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Monday, January 17, 2011

High Profile murders- surrounded by Facts or Fiction?

In the aftermath of the shooting spree that happened in Tucson Arizona, story after story about this event have been baffling at best.

Immediately following the shootings, it was reported that Jared Lee Loughner had done 2 tours in Iraq. That commentary was dropped and changed to "activist" against the wars in the Middle East. Then there were at least 4 misspellings of his name, by the media, UTUBE and other sites he supposedly belonged to. Then there were all the different pictures that show his(?) completely different appearances throughout the aftermath. Finally, this lead to the final Uncle Fester picture that everyone is seeing now. All he is missing is a cross hatched scar from ear to ear.

Definitely the look of a deranged killer, yes?

With this devastatingly senseless act (key word "senseless", meaning "makes no sense") ringing in everyone's ears, public figures made accusations as to the shooter being under a "spell" that "made" him do what he did. The “progressives” accused people they didn’t like and tried to make a connection between a public killing spree and them. It was a sick and immoral display of blatantly mean ignorance.

A few days have now passed and friends, agencies and the general public have had time to digest this event that left 12 injured and 6 dead. In fact, there have been a number of these mysterious murders of high level officials around the world, over the past few years and people are beginning to wonder WHY? How can this be happening so regularily, in an otherwise civil society and how could it be benefiting all these so called "killers"?

These are questions that lead to motive.

Then, there are the “senseless” storylines that look like cover ups, or possibly a conspiracy. The rule of thumb in any investigation is to discover motive. Once you establish motive, the players fall into place.


Enough time has passed now that each of the slain victims are being examined, as to what possible reason this could have happened to them specifically. Gabby Giffords is a perfect example of what you would expect from a good public servant. Her belief in the Constitution is firm and is a well known fact. It is a blessing she survived this attack.

But then we come to Federal Judge John Rolls, who was slain during the same killing spree. He hasn't been mentioned much. John Rolls was a close friend to Sheriff Mack of AZ. Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona has a long-time history as a crusader for freedom and individual rights. Mack has written several books and the deceased judge is mentioned throughout several of his books.

Judge Rolls was a chief Federal judge for the US District Court and very highly thought of. He was a constant thorn in the sides of several administrations, Clinton’s and Obama’s, in particular. He was a staunch 2nd amendment advocate, fought the Brady bill over Constitutionality and had a huge problem with the same, over Obama’s signed Executive Order 13528. If you read this EO, it takes the power from the states and delivers that power to the Federal government through the jurisdiction’s of what this EO calls the “Board of Governors”, a group of 10 governors, established and hand picked by the president.

This EO creates by Executive Order (EO), a Council of Governors, or an “advisory panel” chosen by the President that will rubber-stamp long-sought-after Pentagon contingency plans to seize control of state National Guard forces in the event of a “national emergency.”

Clearly designed to weaken the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which bars the use of the military for civilian law enforcement, EO 13528 is the latest in a series of maneuvers by previous administrations to wrest control of armed forces (historically under the democratic control of elected state officials and with represented public accountability), and take over the command of National Guard units within the sovereign states, when deemed necessary by the Federal government.

This is a highly invasive attack on freedom, in the otherwise sovereign and united States.

John Rolls officially questioned the legality of many Constitutional issues, and now he’s dead. Publically murdered. Also, why would the Federal government take over jurisdiction of a murder committed in Arizona, when the State had perfect rights to prosecute the case themselves?

The more we learn, the more these storylines and unnecessary official investigations sound like cover ups. The only soldier on a military base (!!!!) with a gun (???), unloads and kills or wounds over 30 people? Not news anymore, I guess. One of the highest level liaisons between the Pentagon, DHS, DOE and the CIA, murdered and tossed in a dumpster. He had years of infinite and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the “shadow government”. It was rumored he was going to “talk”, and now he’s dead. Publically murdered.

You have the entire Polish military command, the Polish president and his wife, 88 in all, killed in an airplane crash inside Russia. As result, the Russian favored replacement (party) took over, per Polish Law. 270,000 Polish residents asked for an independent investigation as Russia would never return the black boxes and no one was satisfied with the Russian report. Similar to 911.

Since when does someone with the where-with-all, gain entry to wherever perfectly, with explosives and not have the where-with-all to set it off? Does that make sense to anyone? An accident? How many times has this occurred?? Reminds me of someone trying to show control over a “non-event”? A non-event that results in the removal of our freedom in America.

Does anyone feel safer?

How could anyone feel safer when all these “non-events” keep happening? Who exactly would have motive for a non-event folks???? Maybe the ones who made it happen in the first place possibly? And, who might that originator be?

Guaranteed, if it was a real terrorist, their bombs would have gone off. At least 2 or 3 out of 9 or 10 “trys”? You think? These are just a few and if you think back and remember, how many “senseless” events have happened? Again, “senseless” meaning, ‘makes no sense’.

When you put two and two together, one must remember; who would have the most to gain from any event, good or bad? THE MOTIVE. Everything has a motive. Your cold, you come inside. Motive: to get warm. When there are so many stories that don’t gel, then the eventual official word makes little to no sense at all?

It proves one thing; it still makes no sense.

At what point does a set of circumstances make sense and why isn’t that the final outcome of every investigation? Maybe we never really hear the findings, if there ever was any.

It feels like we are being fed storyline after storyline. People hallucinating a missle taking off. That was one of the best! Or, all the millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf, just evaporated.

At what point do we wake up and use our eyes and ears to figure these events out for ourselves and quit believing this “senseless rabble”? The motive should be easy to see. Once you pick though all the evidence and look at it, listen to it and figure out what makes sense no matter how bizarre it may seem. After all, these are all "senseless" events, right?

Your thoughts?

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