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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Awakening of the new, "Human Food Factor Show"!!

Hello folks, 

Saturday the 18th marks the rebirth of the new syndicated "Human Food Factor Show", on the Republic Broadcasting Network. This year was not spent being complacent. In the past, we offered the results of tens of thousands of hours of research and pretty much figured out the truth to everyone's age old questions: If it is a conspiracy... Where are we now? Who brought us here? How did they do it and Why? After a year’s hiatus, much of that same information now supports our worst suspicions. 

We compared what is happening today on a global level, to past history. This focus now provides a much clearer view. Bottom line; where we are headed is far more evident and it is not a pretty picture. One cannot deny factual history. One cannot deny the components that have landed us in the precarious position has influenced or maybe even caused what is happening today. 

Anyone who has been through multiple hurricanes understands. Anyone who has been to a war arena or has experience in the study of supply chains knows it; if the supply chain is broken, the world as we know it ceases to exist. That leaves the question.. Who picks up the pieces? Who takes over the services needed to provide and deliver life's needs? This describes the seriousness of our position. 

To further describe; FIRST: The stock market drops a couple thousand in one day and the same on the following day, starting a run on stocks = they close down the market to stop the collapse.

SECOND: Stock market closure starts a run on the banks = they close the banks within 24 hours = no transactions. 

OK. What then? Necessary services stop, unless they are government funded. Basically, people go nuts, resulting in martial law within 1 week. No food, no gas, no trash pickup, etc. Anyone who has been through a major hurricane knows exactly what that is like. Neighborhoods look like a war zone within one week. More strewn garbage that you could imagine. If utility services stop because the workers have no pay, along with sewer and water, everything stops. The refrigerator contents go bad, the sewer backs up into the tub and the water is unsafe to drink. 

That is just in one week. In two, it all hits the fan. 

Would you trust someone who has a history of failure, to be responsible for feeding your children? Would you allow or want this same entity to take over all resources, including you and everything you own, based on their word? When, at the end of the day, the ultimate benefactor is the "provider"? 

What the "Human Food Factor Show" will focus on, are several factors: Who created the provided box we are all encapsulated in, that is collapsing around us? Who created the rules to play in that box? Who created this game show of life or Vegas styled gaming table being described? If you step out of the box and look at the basic facts, you will see that one: the box has grown too small for the contents (population). Thus, we have "over-population". Two: They are not able to supply the box adequately, resulting in higher prices for needed goods, to limit purchases of limited supplies. 

If you really look at a scenario like this, it appears more and more like we all had better get out of this box, before it explodes. We need to supply ourselves. We need to use our own expertise to create trade and supply systems for each other, rather than supplying other societies. We are being trapped through years of belief that this box is all there is. No wonder the world feels smaller. It isn't just technology, a distraction; it is a provided system that is unable to withstand where we are today and where we are headed in the very near future. 

Discussion will lead us through how so many educated and intelligent people could believe, this is all there is. How do you get billions of people, societies, to believe this is all there is; the only way? The study of social engineering is a factual practice that shows; if you control what people hear, see and know how they react to stimulus, all you have to do is control the information. Education, media and agenda, is all it takes and after several decades, whatever is proposed is just the way it is. Right or wrong. 

If you have any interest in what is being stated and would like to hear more of the facts, tune in every Saturday at 8:00 PM Eastern / 7:00-9:00 Central, to the "Human Food Factor Show" on the Republic Broadcasting Network. We are being listened to live Coast to Coast on AM/FM, shortwave at 12.160, Dallas KHFX AM 1140, KU satellite and on the RBNetwork website: www.republicbroadcasting.org . I will be uploading MP3 copies of every show onto my website at www.humanfoodfactor.com , for downloading at will.

Also, on the "Human Food Factor" website, the Human Food Factor book that started this patriotic radio talk show journey, is available, as well as Amazon.com. Calling in is mandatory. We must band together, to make the necessary decisions and choices. Choices are what it's all about folks. Are you ready to watch America go down in flames or do you want to help do something about it? That call in number is- 800-313-9443 Visit the Human Food Factor website for tons of excellent information.

You will not regret it. Howard


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