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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Immigration & "Globalization"- Is it right for America?

What has been forgotten in this country, is our pride. Millions of people have immigrated to this country to embrace freedom in America and our culture. Typically, to escape a more oppressive environment.

If their wish is to change America to accommodate their old ways of life, the only thing they're here for is the real estate. This could easily be construed as a takeover, passively (if allowed) or however necessary. If we let it happen, they would be crazy not to move in and turn it or part of it, into their own. They aren't here for freedom in America, or the culture.

This is a terrible danger to our country. This revolving "open door" policy is part of a "globalized vision" for the planet. It is being perpetuated purposefully by administrations past and present. Modifying our culture to accommodate other cultures will change America forever; our dreams, our solidarity, our culture and our sovereignty.

Allowing external legal systems within our own legal system, will destroy America from within. It's all about the real estate and the taking over of that real estate by another "country". Is it an invasion? My opinion, absolutely. This is part of the "progressive change", who ever "they" are, have been perpetuating for years.

If we lose our identity as a culture or a sovereign nation, we are no longer America. We will be part of them, as they are part of us; only the most valuable resource on this planet, given away to all takers. Thanks to BHO, Clinton's, Bush's, the whole lot of them. This is what they've wanted all along. A faceless stew, non-identifiable, separated people by grouping, divisible and no longer indivisible, as a sovereign country.

To quote: "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." This is what our leaders have done. They have removed the "indivisible" part and enforced "justice and liberty for all', at the judicial level. They have taken the parts that glue us together as a people and are erasing them legislatively.

Once they are finished, America will become a memory, blended in with all the rest. These foreign interests will pick our lands clean, free for the taking. Thanks again to our so called leaders. It is "progressive globalization" and if it isn't stopped, we're done as a Nation. We better get used to it or do something, because we're pretty much almost 100% there.

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