The Human Food Factor News: January 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Audio Archive of Previous Shows

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These first Micro Effect programs once again, outlines the very beginning of our preparation show. We begin with how it is we have all been manipulated into believing in a created and falsified environment. Nothing we have been led to believe is true, only what we know to be!!!!! Our passion, our love, caring and common sense leads us. Everything else has been manufactured since before Cleopatra and 99% was designed to benefit the designers of this global facade.

We have begun with the most obvious; air, water and food, procuring, storing, points of purchase, benefit and quality. We have a long way to go and we will recant everything we learned from the last network and carry it forth into this one. This, combined with new information, will provide a more complete vehicle for learning and understanding how we must prepare to become more self sufficient, as a society and as a people. We are each other's keepers!!!! Call in and help out!

We are planning to update our pages here to reflect drawings of systems, new techniques and an easier mnanner in which to download the audio archives. At present, if the directions in red, at the top of the page do work perfectly, if followed to the letter. I recommend copy and paste the instructions, then print them out.

  • 10/20/2012  Hour 1
  • 10/20/2012  Hour 2
  • 10/13/2012  Hour 1  Today on the Human Food Factor Howard and Ron discuss various preparation techniques and issues with callers: The life style changes involved in becoming a preper, the difficulty vs the benefits, finding a friendly preper community, protecting your family and supplies and more. For anyone who wanted to know about airlift water pumps, go to  and see further websites: (also, for Edison batteries-
12V DC Appliances sundance solar
Wattage Calculator handy for sizing generators or solar panels
We had one bizarre show today!! Hecklers and all! We are still on neighborhood communucations and this is by far the best we can find costwise and ease to operate.
Here are also links for Micro FM Systems help:

Finding vacant frequencies:
Overall best site on micro FM:
General legal:
Suppliers: &; just dial up ebay and search 5-30 Watt  FM systems.


Hour 1- 12/8/2012
Hour 2- 12/8/2012