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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Stand. Opposition vs Reality vs Your Comfort Zone?

It's obvious. The events of the day are leading us to a massive confrontation that faces us all.

Four questions; #1 Who is the opposition? #2 What is the opposition? #3 Who put us in this position? #4 Last, but not least, WHY?

If you look closely, it's obvious there is an movement that is highly organized and arranged. How did this happen? Who organized it? A movement that promises prizes, as consideration for actions?

Then: we have the European owned FED, now proven to have bailed out central banks worldwide for over 15 trillion dollars. What are the terms of the bailouts? What do these central banking systems owe? WHO OWES WHO??

What this means: the global central banking financial centers (that the European elite ruling financial class have bailed out through FED), now owes these ruling class people! A debt that most likely will never be repaid, EXCEPT through unusual methods or favor.

Then you observe the exact same complaints in a number of countries, who are on fire. Now, we find out that American Unions have aligned with these same countries and the now "multi national corporations", aligned as "multi-national unions." Go figure???

Sounds like one hell of a business arrangement to me!

Have these events been "arranged" for years? HAVE ALL THESE EVENTS HAVE BEEN ALIGNED?? The riots, the unions, the financing (causing unrepayable debt equaling financial control), creating opposition to people who just want to live a normal life.

Can you imagine being the ones who organized and put all this together, knowing just exactly what a devastating show it would cause?

IT'S THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT ON EARTH!!!! The "Show" of a lifetime!! THE FAT GUYS ON THE HILL ARE HAVING A BALL AND LAUGHING IT UP AT ALL OF US. And, I don't mean the piddly White House either!

Laughing it up... At the stupidest, laziest GLOBAL public the world will ever know. (not all of us, of course!)

Who would have ever thought!!

Then you have realists who have learned, we've not been told the entire truth. Now, we find out; what we have believed for years isn't true, or as we were taught. My first question was to my father, "why didn't you know?" He told me, "we weren't told either."

I depended on him, my children depended on me, and etc. Then the ball buster... When the subject of truth is brought forth, those in their comfort zone, already successful and educated, rejected the pertinent information that might interrupt the ease of their present day activities. Not realizing of course, those advances and wealth may soon disappear overnight.

Investments will dry up, lost forever. It is dis-heartening that so much time and study of the works of experts from centuries past, could go to waste over "paper". Those who would believe their security is secure, when it is controlled entirely by those who are sitting and laughing at the entertainment provided by the very people that provide their living.

WOW!! At first, it made me want to quit even trying to spread what I know is true. If I could have $50 and hour for all my factual realization, I would be a self made millionaire today. But, it isn't about the money. It is about the TRUTH. To quote someone I have issues with...

The truth has no agenda. The truth has no agenda. The truth has no agenda.

Folks, believe what you want. One of my favorite sayings is: we are all together, no matter what we believe. We are on the same ship, headed off a cliff that no one has yet identified and we will not all survive. I do not want to be surrounded by people who were comforted by their successes, and then have nothing. People with needs, regrets. Sorry folks; those people will be forcibly met, turned away as lazy and irresponsible.

When one rejects facts of history for any reason, it is a mistake. Prepare and know who your true, like thinking friends are. I will meet you in the middle and I guarantee, you will not answer to Sharia Law ever, or any other form of bull%^&%, as an American citizen.


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