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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Capitalism, Collectivism- What do they mean to us?

Hello America, friends and folks,

Boy... I’m not sure exactly where my research has taken me today. The word “Capitalism” has taken on a new face and the same with “collectivism”. I am seeing several very different definitions of each of these terms. There is the simple definition and there is a more ominous and “manipulated definition” for each of these terms.

I have always defined Capitalism as being a representation of free trade and a free market. A good thing, right? On the other hand, the other version of definition reflects a regulated and scientific application that suppresses natural individualism and intellectual advancement.

Corporations have applied scientifically designed systems to create an alienated social and professional environment that doesn’t allow for individual advancement. It was intentional. By manipulating the public through scientific labor management and social engineering, businesses are able to control people and produce greater profits. Control and conformity of the public as consumers and laborers, being their primary objective.

In other words, if you can control what people buy and consume, and put them to work making those same product for less than the purchase price, each individual (wrong word), is a profit producer for the business. A piece of someone else’s motor. Sure, it’s good business but what are you then, as an individual? A survivor at best, I think.

So now, all these isms have a second face; a manifestation designed to control society and produce profits for a chosen few, basically, through compensated slavery. Easier jobs requiring lesser pay and mindless work, through minimal training. Zero objectivity, with no psychological advancement or growth through individuality. People are smarter than this. If advancement is allowed collectively, society benefits and not like the shrinking numbers within the failing corporate world. At the end of the day, everyone wins, and not just a select few.

Interestingly enough; even though I make all the final decisions within my own company, I engage other’s opinions before I make my moves. I allow everyone to offer their thoughts, before I proceed. This appears to allow for social and professional betterment through collectivism. “Collectivism” has now taken on a new face. There is however, the mob styled control version of collectivism, such as in Wisconsin.

True collectivism allows for a social broadening of intellectual consciousness unilaterally. I think I will pay more attention to this and do it more often. Those who profit from lessening societal advancement, gain control over a society by creating an intellectual dependence from that society. In other words, if they don’t teach you advancement and keep you where you are only a profit bearing unit, you have become intellectually contained. Mindless labor, for an ultimate authority; something we have been indoctrinated with for years. And, if you don’t conform; psychologically, you become a renegade, in search for acceptance by some other “authoritative figure”.

What an “awakening”! I now see the twists that have turned some very good things, into bad things. It leads to the destruction of social consciousness and dampens people’s natural desire and ability to advance personally and intellectually. This is where perpetuated racism has become a key component in the manipulation of our society. The very root of progress is the furthering of personal stature within a society, by the individual. An evolving intellectual, rather than being an “asset” to a mechanized industry. Conditioning to become an integral part of a machine, rather than promoting one’s natural ability to help design the advancement of our society individually, should be criminal in nature. Progress is natural, devastation can easily be defined as mismanagement, bottom line. It is an unnecessary degradation of society.

Thus; now we understand why our individuality is being systematically eliminated through design. This has been accomplished through the science of social engineering, labor management and indoctrination. I have always wondered how it is that most people do the same thing, the same way, all their lives. We are being trained to be stupid from birth, to be more easily managed collectively rather than advancing our society through individualism.

From consumers to laborers. The system is wrong, not the people. We have been scientifically motivated to do exactly what we do through training since birth. If the system is failing, the system and its inventors are wrong. This is where “WE THE PEOPLE” and individual freedoms mean something.

Food for thought... We have been led down this road since birth. The facts are now saying exactly that and it all goes back to following the money trail. If we don’t have incredible wealth or power anymore, where did it go? You got it, “them”. And, if “they” have it, “they” probably designed the program that made it happen.

The industrial corporate world is a relatively small group of people comparatively and is entirely dependent on manipulating the public that creates their earnings. Between the implementation of these scientific studies and this indoctrination, they have created a lopsided, uneven and failing social community. They are further becoming the only games in town to provide everything we need to sustain life on this planet, when we could do it ourselves. We should be utilizing our own intellectual processes to manage our planet.

We now can see the results: GREED EQUALS FAILURE. And, we are the ones suffering from it. Their present day solution to saving their companies by increasing their profits, even in consideration of their overall failures is, ‘If we are losing money and power, we’ll make it up in volume.’

They are having a ball with our money folks and again, we are the ones suffering from their actions.

Another interesting link, informative- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIkgXTQetX8

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Yours, in freedom,

Howard Axtell, author and show host
The Human Food Factor

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