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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hello folks, patriots, my fellow Americans,

This Saturday’s radio show with the Liberty News Radio Network was my last show for now. You, the listening public have been my driving force. Your emails, your blog postings, call ins and support has made my presence on the air worth every minute. I thank you all for your active participation in what I consider to be our most important mission of all:

Knowledge; to know the truth about how we got here, who brought us here, how they did it and why.

I will remain active through my website at Emails, advertisers and bloggers are invited and welcome. Join me in furthering the movement to get our country back on track. OURS, America the beautiful, the Great, the Home of the Free.

This last show was the most important I have done. You can download my last and all my shows by going to the archives at or by emailing your request at I encourage this. Each hour is about 9.5 Megs and each show is 2 hours long, so shouldn’t present a problem. The archives have had all advertising removed, so it’s all meat.

Saturday, March 26, 2001- In two hours, I reveal and recap the answers we’ve discovered together over the last 2 years, on 3 different networks. Answers to these questions have caused many to just turn away, not even considering the possibility that this meltdown was all part of a plan.

Who caused this global social and economic meltdown? Why? How did we fall for it?

Following the money trail was how I identified the truth. I studied world history for 6-7 years. I followed the information trails and connected the dots, creating a reasonable and common sense picture of what has happened to America… and is now happening globally. What I found was; this environment was engineered entirely by people most of us have never heard of, or seen.

These same people have a common goal to rule our planet through a single point management system and this has been their plan all along.

The difference between we, the masses and them is this; we are the working class consumer and they are the non-working royal class designers of our social and economic well being. There is a huge difference between the two.

We, as an unsuspecting and trusting people, have fallen victim to these elaborate schemes that have caused most of the suffering we are seeing today. A system designed to fail, for an eventual goal; a new world order, for a single point social and economic management system. The solution to a desperate and now global social situation.

Thus, the agenda; a new and popular word.

War, is the most profitable business of all and always has been. Once a potential war was supported by the public, the process could then go forward. This support has always been acquired through the media, political support and a marketing program to get everyone on board. This true for every war since the 1800’s and the evidence presented to create this necessary public support, hasn’t always been true. Every dirty trick and lie in the book has been used to create public support and resulted in millions of deaths, for profit.

My research shows that these dirty trick plans are favored and have been used whenever necessary, by the European hierarchy. Bottom line; people get hurt, they get richer.

Subject i.e.: The Rothschild’s received information ahead of the British government that Napoleon had lost the war at the Battle of Waterloo. Rothschild then turned around and spread the story that Napoleon had won. This caused an immediate crash in the bond market in Britain, which the House of Rothschild immediately bought up, for pennies on the dollar. When the real news came out that Napoleon had actually lost the battle; the government bond market soared to create a 40% profit for the Rothschild’s. They made billions, way back in the day. Huge profits.

In America, our history is littered with the same trashy approach in marketing methods for acquiring wealth. With the incorporation of scientific marketing programs designed by Edward Burnays (nephew to Sigmund Freud) and Walter Lippmann, created the formation of a democratic and get this… a democratic economic system, created specifically for big business, supported by the governments and designed to mold the perfect global consumer and laborer.

The government, seeing how successful this social engineering was, hired these same people to create programs to get the public behind whatever it was they needed support for. A war, a presidency, whatever. Marketing prizes are handed out every year for the most successful marketing program and in 2008, guess who won… You got it, the marketing plan that got Obama elected.

A trap, now in place for over 75 years.

The picture was painted; the more you buy, the smarter you are; the sexier you become, the cooler, the richer. The problem; as a consumer, you spend. The provider, who convinces you to buy, becomes richer. Thus, you have the providers and the consumers.

So who actually wins, at the end of the day? He who has the most toys, or the one who has the money and power?

Then, there is the financial economics designed to glue it all together, the financial system we see today. We must agree; the system we see has primarily benefitted the provider and has failed the consumer miserably. The consumer is never “too big to fail”, but provider success is based on the size of its market share (consumer base) and not its management. It’s like a gang and if you are a member, you get all the perks. If you’re not, your lifespan is already dated through regulation and lack of support.

So what does that tell you? There are winners and losers and those with all the chips win, right? OK then, who has all the chips today? Good question.

So, it isn’t the people or the masses that are in err. It is the system and the designers of this self serving system. We must know what the end game holds for us. If all our money is gone, it had to go somewhere. Thus, the money trail, and the question becomes: who are the end benefactors and what is their goal? If we are facing failure in the public consumer arena, what will the eventual results be? Maybe it will be a solution provided by the same people who caused the problem? What makes sense is that whomever has all the money, designed it that way. Make sense? I believe that we have been looking in the wrong place.

The source is also the cause of all these results, agreed?

This is where we most likely will also see our largest obstacle. The removal of more freedom’s and the establishment of more regulation to insure these same providers remain the benefactors. Thus, the richer get richer and the poor get poorer. The problem is that this process has been a perpetuated fraud since the beginning. It is through outright theft and fraud; to lie, cheat and steal from the public, with governmental backing.

Crimes against humanity can easily be defined. These people have engaged us in unending wars for profits, by acquiring public support through a completely manipulated media. How? These people also own the media.

Folks, the truth is easy to find and has no agenda. Basic facts are undeniable.

So why is it, so many ignore the facts? Not in their comfort zone? Makes no sense? How about the value of the dollar folks? Where does all that excess go? The excessive taxes? Where does it all go?

This is what the study of history is all about. Very interesting indeed to find out that feudalism is 110% alive and well on this planet and they have some pretty brisk plans for us, the masses. They already have all the money. Now what they want is a more easily managed globe; the top benefactors to become the royal rulers of the New World, and the consumer masses to continue supporting them collectively.

Now that’s the coolest plan ever, right? Instead of allowing the masses to get upset and personally challenging them face to face, they stay in the background and let their front runners take the heat. After all, they will financially pick new front runners, as they become exposed and their usefulness declines. At the same time, they still continue to accumulate the profits being kicked back by those same people through more regulation, social engineering and imposed management. Leader’s vs followers. Winner’s vs losers. Provider’s vs consumers.

Feeling a little stupid yet? I do and it irritates me. People are getting hurt and there is no excuse for crimes against humanity for profit, PERIOD. And, it has been going on since the beginning of time. How is it that with our evolutionary advancement, that these feudalistic viewpoints still exist?

It is a fool’s game and if we don’t see it by now, we will always suffer from it. These royal ruling class people are hiding in the eaves to avoid exposure. They and their frontrunners are profiting from all this suffering. They are the source of our global pain. These are the people who are destroying everything we hold dear.

People have questioned since the beginning of time, ‘who is the Antichrist’? Obama has been questioned to the 10’s. It leads me to believe that if we make it to the next election, watch out for this one. Vote your heart, non partisan and I mean it. Vote for the best person, not the glitz or the money; the person. This one will be the one that drives the stake all the way into our hearts. Beware and be careful when that day comes. Vote your heart.

40 million people depend of government supplied food. Americans don’t even dare squeak without permission from the government anymore. The dollar has devalued 95% since 1970. $20= 112.35 today and the FED is the benefactor. Who owns the FED? You got it, the same people. Student loans have surpassed credit card debt and manufacturing in the US is down by over 40%. 1 out of 7 homes is delinquent or in foreclosure. So which is it?

Is America on the rebound, or headed for deeper water?

To study as I have, I offer you subject matter that will change your life and what you believe in. If you research these things you will know some of what I know. You have to know what you’re dealing with, who they are and what they’re made of. It’s just like a chess game; know your opponent, his technique and his goal, before he moves.

1. Edward Griffin and his book: the Creature from Jekyll Island. I really wish I had taken the time to prerecord a show with Mr. Griffin, as he doesn’t work Saturday’s, but unfortunately I didn’t. Maybe next time!

2. The history of eugenics and social engineering in America- This will make your blood run cold. Back this up with medical experimentation in America from 1800-2000.

3. Depleted uranium in munitions in the MidEast and the effects on American soldiers and the Mideast. Dust storms carried globally now contain this radioactive dust.

4. Dr. Mary’s Monkey, by Edward Haslam- This will do the same, will blow your mind.

5. The Jason group, the MITRE Corporation, DARPA, the Bilderbergs and the fact Obama, both Clinton’s and a number of others have made their secret world control meetings.

6. The CFR, who are members and the part they play within ours and other governments. How is it they set policy as unelected non-officials?

7. Look up the history of Walter Lippmann and Edward Burnays. This ought to do it for ya!

Social engineering of the ignorant and dumbed down public was designed to create an insurmountable division between society and the business community creating the public function being only as “interested spectators, but not participants.” This was on an economic and political level.

This created protection for "responsible men” from the ignorant public masses and manufacturing “consent” through marketing programs created the “class structure” between the providers and the consumer. They created marketing to convince the people that buying makes you happy. This was done when production surpassed consumption of products in the US.

Time Magazine stated, ‘Democracy is in the worst interest of national goals and the modern world is far too complex to allow the man or woman on the street, to interfere in any way with its management.’

These perps are grouped into like thinking groups such as the “Club of Rome”, Skull and Bones, the Illuminati and the Bilderbergs, to list a few. This blog contains items to study and research. Once you do your lifting, you will understand why we and the rest of the global consumer level masses have been deceived. These are not normal or nice people. They are nothing like us in any respect and have absolutely no respect for life of any kind.

This is why it is hard for so many to comprehend the possibility that we have been handed a crap sandwich for over 100 years. It is leading us to famine. A famine designed to draw us all together in desperation, to accept global leadership as the only means to survive.

If you don’t believe me, or what I am saying; look up these things I’ve listed and take a look at the sandwich we have ALL been served. You will find out, these are not the kind of people we want in control, in any respect. How about our freedom, how about those founding forefathers? How about our Constitution and our sovereign state rights, as Americans? How about that?

Thank you for your indulgence, I will be back on the air soon.

Howard Axtell, author & show host
“The Human Food Factor”

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Capitalism, Collectivism- What do they mean to us?

Hello America, friends and folks,

Boy... I’m not sure exactly where my research has taken me today. The word “Capitalism” has taken on a new face and the same with “collectivism”. I am seeing several very different definitions of each of these terms. There is the simple definition and there is a more ominous and “manipulated definition” for each of these terms.

I have always defined Capitalism as being a representation of free trade and a free market. A good thing, right? On the other hand, the other version of definition reflects a regulated and scientific application that suppresses natural individualism and intellectual advancement.

Corporations have applied scientifically designed systems to create an alienated social and professional environment that doesn’t allow for individual advancement. It was intentional. By manipulating the public through scientific labor management and social engineering, businesses are able to control people and produce greater profits. Control and conformity of the public as consumers and laborers, being their primary objective.

In other words, if you can control what people buy and consume, and put them to work making those same product for less than the purchase price, each individual (wrong word), is a profit producer for the business. A piece of someone else’s motor. Sure, it’s good business but what are you then, as an individual? A survivor at best, I think.

So now, all these isms have a second face; a manifestation designed to control society and produce profits for a chosen few, basically, through compensated slavery. Easier jobs requiring lesser pay and mindless work, through minimal training. Zero objectivity, with no psychological advancement or growth through individuality. People are smarter than this. If advancement is allowed collectively, society benefits and not like the shrinking numbers within the failing corporate world. At the end of the day, everyone wins, and not just a select few.

Interestingly enough; even though I make all the final decisions within my own company, I engage other’s opinions before I make my moves. I allow everyone to offer their thoughts, before I proceed. This appears to allow for social and professional betterment through collectivism. “Collectivism” has now taken on a new face. There is however, the mob styled control version of collectivism, such as in Wisconsin.

True collectivism allows for a social broadening of intellectual consciousness unilaterally. I think I will pay more attention to this and do it more often. Those who profit from lessening societal advancement, gain control over a society by creating an intellectual dependence from that society. In other words, if they don’t teach you advancement and keep you where you are only a profit bearing unit, you have become intellectually contained. Mindless labor, for an ultimate authority; something we have been indoctrinated with for years. And, if you don’t conform; psychologically, you become a renegade, in search for acceptance by some other “authoritative figure”.

What an “awakening”! I now see the twists that have turned some very good things, into bad things. It leads to the destruction of social consciousness and dampens people’s natural desire and ability to advance personally and intellectually. This is where perpetuated racism has become a key component in the manipulation of our society. The very root of progress is the furthering of personal stature within a society, by the individual. An evolving intellectual, rather than being an “asset” to a mechanized industry. Conditioning to become an integral part of a machine, rather than promoting one’s natural ability to help design the advancement of our society individually, should be criminal in nature. Progress is natural, devastation can easily be defined as mismanagement, bottom line. It is an unnecessary degradation of society.

Thus; now we understand why our individuality is being systematically eliminated through design. This has been accomplished through the science of social engineering, labor management and indoctrination. I have always wondered how it is that most people do the same thing, the same way, all their lives. We are being trained to be stupid from birth, to be more easily managed collectively rather than advancing our society through individualism.

From consumers to laborers. The system is wrong, not the people. We have been scientifically motivated to do exactly what we do through training since birth. If the system is failing, the system and its inventors are wrong. This is where “WE THE PEOPLE” and individual freedoms mean something.

Food for thought... We have been led down this road since birth. The facts are now saying exactly that and it all goes back to following the money trail. If we don’t have incredible wealth or power anymore, where did it go? You got it, “them”. And, if “they” have it, “they” probably designed the program that made it happen.

The industrial corporate world is a relatively small group of people comparatively and is entirely dependent on manipulating the public that creates their earnings. Between the implementation of these scientific studies and this indoctrination, they have created a lopsided, uneven and failing social community. They are further becoming the only games in town to provide everything we need to sustain life on this planet, when we could do it ourselves. We should be utilizing our own intellectual processes to manage our planet.

We now can see the results: GREED EQUALS FAILURE. And, we are the ones suffering from it. Their present day solution to saving their companies by increasing their profits, even in consideration of their overall failures is, ‘If we are losing money and power, we’ll make it up in volume.’

They are having a ball with our money folks and again, we are the ones suffering from their actions.

Another interesting link, informative-

Call in to the “HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW” Saturday’s 5-7PM Eastern 866-986-6397, tell our listeners your thoughts! Your thought as “FREE PEOPLE”????

The show is syndicated coast to coast, on AM, FM and shortwave radio. All shows are archived at and can be listened to live also.

Dial up our blogsite and read about the history of research that has brought all these facts to light at

Thanks a lot and have a great day folks!

Yours, in freedom,

Howard Axtell, author and show host
The Human Food Factor

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


We have been taught to believe in certain elements that created our view of how life in America is supposed to be. The more education you have, the better the job. The more you work, the more you make. The more experienced and ingrained in management, the higher you climb, etc. Your fiduciary duty as a Board member of a company or fund is to produce profits, by whatever means necessary.

This is where the rules of engagement became skewed. The rules of engagement in business have been broadened to the point, there are no natural barriers defining right from wrong and ethical or unethical business practices, in the production of profits. Conscience no longer plays a part in business. Who you know is now more important than what you know. Anything is considered acceptable in producing profits, depending of course, on who you know.

The general public attempts to swim in these piranha infested waters, through need. We are all people yet these business postures of engagement allow for the destruction of lives through consumption, much of which are for necessities. Utilities, fuel, food, transportation, health, etc.

These beliefs create the relationship between enterprise and people. It reflects what we perceive to be the American way of life and a democratic society. What has occurred is a collapse of morality and the intentional broadening of the envelopes that separate right from wrong. It has been broadened to include blending of ethnicities, when it not preferred by the people involved. In other words, perpetuated racism. Why?

Then there are the devastating effects of blending everything in view, to accommodate for political correctness. From speech, to the very structure of laws. The end of the process is a blend which knows no borders, no sovereign individualism and when the blend becomes complete, only one law is needed to govern all.

Would anyone like to vote on this yet?

You know, this last 4-5 years of my historical research has been some study indeed. A process. What I have learned isn’t anything like what I would have ever expected. All these new terms (at least to me and plenty of others) have poked their heads out for definition, through application. The adjectives are subjective and relative to whomever and however they are viewed. One’s way of looking at it.

What I have learned, in a nutshell:
1. The elite royal ruling class never died off. They are still here and very, very real. They merely slipped into the background and let their vast wealth and power continue to do their work for them. They do not mingle with the common public. To keep their blood lines pure and their particular thought processes intact, they only hang with themselves, like witches around a “brew pot”. Basically, they fear anyone outside of their group.
2. They have an imperialistic view of the relationship between themselves and the “masses”, blended with insanity caused by centuries of inbreeding and having already absorbed most of the planets marketable wealth. This leaves them with only one last conquest to accomplish- global governance for 100% ultimate positioning and power.
3. Their feudalistic nature and insanity places them at the top of the “wall” and the masses, at the bottom.
4. Their problems: overpopulation and implementing a single point management system, with global governance and taxation. Same story, different year.
5. Their means of accomplishing these things with the least amount of exposure is through global representation of forced “draft collectivism”. It is the next fastest way to create a leveled playing field, instead of just marching in and demanding it. It would not surprise me that very scenario may be next, once they’re tired of playing this cat and mouse game. It could get serious very quickly.
6. They have created adversarial divisions within the global community and society. This provides them with entertainment, along with the desired end product. War or revolution will bring society to their knees, creating a provisory climate for the “upper class” to step into. Then, they aren’t the bad guys after all, they are the solution. Thus, no exposure for being the cause.
7. They truly believe they are better, smarter and due the ownership of the planet, hands down. Thus, providing governance for all and enjoying their position and benefits of the top of the heap.
8. The interesting part is the exposure they fear. They fear the masses could overrun them and the answer to that would have to be a bald faced takeover, but that could damage their ongoing income. They see much more to be made and their addiction to such things is unimaginably strong and ruthless.

All this planning; a thousand year warped viewpoint and inbred insanity. These are very sick people and lives mean nothing to them. If it greases their wheel, it will be allowed until they are bored with it and replace it. This is what gets me about the petty governments and administrations. No one short of accepted royalty, will ever be allowed the security and freedom offered within the castle walls, when the SHTF.

This is why people today are so easily led and confused. Who would have ever thought it was actually global royalty we have been paying homage to all this time?

This is what I’ve learned; I call it the “head of the snake”. The roots of the tree. All the fruit on the tree are merely the results of feeding those roots. All these seemingly “natural” events, financial woes, weather anomalies, etc. and everything else their money is blended into, are merely the results of the plan for global “one world governance”.

The grandest plan to take over, of all. The New World Order George Bush and George Orwell spoke of, and the UN to maintain the international laws to govern.

Everything else is mere fodder, perpetuating our way to continue paying homage. We are headed into a very bumpy ride though. When you have this many people that are used to a specific level of comfort in life, then remove it and blame it on someone else, you have just started a war. A global war and can’t forget- the wars/revolutions are discriminately and highly funded by these people, for an expected result. Of course, the militaries will be needed to further dispose and assist in the depopulation.

Well, there are the 4 pages I’ve spoken of. Not a very long or marketable book, for sure. Not a very rosy picture either, but it is what we have to deal with. Reality. No isms whatsoever, just a convoluted plan for global ownership. Being prepared is a good thing but on the downside, nothing will ever be the same. Except people’s hearts or what left of them, in the end.

So who are the real terrorists? How is this agenda everyone is talking about being perpetuated?? Who is getting paid to do their part?

1. Kings and queens- royalty
2. CFR- who are they and what do they get? Utilities, fuel, food, transportation, health, etc.
3. FED- loaning the money creating 90% non existent debt world wide, to the planet governments that have manipulated leader placement by these same people, INCLUDING OURS!
4. FED and government provided financial systems
5. Governments and last but not least:
6. Their militaries, of which ours being the most dangerous on the planet

Then, the fear factor:

1. Retrain the people through curriculum, unions, create disturbances between ethnicities, further dividing society into more manageable groups, shall I go on?

What a way to hide your tracks and it really doesn’t take that many people to direct the masses into these groups. To convince them, this is what they want or need.



We had better look again and draw a line in the sand as to what we believe in. What we will and what we WILL NOT DO. We need our land of honey back and our morals and belief in each other.









Beware the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the FED, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild’s, all their stickpin government officials and administrations. Beware the corporations who control all the distribution of specific product and services; the quality of the goods and services that society needs to sustain life. If they fail, we die.

Last but not least, beware the military hierarchy being used to enforce this lifelong agenda of these insane ruling class entities.

This is the pecking order of the “agenda” and the “ruling class” is paying for the control of the masses worldwide. By the way… anyone wonder where all our money went yet? Take a guess. It’s being used against us and not to our benefit. Control, rather than sustenance, is theft of freedom and has no good end.

Again… These inbreds are clinically insane and lives mean nothing to them. Never has, never will. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. With all the things and situations that they are engaged in, the future of our planet is looking rather bleak.

We are the only ones who can change it back. That being said; listen in to the nationally syndicated "Human Food Factor Show", Saturday's 5-7 Eastern. You can listen live from my website at or from Call in to the show and voice your concerns: 866-986-6397

Your friend, Howard

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