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Sunday, January 2, 2011

SHOW TOPIC: The “Undertow”

Hello folks, Happy New Year!! Had another great show yesterday!

This SATURDAY’S SHOW TOPIC: The “Undertow”

I need to be crystal clear as I present this part of my research. Who is responsible for engineering the "change" we’re all supposed to believe in? Why is it; this “change” is so important to be implemented before being presented as part of “the plan”? Why weren’t we told about these plans ahead of time?

To follow, are answers to some of these questions.

To play any game, it is critically important to know what the game is. We need to know who the players are, the rules and the purpose of the “game”. If you intend to win, you cannot play the game without knowing these components. Correct?

We should know; as an intelligent and enterprising 21st century society, there are no accidents, there are no surprises and nothing is ever left to chance. Everything has been planned out in the event of almost every circumstance. We know this from experience. We know who controls what and that money buys almost anything. At what point do we forego our natural good sense, to follow blindly into a circumstantial global program we know nothing about? To follow those self serving people that have been bought off by people we have never even seen? What about the same kind of people who killed millions of their own people? This scenario is the same, but much, much bigger.

The interaction in this Global game is between the three layers of participants:

1. The aristocrats, elite royalty and ruling class
2. The middlemen, corporate interests and the military
3. Our society, the general public

#1. The aristocrats and elite ruling class have been around for centuries. Family names, such as the “House of Rothschild” of London, Queen Beatrice, etc. date back to the beginning, although some of their names have changed through time. These are the wealthiest families on our planet, they always have been. They are called the ruling class “elite” and they didn’t just die off or disappear. They are still here.

First, they slipped into the background, to engage in a more private method of ruling rather than having to mingle at all with middle and lower class society. They exert their powers by distributing and investing their immense wealth all around us, creating the façade that “we the people” are actually part of it and somewhat in the driver’s seat. We see many of the effects of these funds and FED, being one good example.

To quote a Mayer Rothschild statement; ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.’ Another, by John D. Rockefeller is: ‘Competition is a sin.’ America isn’t the only country to be duped into accepting the financial favors from these elites. Many other countries have and are paying the price today, as we watch the plug get pulled one by one. The elite’s money supply is endless, they own it all and they know it. This is power, through wealth, just like dope is to a junkie. You can understand why I call this and these people, “the head of the snake”. They can’t get all the players in line without help though and they have to keep the rules under wraps to insure they win.

#2. The middlemen form the working part of their plan or game. They farm out the elite’s funds to create the framework of the “game” that the elite have in mind for our society. Basically, the funds are to grease the wheel wherever it’s needed. The media, the military, the United Nations, the CFR and the UK Royal Society, being good examples.

They fund governments to carry out their plans, share in the profits and accept lobbying from every direction that guarantees they win the “game” and stay in favor with the elite ruling class. Starmakers, presidencies, overthrown governments, you name it. They will stop at nothing to insure they win the game for their handlers. Payday is based on approval, of course.

To be in the elite crowd, they must play ball by the rules laid out to them. This is where the Bush’s, Rockefeller’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Brzezinski’s, Carter’s, Quayle’s, Kissinger’s, Soros and many more people come in to play. It is their job to form the fit of our society, to the plans of their providers. Then, to sell it to us as a need or solution for the problems they created. All part of the game no one is aware of because NOBODY TOLD US. Thus, the UNDERTOW.

Frankly, who would have ever thought all this up? Not you or I, that’s for sure. It is so whacked out, nobody in their right mind would ever dream up the “Global Governance Game”! Someone told me once, ‘everyone has their price.’ I’ve hated that statement since the first time I heard it however, many among us do have a price. They’ll sell their soul for a cup of soup. Just look at Washington.

#3 Societies and the global general public are being told that everything is breaking up and we desperately must react. This is to address the insurmountable problems that have arisen due to man in general. We are molded by the middlemen media and the governments follow suit, convincing us that solution or “change” is needed immediately, as our only hope of survival. And, we are to believe it. The middlemen have conveniently arranged global framework to address all these problems on a global level.

The game has now grown to accommodate the entire planet. If we are convinced that the world will end without this “change” they bring us, I believe they win the game.

Question is now: Exactly what does the winner win? What does the loser get?


They elite and their slobbering followers are so whacked out they will shoot themselves and everyone else in the foot, through their belief that they own Nature. When Nature reacts as the laws of physics state, that equal and opposite reaction will be the biggest surprise ever. "They" will find out that Nature is simply impossible to own, just like the fountain of youth and eternal life.

1. They are spraying the atmosphere with toxic heavy metals at such a rate, the pictures from outer space show blankets of these materials covering much of the planet. These chemicals are poisonous to living organisms and yet no one will take responsibility for all the good it must be doing for us. The fine particulate matter they are spraying is also in all our water and our soils. Anyone remember giving permission to use our money for this? The endgame is to resurrect the infamous “Climate Change Disaster” that just popped up and was completely debunked as lies, as it was introduced by Edmund Rothschild and Maurice Strong. Through this aerosol program though, they just may create climatic disaster through their brag of, “owning the weather”. Then their multi trillion dollar baby- the carbon credit trade will need to go forward to save us from the results of their messing with Nature in the first place.

2. They are funding and promoting a small unique group of now “mega global corporations” to provide all our food supply, from out of a test tube. This is instead of us growing our own. No one is jumping up with the positive results of this GMO product because it’s only been around for 15 years and not enough time has elapsed for genuine safety testing for distribution to the world public. What they also haven’t told the public is the CFR has reported that as of 1997, 80% of all food in the supermarkets has test tube genetics laced into them.

3. So there you have it and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The structure of all this is very easily researched although it took me years to see it all. The ruling elite have financially romanced and forced support of the game plan they designed years ago. Their dream is to own a much more manageable society and expanded their game plan to include the entire planet Earth. Just like the Conquistadors of old.

With help, they have taken over the air we breathe, our water, our food supply and our productive lands. The planets resources are what they really like and that is part of what they get when they win. The troubling part to their Conquistadorial game plan is their viewpoint on population control. Rumblings have been rippling through the media waves and internet. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the Kiyoto Protocol (their answer for global warming) and many others are all saying we are grossly over populated. Frankly, I don’t see it, even though half the planet has moved here. This is echoing again, the ruling elite who have said publically, we need to depopulate over 2/3rds our planet, to create the perfect biosphere, for the select few. Sound familiar? Again, what does the loser get folks?

This is the mentality we are dealing with as a society. These whack jobs we never see and the plebes that we see all too much, are selling us all down the river and we are almost there. All we need is another highly orchestrated disastrous “event” and the end of this game will be at hand. There will be a winner and there will definitely be a loser. The question is; how many of us will live to see it? This is the same game of the ruling class that has been around for centuries. They go to a country, send out the Archbishop to establish the only belief, enslave all the people, killing the ones who don’t go along with the program and steal all the land, women, gold and silver.

This is their agenda, just on a global level and with the same distain for life that they’ve always had. Their supporters are as rotten as they are and deserve no less attention.

I believe this New Year will bring the results of 2010 to a head and Lord knows what that means. I don't know how much longer they can keep kicking this can down the road before it all collapses. Until then, I'll keep talking and bringing you the truth as we find it. Keep preparing for the worst and hope for the best. Keep your heart warm and your powder dry. Know who your friends are!

See you next week!


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