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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt and the Islam Movement- Too much to stomach yet??

Folks, Does anyone get it yet?? Do all these “extra’s” around the world and in our country, look like “Mayberry” to you?? Does any of these people look like they’re here to play their part in our Mayberry? To become part of our so called “free” culture?? To enjoy and embrace the American way of life and the freedoms guaranteed by our fore-fathers?? How about a hotdog, a beer and a ballgame? NEVER HAPPEN!!

This is a sick and warped view of a nation being torn apart from the inside by ”someone”. “Someone” who cares nothing about anything we stand for; someone who cares nothing about who we are or where we came from.

Is it possible, millions of us cannot see that we are being taken over on a global level? Manipulated, lied to for decades and fattened up for the kill? That is where we are now. Is this to be our demise? Is this what we will accept as our future, for us and our children?

All the way back to Nicola Tesla, offering to provide free power to the planet, getting shut down completely by JP Morgan of the Rothschild Group, because he couldn’t create a meter to charge for the free electricity? Then, our own government meddling in the affairs of countries all over the world. Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and the list goes on and on. CIA backed coup after coup and it all leads to this? Where is the evidence of our respect, our pride??

At what point do they win? At what point do we figure out: why does the rest of the world hate us now, instead of loving what America stands for, like they used to? At what point have we actually and realistically helped anybody, at the civilian level? Our level!

If we as a Nation of Patriots care about the content and reality of freedom in America, we had better yank the sheets back and get a grip on reality fast.

There is a power being exuded through the governments and Ms Clinton and the administration has been busy solidifying that posture between all the primary nations, the UN and all these major money providers. The promise of global financial security, food supplies, globalized taxation to save the planet and the removal of anything usable to protect one-selves. Does this sound like we have our sovereign Nation to look forward to???

Not to me folks. Not even close.

This is not a rant. This is a call to reality, to please, please, please, wake up and say your piece. Join together in everyway possible. Prepare, know who your friends are, draw a line in the sand. Anyone who views any legislation, past or present, needs to review it objectivily for Constitutionality. We may need to do this on our own because compromise is not an option. It is either Constitutional or it isn’t. AM I CORRECT????

They are calling the activity in the Mid East, the actions of a bunch of young demonstrators. It isn’t. It’s a cross section of of all age groups, demonstrating against 30 years of US involved tyranny. That is why they are saying they hate America and Isreal; because they are in bed together politically, as well as with their own country’s leader. Plain and simple.

Glenn Beck is saying this is a plan to unify the MidEast as a single entity, under a “globalized” (approved) governing. Who will become the KING of the MIDEAST? Then, what of Europe? That’s right, the EU was organized and planned by the same people who planned all of this. There is no chance to this. It is plain as day, as the freckles on our faces. Nothing is accidental, not in this day and age. Careful, calculated and planned, with a benefactor. That is what we need to know.

Who is the end benefactor to global governance? Then, who are the secondary level benefactors; the BHO’s and Pesian peons, I would imagine. These people are like smoking cigarettes; the more you smoke, the worse your health is.

We better get real about where we are and where we are going. We had better get a grip on this steering wheel quick,before we go off the cliff we are headed towards. Every media outlet is pounding all these extranious distractions to death, so we must be in the end stretch to wherever we are being taken.

Again, if anyone that thinks all this is by chance… you are wrong.

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