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Saturday, March 12, 2011


We have been taught to believe in certain elements that created our view of how life in America is supposed to be. The more education you have, the better the job. The more you work, the more you make. The more experienced and ingrained in management, the higher you climb, etc. Your fiduciary duty as a Board member of a company or fund is to produce profits, by whatever means necessary.

This is where the rules of engagement became skewed. The rules of engagement in business have been broadened to the point, there are no natural barriers defining right from wrong and ethical or unethical business practices, in the production of profits. Conscience no longer plays a part in business. Who you know is now more important than what you know. Anything is considered acceptable in producing profits, depending of course, on who you know.

The general public attempts to swim in these piranha infested waters, through need. We are all people yet these business postures of engagement allow for the destruction of lives through consumption, much of which are for necessities. Utilities, fuel, food, transportation, health, etc.

These beliefs create the relationship between enterprise and people. It reflects what we perceive to be the American way of life and a democratic society. What has occurred is a collapse of morality and the intentional broadening of the envelopes that separate right from wrong. It has been broadened to include blending of ethnicities, when it not preferred by the people involved. In other words, perpetuated racism. Why?

Then there are the devastating effects of blending everything in view, to accommodate for political correctness. From speech, to the very structure of laws. The end of the process is a blend which knows no borders, no sovereign individualism and when the blend becomes complete, only one law is needed to govern all.

Would anyone like to vote on this yet?

You know, this last 4-5 years of my historical research has been some study indeed. A process. What I have learned isn’t anything like what I would have ever expected. All these new terms (at least to me and plenty of others) have poked their heads out for definition, through application. The adjectives are subjective and relative to whomever and however they are viewed. One’s way of looking at it.

What I have learned, in a nutshell:
1. The elite royal ruling class never died off. They are still here and very, very real. They merely slipped into the background and let their vast wealth and power continue to do their work for them. They do not mingle with the common public. To keep their blood lines pure and their particular thought processes intact, they only hang with themselves, like witches around a “brew pot”. Basically, they fear anyone outside of their group.
2. They have an imperialistic view of the relationship between themselves and the “masses”, blended with insanity caused by centuries of inbreeding and having already absorbed most of the planets marketable wealth. This leaves them with only one last conquest to accomplish- global governance for 100% ultimate positioning and power.
3. Their feudalistic nature and insanity places them at the top of the “wall” and the masses, at the bottom.
4. Their problems: overpopulation and implementing a single point management system, with global governance and taxation. Same story, different year.
5. Their means of accomplishing these things with the least amount of exposure is through global representation of forced “draft collectivism”. It is the next fastest way to create a leveled playing field, instead of just marching in and demanding it. It would not surprise me that very scenario may be next, once they’re tired of playing this cat and mouse game. It could get serious very quickly.
6. They have created adversarial divisions within the global community and society. This provides them with entertainment, along with the desired end product. War or revolution will bring society to their knees, creating a provisory climate for the “upper class” to step into. Then, they aren’t the bad guys after all, they are the solution. Thus, no exposure for being the cause.
7. They truly believe they are better, smarter and due the ownership of the planet, hands down. Thus, providing governance for all and enjoying their position and benefits of the top of the heap.
8. The interesting part is the exposure they fear. They fear the masses could overrun them and the answer to that would have to be a bald faced takeover, but that could damage their ongoing income. They see much more to be made and their addiction to such things is unimaginably strong and ruthless.

All this planning; a thousand year warped viewpoint and inbred insanity. These are very sick people and lives mean nothing to them. If it greases their wheel, it will be allowed until they are bored with it and replace it. This is what gets me about the petty governments and administrations. No one short of accepted royalty, will ever be allowed the security and freedom offered within the castle walls, when the SHTF.

This is why people today are so easily led and confused. Who would have ever thought it was actually global royalty we have been paying homage to all this time?

This is what I’ve learned; I call it the “head of the snake”. The roots of the tree. All the fruit on the tree are merely the results of feeding those roots. All these seemingly “natural” events, financial woes, weather anomalies, etc. and everything else their money is blended into, are merely the results of the plan for global “one world governance”.

The grandest plan to take over, of all. The New World Order George Bush and George Orwell spoke of, and the UN to maintain the international laws to govern.

Everything else is mere fodder, perpetuating our way to continue paying homage. We are headed into a very bumpy ride though. When you have this many people that are used to a specific level of comfort in life, then remove it and blame it on someone else, you have just started a war. A global war and can’t forget- the wars/revolutions are discriminately and highly funded by these people, for an expected result. Of course, the militaries will be needed to further dispose and assist in the depopulation.

Well, there are the 4 pages I’ve spoken of. Not a very long or marketable book, for sure. Not a very rosy picture either, but it is what we have to deal with. Reality. No isms whatsoever, just a convoluted plan for global ownership. Being prepared is a good thing but on the downside, nothing will ever be the same. Except people’s hearts or what left of them, in the end.

So who are the real terrorists? How is this agenda everyone is talking about being perpetuated?? Who is getting paid to do their part?

1. Kings and queens- royalty
2. CFR- who are they and what do they get? Utilities, fuel, food, transportation, health, etc.
3. FED- loaning the money creating 90% non existent debt world wide, to the planet governments that have manipulated leader placement by these same people, INCLUDING OURS!
4. FED and government provided financial systems
5. Governments and last but not least:
6. Their militaries, of which ours being the most dangerous on the planet

Then, the fear factor:

1. Retrain the people through curriculum, unions, create disturbances between ethnicities, further dividing society into more manageable groups, shall I go on?

What a way to hide your tracks and it really doesn’t take that many people to direct the masses into these groups. To convince them, this is what they want or need.



We had better look again and draw a line in the sand as to what we believe in. What we will and what we WILL NOT DO. We need our land of honey back and our morals and belief in each other.









Beware the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the FED, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild’s, all their stickpin government officials and administrations. Beware the corporations who control all the distribution of specific product and services; the quality of the goods and services that society needs to sustain life. If they fail, we die.

Last but not least, beware the military hierarchy being used to enforce this lifelong agenda of these insane ruling class entities.

This is the pecking order of the “agenda” and the “ruling class” is paying for the control of the masses worldwide. By the way… anyone wonder where all our money went yet? Take a guess. It’s being used against us and not to our benefit. Control, rather than sustenance, is theft of freedom and has no good end.

Again… These inbreds are clinically insane and lives mean nothing to them. Never has, never will. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. With all the things and situations that they are engaged in, the future of our planet is looking rather bleak.

We are the only ones who can change it back. That being said; listen in to the nationally syndicated "Human Food Factor Show", Saturday's 5-7 Eastern. You can listen live from my website at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com or from http://www.libertynewsradio.com Call in to the show and voice your concerns: 866-986-6397

Your friend, Howard

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