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Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt- Truth or Consequences??

Folks, we must look and listen very closely to what we are hearing about Egypt. This is a very serious event. There is a "new story" being told, the exact opposite of what was originally reported. These "new" stories are being pounded home by all the networks, including and especially FOX News and all their paneled guests.

The story now being told is 180 degrees out from what the live eyewitness news interviews were saying, when this "event" first started. It is very important we know this and figure out why the powers that be would create this bizarre twist to the actual story, or the "real deal".

All of a sudden Washington DC has reacted desperately. Clinton, Bolton and a number of Americanized Egyptians are stating that this is all the result of young bloggers (internet)and students uprising, desiring a democratic takeover and a new election. In otherwords, just the disruptive actions of children.

One must remember;(!!) the president Mubarak was put into power, fully supported by the American government, #1. #2. The first reports, were that the people of Egypt are broke, starving and protesting massive oppression by their government, specifically through Mubarak. Bottom line; The people are out of money, starving and the government wants more. Sound familiar?

The first reports described (and they made large note of this), middle aged and older people, along with younger people, forming the masses that are revolting. Case and point: It isn't a bunch of young Egyptian kids, like they would now have us believe. It is an even cross section of Egyptian society. In other words, every level of the Egyptian public is in the street.

Considering we are next, we need to take notice of the "spin" that will be told in the news, when we begin to starve and they keep demanding more!!!

Instead of being real, they want to drive the support of the American people, to maybe pay for or get involved in an attack against a certain sector of the Egyptian public.

This "event" was a HUGE surprise for "them" in Washington! Now, needing tons of "damage control" to justify intervening in yet another country's business, Ms. Clinton's eyes look like they are going to pop out. BHO (make that abreviation say what ever you like), is now going to look fatherly and Godly, for affecting how the Egyptian people are handled during this 'event'.

LEAVE THEM ALONE!! LET THEM FIGURE OUT THEIR OWN PROBLEM!!!!! THEY DON"T NEED AND THEY DON'T WANT AMERICAN INTERVENTION!!!!! They want Mubarek out, that's all. Not just the young, everyone. This is a fact to the point the Egyptian military even agrees with the rioters.

This is exactly what the USA did with Venezuela and to this day, have blown it. No wonder the campaign against Venezuela continues, to this day. The government sanctioned the CIA to attempt a coup in Venezuela and went so far as to kidnap Chavez! The people got so tired of being imprisoned and murdered, they found Chavez, broke him out and returned him to power. They trusted him so much, as a democratically elected president (x2), they voted to allow him to make law without even waiting for a vote. Hell, our government just crams it down our throats!!!

So, where is the democracy folks?? Land of the free and home of the brave? How about the mis-directed, lied to and cheated on, through the media and in any way it can be delivered, to achive their agenda that we are told nothing about?

LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALONE! LET THEM GET WHAT THEY WANT. How's that for a new government requirement? I am sick of these blowhard killers. Liars, cheats and thieves, 99.9%, all of them. America needs to go back 100 years and check every passed piece of legislation for it's Constitutionality. That would be a great place for our newly elected officials to start. To hell with the rest, we'll get to it.

And, LEAVE THESE OTHER COUNTRIES ALONE!!!!! Concentrate on America.

Thanks for reading my rant. I am tired of this crap, YOU?????

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