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Saturday, February 26, 2011

What do we do now?? Riot?

The first thing we must all do is understand what is going on around us. We need to step all the way out of the box, out of our comfort zones and look very closely at what is happening around the world and here at home.

There are revolts springing up on a global level and they appear to be spreading. There are common denominators between them. The primary complaint, is government abuse and people not getting the entitlements they were promised. Prices are skyrocketing.

These revolts are laying the way for forced government takeovers and by appearance; the process is being manipulated by the global community.
Stepping up to the plate are the so called “unionized governments”, waving international law and interrupting what would normally be an “in house” revolutionary process. The overthrow of a dictator, for example.

The problem is that it looks exactly like the same process in all of these countries, where unrest is happening. The same reasons, etc. Now, the “global community” is stepping in to help “create the solution” for these troubled nations. How would “they” do that? Why? What would be the end benefit for this kind of solution offer? Globalized takeover perhaps? Who would become the beneficiary?

These are the questions that need to be looked at closely because, this foreign situation is also happening here in America. By appearance, the same “globalized community” elements are also involved with almost the same exact components. The difference is that there seems to be a desire to eliminate the gap between party and religious beliefs, which is causing confusion and unrest among the public.

To say that the riots happening in Wisconsin are a non event would be foolish. And, they are spreading across our nation. What this situation has created is another rift in our society, further dividing the country’s people. The same problem; people are not getting the entitlements promised to them, because it is an unsustainable system. It always has been.

This is not a difficult problem to figure out and somebody knew this was going to happen. And, if somebody knew it and didn’t take the necessary steps to prevent it, they became part of the cause of the “problem”.

The point is folks, somebody knew these very similar events were going to happen around the planet and let it happen. Some of these faces have surfaced lately. One must remember, it isn’t the people at fault and that’s where the waters get muddied. The people have been duped into believing and now, are the weapon being used by the providers who caused the problem.

It's the ones who are providing and allowing the cause of these problems to happen, that is to blame. The Unions, all of a sudden, have appeared on a global level and visiting the countries that are revolting now, as well as here at home. They are causing all kinds of problems and are using their members as weapons. People against people. This was accomplished by the Unions making promises they couldn’t keep and blaming it on everyone else.

They caused the chaos we are seeing.

Why would the Unions cause revolutions? If there is enough turmoil and chaos in any society, an organized solution would be the answer. So, if the Unions knew what they were causing from the beginning, of course they’d provide the solution. Then, they could incorporate the assistance of local and federal government and possibly, the military. Just like what is happening overseas.

For what benefit? The Unions see the opportunity to operate on a global level with the now globalized mega corporations. This would result in the greatest paying labor movement ever, on a global level and the organization(s) being fully supported by the corporations. So, here are two benefactors, provided by revolution.

When examined closely, this all appears to fit together. You can also see the support provided by our present and past administrations. And, it all leads to single point management of the planet. Labor, international law, unionized “unions”, rather than sovereign countries, etc. Hope and change in this fashion is a completely different view of freedom as we know it. It changes everything. Goodbye sovereignty, for starters.

What do we do now? If the same style of unrest spreads throughout America like the Unions are promising, how do we handle their army? The thousands who are doing their dirty work for them? These members don’t understand that Unions made the promises they couldn’t keep and it’s looking more and more like it may have even been intentional. If this is the case, these leaders of these movements are the terrorists we need to address.

Intentional war in our nation should not be tolerated. Interestingly enough, it’s being quietly and completely supported by the government. Interesting.

Bottom line; this country cannot withstand the same thing that is happening overseas. In view of the depression we are already in, the results will be catastrophic to our country. All we need is skyrocketing prices and civil unrest, to ruin us as a nation. And, the blame will never go to the people who knew and therefore caused this planetary financial meltdown.

They designed it and spread it everywhere, with full knowledge that it was unsustainable. All that is left to cover their tracks, is civil unrest. Then, the blame will fall on the unsuspecting and now starving population. And, the solution will arrive, all predetermined and preplanned.

So again, what do we do now? I suggest we begin discussing this immediately. This will not wait for the next election. We are headed full tilt towards whatever the outcome is going to be.

Prices are rumored to skyrocket soon, far higher than they already are. So, we must struggle to buy extra right now, whenever possible. Buy extra non perishables. Look at what you need to have, to live the way you are accustomed to. Those are some of the things to concentrate on. We have to also consider; what happens when you have and the “have nots” have those similar needs? Things change when people are hungry and have nowhere to go.

I do not want to appear to be fear mongering in any respect. I do believe though, if there was ever a time to be a little better prepared, this would be it and deserves immediate attention. Times are not what they used to be and if the present situation escalates further, as it probably will, we will be seeing the effects very soon.

We need to talk more. Find common ground between friends. Discuss these questions and answers that have to do with where we are headed and who is taking us there. It is very apparent that much of what we are seeing is being manufactured and many of these events are the results.

Problem is; there are many, many more “results” to come. Talk to your friends. Know what you will do, in a “what if” situation. Prepare mentally and physically, do the smart thing!

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Howard Axtell, show host and author

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Friday, February 25, 2011

The Stand. Opposition vs Reality vs Your Comfort Zone?

It's obvious. The events of the day are leading us to a massive confrontation that faces us all.

Four questions; #1 Who is the opposition? #2 What is the opposition? #3 Who put us in this position? #4 Last, but not least, WHY?

If you look closely, it's obvious there is an movement that is highly organized and arranged. How did this happen? Who organized it? A movement that promises prizes, as consideration for actions?

Then: we have the European owned FED, now proven to have bailed out central banks worldwide for over 15 trillion dollars. What are the terms of the bailouts? What do these central banking systems owe? WHO OWES WHO??

What this means: the global central banking financial centers (that the European elite ruling financial class have bailed out through FED), now owes these ruling class people! A debt that most likely will never be repaid, EXCEPT through unusual methods or favor.

Then you observe the exact same complaints in a number of countries, who are on fire. Now, we find out that American Unions have aligned with these same countries and the now "multi national corporations", aligned as "multi-national unions." Go figure???

Sounds like one hell of a business arrangement to me!

Have these events been "arranged" for years? HAVE ALL THESE EVENTS HAVE BEEN ALIGNED?? The riots, the unions, the financing (causing unrepayable debt equaling financial control), creating opposition to people who just want to live a normal life.

Can you imagine being the ones who organized and put all this together, knowing just exactly what a devastating show it would cause?

IT'S THE GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT ON EARTH!!!! The "Show" of a lifetime!! THE FAT GUYS ON THE HILL ARE HAVING A BALL AND LAUGHING IT UP AT ALL OF US. And, I don't mean the piddly White House either!

Laughing it up... At the stupidest, laziest GLOBAL public the world will ever know. (not all of us, of course!)

Who would have ever thought!!

Then you have realists who have learned, we've not been told the entire truth. Now, we find out; what we have believed for years isn't true, or as we were taught. My first question was to my father, "why didn't you know?" He told me, "we weren't told either."

I depended on him, my children depended on me, and etc. Then the ball buster... When the subject of truth is brought forth, those in their comfort zone, already successful and educated, rejected the pertinent information that might interrupt the ease of their present day activities. Not realizing of course, those advances and wealth may soon disappear overnight.

Investments will dry up, lost forever. It is dis-heartening that so much time and study of the works of experts from centuries past, could go to waste over "paper". Those who would believe their security is secure, when it is controlled entirely by those who are sitting and laughing at the entertainment provided by the very people that provide their living.

WOW!! At first, it made me want to quit even trying to spread what I know is true. If I could have $50 and hour for all my factual realization, I would be a self made millionaire today. But, it isn't about the money. It is about the TRUTH. To quote someone I have issues with...

The truth has no agenda. The truth has no agenda. The truth has no agenda.

Folks, believe what you want. One of my favorite sayings is: we are all together, no matter what we believe. We are on the same ship, headed off a cliff that no one has yet identified and we will not all survive. I do not want to be surrounded by people who were comforted by their successes, and then have nothing. People with needs, regrets. Sorry folks; those people will be forcibly met, turned away as lazy and irresponsible.

When one rejects facts of history for any reason, it is a mistake. Prepare and know who your true, like thinking friends are. I will meet you in the middle and I guarantee, you will not answer to Sharia Law ever, or any other form of bull%^&%, as an American citizen.


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt and the Islam Movement- Too much to stomach yet??

Folks, Does anyone get it yet?? Do all these “extra’s” around the world and in our country, look like “Mayberry” to you?? Does any of these people look like they’re here to play their part in our Mayberry? To become part of our so called “free” culture?? To enjoy and embrace the American way of life and the freedoms guaranteed by our fore-fathers?? How about a hotdog, a beer and a ballgame? NEVER HAPPEN!!

This is a sick and warped view of a nation being torn apart from the inside by ”someone”. “Someone” who cares nothing about anything we stand for; someone who cares nothing about who we are or where we came from.

Is it possible, millions of us cannot see that we are being taken over on a global level? Manipulated, lied to for decades and fattened up for the kill? That is where we are now. Is this to be our demise? Is this what we will accept as our future, for us and our children?

All the way back to Nicola Tesla, offering to provide free power to the planet, getting shut down completely by JP Morgan of the Rothschild Group, because he couldn’t create a meter to charge for the free electricity? Then, our own government meddling in the affairs of countries all over the world. Venezuela, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia and the list goes on and on. CIA backed coup after coup and it all leads to this? Where is the evidence of our respect, our pride??

At what point do they win? At what point do we figure out: why does the rest of the world hate us now, instead of loving what America stands for, like they used to? At what point have we actually and realistically helped anybody, at the civilian level? Our level!

If we as a Nation of Patriots care about the content and reality of freedom in America, we had better yank the sheets back and get a grip on reality fast.

There is a power being exuded through the governments and Ms Clinton and the administration has been busy solidifying that posture between all the primary nations, the UN and all these major money providers. The promise of global financial security, food supplies, globalized taxation to save the planet and the removal of anything usable to protect one-selves. Does this sound like we have our sovereign Nation to look forward to???

Not to me folks. Not even close.

This is not a rant. This is a call to reality, to please, please, please, wake up and say your piece. Join together in everyway possible. Prepare, know who your friends are, draw a line in the sand. Anyone who views any legislation, past or present, needs to review it objectivily for Constitutionality. We may need to do this on our own because compromise is not an option. It is either Constitutional or it isn’t. AM I CORRECT????

They are calling the activity in the Mid East, the actions of a bunch of young demonstrators. It isn’t. It’s a cross section of of all age groups, demonstrating against 30 years of US involved tyranny. That is why they are saying they hate America and Isreal; because they are in bed together politically, as well as with their own country’s leader. Plain and simple.

Glenn Beck is saying this is a plan to unify the MidEast as a single entity, under a “globalized” (approved) governing. Who will become the KING of the MIDEAST? Then, what of Europe? That’s right, the EU was organized and planned by the same people who planned all of this. There is no chance to this. It is plain as day, as the freckles on our faces. Nothing is accidental, not in this day and age. Careful, calculated and planned, with a benefactor. That is what we need to know.

Who is the end benefactor to global governance? Then, who are the secondary level benefactors; the BHO’s and Pesian peons, I would imagine. These people are like smoking cigarettes; the more you smoke, the worse your health is.

We better get real about where we are and where we are going. We had better get a grip on this steering wheel quick,before we go off the cliff we are headed towards. Every media outlet is pounding all these extranious distractions to death, so we must be in the end stretch to wherever we are being taken.

Again, if anyone that thinks all this is by chance… you are wrong.

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