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Monday, January 3, 2011

Julian Assange, Wikileaks, debacle?


I think the first thing to realize is; who is spreading this info in the first place and why? Who is orchestrating the mood, who is quite possibly distorting God knows what? Hey it's top secret & classified, right? So we left it out on the table with the other scraps so a peon could scoop it all up for public use? No once, but twice? Bull.

I'm sorry but if we the public continue to follow like lapdogs instead of using our God given common sense and believe all this "circumstantial garbage (from the very people who have so much to lose, of course), we are doomed as an ignorant and bored excuse of a mediocre society. And, we will deserve everything we get.

At the end of the day, sites like this, our radio talk shows and internet usage in general will be the price we pay. That is once they convince enough of us that they are telling the truth for the first time ever. Then of course will come the much needed regulation that will repeal the 1st ammendment and no one will have the opportunity to offer endless days of jabbering over such subjects as this. It simply won't be allowed anymore.
Again and again. Cause or design a problem, convince everyone that it is, then bring on that pre-prepared solution you've wanted to get done for 20 or 30 years. What's it going to take, cold water?
Eric Holder and the rest of the "appointed" fan club are a perfect representation of what it takes to muddy the waters. Keeps everyone thinking on a mediocre level, while the real deal is being moved along under cover.

You know, I've spent most of my life listening to all the media "talking points" and explicit drama stories, just like everyone else. I've listened to it all and mindlessly, never thought anything of it. Normal maybe? Hearing only the storylines, instead of looking at what they actually are or were and who was delivering them. I had never even considered that the mere presentation of what I was hearing might have been prepared for my response or reaction. An anticipated reaction.

I wondered if I was paranoid, so I looked harder. I realized, not only did half of the stories not make sense, they might have even been designed not to. Designed to be exciting, far out, unbelievable, and with a projected criminal undertone. After looking at enough of these over the last 8 years, I have come to believe it makes all of us feel potentially criminal. Even in thought.

Interesting stuff, these conspiracies. Julian Assange is a very interesting study indeed. His credits far surpass what we have been told. As far as I can tell, he is the target of ours and other governments because of his involvement with the cypherpunks. According to Wikipedia, this group, including himself, have been around for some time and deal with cryptology in code, cybercode. Primarily, to be able to communicate in code that can't be eavesdropped. Successfully, I might add.

So one must wonder what the real reason is, right? Once you clear all the garbage out of the way, it is amazing at how simple the answers are. Bizarre, yes. Normal? Absolutely not. And this is why we haven't caught it, until now.

To add: I believe many of these "presentations" and stories would make great fictional movies and have actually ended up in being. I believe now that these stories are designed to bring out the "good" and the "bad" in people. Our feelings. The next trick is to design; what is good or bad? This is, in my opinion, where we are with the media and the people who are generating these stories. That is, in the fashion they are being generated.

The story may be intact, but the evolution of our beliefs may be being toyed with. I am probably dead on here, although I'd wish I weren't. Redesigning our morals and our approach to life seems to be what these people want to do. Why? Another story entirely, but interwoven in almost every way except...

Our first and foremost involuntary instinct is in our belief in the Laws of Nature and a merciful God. This is the snafu they are faced with.

Thus, we see the attack in separation of religion and state in almost every arena. This is a serious day we are faced with folks and this undertow is something to be recognized and will need to be dealt with, no matter what walk of life we exist in.

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