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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where do we stand? What can we do?

Alex Jones started a new movement last night claiming we are now officially "there". A "V" for victory and "resisting the Globalist plan" being the primary objective.

We are inside the starting gates of the complete takeover of our country by the removal of our freedoms. The financial elite and their corporations are now tearing down the final barriers that separate them from their goal. Our government is facilitating this movement.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, or myself etc. the amount of evidence is monumental and if we don't unify in every way we can, life as we know it will end. We are at the starting gate right now.

1. Right to own and bear arms:

Yesterday, a friend from Mexico told me that the Mexican government there is searching every Mexican home, farm and property for weapons. This isn't anti cartel, its anti citizen and they're using American equipment to locate any such "contraband", on their properties. Walls, floors, etc. It's the Nazi TSA government provided vehicle all over again, except in their homes.

How are they now to protect themselves against the so called "cartels"? Oh, that's right, the government will. But the government hasn't yet, have they! The people are being left defenseless, as in many other countries. What will follow is history repeating itself and capital crimes will skyrocket. Tomorrow, you can expect International Law, provided by UN treaty (Thanks to Ms Clinton and her handlers), to do the same here in the USA. It's right around the corner now and it will also be door to door.

2. Chemtrails:

It is absurd for anyone to discount the fact that "they", whoever "they" are, are using aircraft to spray incredible amounts of whatever "it" is, every night and day, in every NATO country on the planet. You can see it in pictures from outer space.

At a tremendous cost and yet no one will admit, validify or accept credit for this experiment, with exception to the Council of Foreign Relations, a body of elite mega-global corporate leadership entities. This organization hasn't been vetted or elected into the position they maintain, as the intermediary between our American and many other countries governments and the United Nations.

3. Takeover by financial collapse:

Ours and other governments are working in concert to accomplish what is by appearance, a complete takeover and globalization of our money, taxation, rights of land ownership and use. This is being done in behalf of the quasi-corporate takeover of property, through governments removing people's rights and their sovereignty.

This takeover is being manipulated through a financial breakdown that doesn't even exist. The money claimed as debt, is nothing more than strokes on a keyboard that created this imaginary wealth and debt, to gain control of what would otherwise be "private property". Everyone who has believed in this Ponzi plan has lost everything, beginning with rights to private property and the dignity of freedom.

Everyone else is being forced incrementally, through loss of their rights of use, to succumb to the will of the plan. And, the United Nations is there waiting with a complete framework of International Law, to takeover and manage Global prosperity, through Global governance. This is being provided by, and in behalf of the elitist wealthy and ruling class, as a multi-point unified global environment.

4. Enforcement:

The enforcement has already been set up and orchestrated, basically without public knowledge or support, as multi-national forces joining hands with this global program. This is all controlled by the same people.

5. The "stock market":

Prices in general are going up and if you've noticed; the containers you buy are smaller and to top it off, the portions contained are less. Two licks in one equals major profits but now, the costs are going up as well.

With all these "new" profits, wouldn't you think just maybe, it's contributing to the rising "stock exchange"? Something has to be causing it, because it sure isn't job losses, foreclosures or the absolute lack of industry in this country driving it. In other words: "someone" is making a killing, but it isn't the public.


There is no question that this movement is being accomplished without "public oversight" and with extreme consideration being given to controlling any possible opposition to the "Plan".

The financial collapse has been engineered by the same people who have done the same exact thing in numerous other countries, as history proves out. There is nothing "new" about this; it is a matter of history repeating itself. It is a mere manipulation of a condition that never existed in the first place.

Case and point:

If there is such untold debt; let us see the money that was lent and where it came from. Let us see the physical collateral to substantiate it. IT DOESN'T EXIST! It is a plan, engineered to create a takeover of the only possible collateral left, OUR PROPERTY. The United States and our resources.

Globalization of taxation i.e.: Carbon tax trades- This will make the engineers astronomical profits, while the people become the providers in a society where there is no growth. Income becomes evenly distributed units, among all, after the profits are picked through by the providers of the plan. ON A GLOBAL LEVEL!

I don't care what approach is used but this needs to be addressed peacefully, although peacefully separating the organizers from their gleaming goal of untold wealth, is unrealistic. One thing for sure; they will not go quietly. Never the less, if we care about our country, our Nation, our families and ourselves, we had better get to making our point stick.

Any unification within a public who does not want to become global slaves, among the billions of others, had best be getting together and resisting this now, not so silent, undertow. If this continues, those factory living quartered complexes in China, complete with banking and shopping, will look good to all of us. Then, they can double our wages as well to curb suicide, from $150 a month, to $300 a month!!!!

What a deal, yes? I wonder how they would unionize that. Oh, that's right, "Globalized Unionification"!!! That changes everything!

I recommend everyone start talking about these problems. Get together and get rid of the "I am not sure and I don't care attitude". You'd better care, because we are getting ready see a drastic change in the way we do business and live. When leading self made billionaires are moving their families to China because their education is better and their number one piece of advice is to learn Mandarin Chinese, it's time to take notice.

You'd better believe there is something happening and rest assured we will not like it. Join up with Alex Jones, anyone, just join together. It doesn't matter with whom. Draw a line and find common ground with friends. Prepare. Buy now, before "they" do things with prices that make living impossible without standing in a soup line. We are almost there and now is the time to act. "Waking up" has passed us by already, so if you haven't yet, IT'S TIME FOLKS!

Question: How will you prepare? What will you do to protect your rights as an American citizen? How will you support each other?

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