IS A LIE, PERIOD!! The question isn't whether it was a lie though. What was the lie supposed to accomplish? To who's benefit? This is what we as educated and intelligent people must concern ourselves with. NO MORE CRAP!!! NO MORE PROPER POLITICALLY CORRECT ANTIDOTES.

Give us the facts and the truth, let the people decide whether it is proper and makes sense for us.

We are in an election year. The bobbleheads in Washington are using the powers of the media (that their handlers own) and stirring up a mish mash stew of the same exact components that have ruined this country. Why would we stick with the status quo that got us here? I see everyone sitting around in their indoctrinated stupors, thinking we can maneuver our way out of this, using the same old status quo. How the heck can anyone even remotely think they can outsmart the people who created the box we are all in? Using those same rules?

It's time to get out of the box quickly! I believe we have been trained to operate within a 2 party system and a wild card to offset, as protocol to arrange a different colored, yet same result. Is this as easy to see for you, as it is for me? We are playing a game, with the same set of rules that turns out the same results, just a little different coloring. If someone writes the game plan, complete with a set of rules, do you really think anyone else will win? No way, it's impossible!! You can't win against a stacked deck.

People believe it is the only option; thus helplessness. So therefore, it becomes a Vegas style gaming table where you can set the odds and gamble. The only option is to play a multi-colored ball game that ends up the same. Of course, you'd need the media to spice it up, make it interesting and diverse, and yet still produce the same result. Food for thought my friends. The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW will resume and boy are we going to cover some ground!

We have a lot to talk over and a very short time to pick through a lot of material. We must understand the fact that we have been engineered to believe in some of the most ridiculous presentations ever thought up by man. It is time to stand on our own two feet and do our own thinking. Grow some! Use our God given common sense and talents.

You don't have to kill the bear, you out think it and capture it for further use. I will have all the particulars concerning the new show shortly so keep your eyes open and get ready for some real think tank reality. Call ins will be mandatory!!

We are going to have a good time with this. Let's see some positive results in our future!!

Good to be back! Howard Axtell


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