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Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt- Truth or Consequences??

Folks, we must look and listen very closely to what we are hearing about Egypt. This is a very serious event. There is a "new story" being told, the exact opposite of what was originally reported. These "new" stories are being pounded home by all the networks, including and especially FOX News and all their paneled guests.

The story now being told is 180 degrees out from what the live eyewitness news interviews were saying, when this "event" first started. It is very important we know this and figure out why the powers that be would create this bizarre twist to the actual story, or the "real deal".

All of a sudden Washington DC has reacted desperately. Clinton, Bolton and a number of Americanized Egyptians are stating that this is all the result of young bloggers (internet)and students uprising, desiring a democratic takeover and a new election. In otherwords, just the disruptive actions of children.

One must remember;(!!) the president Mubarak was put into power, fully supported by the American government, #1. #2. The first reports, were that the people of Egypt are broke, starving and protesting massive oppression by their government, specifically through Mubarak. Bottom line; The people are out of money, starving and the government wants more. Sound familiar?

The first reports described (and they made large note of this), middle aged and older people, along with younger people, forming the masses that are revolting. Case and point: It isn't a bunch of young Egyptian kids, like they would now have us believe. It is an even cross section of Egyptian society. In other words, every level of the Egyptian public is in the street.

Considering we are next, we need to take notice of the "spin" that will be told in the news, when we begin to starve and they keep demanding more!!!

Instead of being real, they want to drive the support of the American people, to maybe pay for or get involved in an attack against a certain sector of the Egyptian public.

This "event" was a HUGE surprise for "them" in Washington! Now, needing tons of "damage control" to justify intervening in yet another country's business, Ms. Clinton's eyes look like they are going to pop out. BHO (make that abreviation say what ever you like), is now going to look fatherly and Godly, for affecting how the Egyptian people are handled during this 'event'.

LEAVE THEM ALONE!! LET THEM FIGURE OUT THEIR OWN PROBLEM!!!!! THEY DON"T NEED AND THEY DON'T WANT AMERICAN INTERVENTION!!!!! They want Mubarek out, that's all. Not just the young, everyone. This is a fact to the point the Egyptian military even agrees with the rioters.

This is exactly what the USA did with Venezuela and to this day, have blown it. No wonder the campaign against Venezuela continues, to this day. The government sanctioned the CIA to attempt a coup in Venezuela and went so far as to kidnap Chavez! The people got so tired of being imprisoned and murdered, they found Chavez, broke him out and returned him to power. They trusted him so much, as a democratically elected president (x2), they voted to allow him to make law without even waiting for a vote. Hell, our government just crams it down our throats!!!

So, where is the democracy folks?? Land of the free and home of the brave? How about the mis-directed, lied to and cheated on, through the media and in any way it can be delivered, to achive their agenda that we are told nothing about?

LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALONE! LET THEM GET WHAT THEY WANT. How's that for a new government requirement? I am sick of these blowhard killers. Liars, cheats and thieves, 99.9%, all of them. America needs to go back 100 years and check every passed piece of legislation for it's Constitutionality. That would be a great place for our newly elected officials to start. To hell with the rest, we'll get to it.

And, LEAVE THESE OTHER COUNTRIES ALONE!!!!! Concentrate on America.

Thanks for reading my rant. I am tired of this crap, YOU?????

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where do we stand? What can we do?

Alex Jones started a new movement last night claiming we are now officially "there". A "V" for victory and "resisting the Globalist plan" being the primary objective.

We are inside the starting gates of the complete takeover of our country by the removal of our freedoms. The financial elite and their corporations are now tearing down the final barriers that separate them from their goal. Our government is facilitating this movement.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, or myself etc. the amount of evidence is monumental and if we don't unify in every way we can, life as we know it will end. We are at the starting gate right now.

1. Right to own and bear arms:

Yesterday, a friend from Mexico told me that the Mexican government there is searching every Mexican home, farm and property for weapons. This isn't anti cartel, its anti citizen and they're using American equipment to locate any such "contraband", on their properties. Walls, floors, etc. It's the Nazi TSA government provided vehicle all over again, except in their homes.

How are they now to protect themselves against the so called "cartels"? Oh, that's right, the government will. But the government hasn't yet, have they! The people are being left defenseless, as in many other countries. What will follow is history repeating itself and capital crimes will skyrocket. Tomorrow, you can expect International Law, provided by UN treaty (Thanks to Ms Clinton and her handlers), to do the same here in the USA. It's right around the corner now and it will also be door to door.

2. Chemtrails:

It is absurd for anyone to discount the fact that "they", whoever "they" are, are using aircraft to spray incredible amounts of whatever "it" is, every night and day, in every NATO country on the planet. You can see it in pictures from outer space.

At a tremendous cost and yet no one will admit, validify or accept credit for this experiment, with exception to the Council of Foreign Relations, a body of elite mega-global corporate leadership entities. This organization hasn't been vetted or elected into the position they maintain, as the intermediary between our American and many other countries governments and the United Nations.

3. Takeover by financial collapse:

Ours and other governments are working in concert to accomplish what is by appearance, a complete takeover and globalization of our money, taxation, rights of land ownership and use. This is being done in behalf of the quasi-corporate takeover of property, through governments removing people's rights and their sovereignty.

This takeover is being manipulated through a financial breakdown that doesn't even exist. The money claimed as debt, is nothing more than strokes on a keyboard that created this imaginary wealth and debt, to gain control of what would otherwise be "private property". Everyone who has believed in this Ponzi plan has lost everything, beginning with rights to private property and the dignity of freedom.

Everyone else is being forced incrementally, through loss of their rights of use, to succumb to the will of the plan. And, the United Nations is there waiting with a complete framework of International Law, to takeover and manage Global prosperity, through Global governance. This is being provided by, and in behalf of the elitist wealthy and ruling class, as a multi-point unified global environment.

4. Enforcement:

The enforcement has already been set up and orchestrated, basically without public knowledge or support, as multi-national forces joining hands with this global program. This is all controlled by the same people.

5. The "stock market":

Prices in general are going up and if you've noticed; the containers you buy are smaller and to top it off, the portions contained are less. Two licks in one equals major profits but now, the costs are going up as well.

With all these "new" profits, wouldn't you think just maybe, it's contributing to the rising "stock exchange"? Something has to be causing it, because it sure isn't job losses, foreclosures or the absolute lack of industry in this country driving it. In other words: "someone" is making a killing, but it isn't the public.


There is no question that this movement is being accomplished without "public oversight" and with extreme consideration being given to controlling any possible opposition to the "Plan".

The financial collapse has been engineered by the same people who have done the same exact thing in numerous other countries, as history proves out. There is nothing "new" about this; it is a matter of history repeating itself. It is a mere manipulation of a condition that never existed in the first place.

Case and point:

If there is such untold debt; let us see the money that was lent and where it came from. Let us see the physical collateral to substantiate it. IT DOESN'T EXIST! It is a plan, engineered to create a takeover of the only possible collateral left, OUR PROPERTY. The United States and our resources.

Globalization of taxation i.e.: Carbon tax trades- This will make the engineers astronomical profits, while the people become the providers in a society where there is no growth. Income becomes evenly distributed units, among all, after the profits are picked through by the providers of the plan. ON A GLOBAL LEVEL!

I don't care what approach is used but this needs to be addressed peacefully, although peacefully separating the organizers from their gleaming goal of untold wealth, is unrealistic. One thing for sure; they will not go quietly. Never the less, if we care about our country, our Nation, our families and ourselves, we had better get to making our point stick.

Any unification within a public who does not want to become global slaves, among the billions of others, had best be getting together and resisting this now, not so silent, undertow. If this continues, those factory living quartered complexes in China, complete with banking and shopping, will look good to all of us. Then, they can double our wages as well to curb suicide, from $150 a month, to $300 a month!!!!

What a deal, yes? I wonder how they would unionize that. Oh, that's right, "Globalized Unionification"!!! That changes everything!

I recommend everyone start talking about these problems. Get together and get rid of the "I am not sure and I don't care attitude". You'd better care, because we are getting ready see a drastic change in the way we do business and live. When leading self made billionaires are moving their families to China because their education is better and their number one piece of advice is to learn Mandarin Chinese, it's time to take notice.

You'd better believe there is something happening and rest assured we will not like it. Join up with Alex Jones, anyone, just join together. It doesn't matter with whom. Draw a line and find common ground with friends. Prepare. Buy now, before "they" do things with prices that make living impossible without standing in a soup line. We are almost there and now is the time to act. "Waking up" has passed us by already, so if you haven't yet, IT'S TIME FOLKS!

Question: How will you prepare? What will you do to protect your rights as an American citizen? How will you support each other?

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Monday, January 17, 2011

High Profile murders- surrounded by Facts or Fiction?

In the aftermath of the shooting spree that happened in Tucson Arizona, story after story about this event have been baffling at best.

Immediately following the shootings, it was reported that Jared Lee Loughner had done 2 tours in Iraq. That commentary was dropped and changed to "activist" against the wars in the Middle East. Then there were at least 4 misspellings of his name, by the media, UTUBE and other sites he supposedly belonged to. Then there were all the different pictures that show his(?) completely different appearances throughout the aftermath. Finally, this lead to the final Uncle Fester picture that everyone is seeing now. All he is missing is a cross hatched scar from ear to ear.

Definitely the look of a deranged killer, yes?

With this devastatingly senseless act (key word "senseless", meaning "makes no sense") ringing in everyone's ears, public figures made accusations as to the shooter being under a "spell" that "made" him do what he did. The “progressives” accused people they didn’t like and tried to make a connection between a public killing spree and them. It was a sick and immoral display of blatantly mean ignorance.

A few days have now passed and friends, agencies and the general public have had time to digest this event that left 12 injured and 6 dead. In fact, there have been a number of these mysterious murders of high level officials around the world, over the past few years and people are beginning to wonder WHY? How can this be happening so regularily, in an otherwise civil society and how could it be benefiting all these so called "killers"?

These are questions that lead to motive.

Then, there are the “senseless” storylines that look like cover ups, or possibly a conspiracy. The rule of thumb in any investigation is to discover motive. Once you establish motive, the players fall into place.


Enough time has passed now that each of the slain victims are being examined, as to what possible reason this could have happened to them specifically. Gabby Giffords is a perfect example of what you would expect from a good public servant. Her belief in the Constitution is firm and is a well known fact. It is a blessing she survived this attack.

But then we come to Federal Judge John Rolls, who was slain during the same killing spree. He hasn't been mentioned much. John Rolls was a close friend to Sheriff Mack of AZ. Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona has a long-time history as a crusader for freedom and individual rights. Mack has written several books and the deceased judge is mentioned throughout several of his books.

Judge Rolls was a chief Federal judge for the US District Court and very highly thought of. He was a constant thorn in the sides of several administrations, Clinton’s and Obama’s, in particular. He was a staunch 2nd amendment advocate, fought the Brady bill over Constitutionality and had a huge problem with the same, over Obama’s signed Executive Order 13528. If you read this EO, it takes the power from the states and delivers that power to the Federal government through the jurisdiction’s of what this EO calls the “Board of Governors”, a group of 10 governors, established and hand picked by the president.

This EO creates by Executive Order (EO), a Council of Governors, or an “advisory panel” chosen by the President that will rubber-stamp long-sought-after Pentagon contingency plans to seize control of state National Guard forces in the event of a “national emergency.”

Clearly designed to weaken the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 which bars the use of the military for civilian law enforcement, EO 13528 is the latest in a series of maneuvers by previous administrations to wrest control of armed forces (historically under the democratic control of elected state officials and with represented public accountability), and take over the command of National Guard units within the sovereign states, when deemed necessary by the Federal government.

This is a highly invasive attack on freedom, in the otherwise sovereign and united States.

John Rolls officially questioned the legality of many Constitutional issues, and now he’s dead. Publically murdered. Also, why would the Federal government take over jurisdiction of a murder committed in Arizona, when the State had perfect rights to prosecute the case themselves?

The more we learn, the more these storylines and unnecessary official investigations sound like cover ups. The only soldier on a military base (!!!!) with a gun (???), unloads and kills or wounds over 30 people? Not news anymore, I guess. One of the highest level liaisons between the Pentagon, DHS, DOE and the CIA, murdered and tossed in a dumpster. He had years of infinite and intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the “shadow government”. It was rumored he was going to “talk”, and now he’s dead. Publically murdered.

You have the entire Polish military command, the Polish president and his wife, 88 in all, killed in an airplane crash inside Russia. As result, the Russian favored replacement (party) took over, per Polish Law. 270,000 Polish residents asked for an independent investigation as Russia would never return the black boxes and no one was satisfied with the Russian report. Similar to 911.

Since when does someone with the where-with-all, gain entry to wherever perfectly, with explosives and not have the where-with-all to set it off? Does that make sense to anyone? An accident? How many times has this occurred?? Reminds me of someone trying to show control over a “non-event”? A non-event that results in the removal of our freedom in America.

Does anyone feel safer?

How could anyone feel safer when all these “non-events” keep happening? Who exactly would have motive for a non-event folks???? Maybe the ones who made it happen in the first place possibly? And, who might that originator be?

Guaranteed, if it was a real terrorist, their bombs would have gone off. At least 2 or 3 out of 9 or 10 “trys”? You think? These are just a few and if you think back and remember, how many “senseless” events have happened? Again, “senseless” meaning, ‘makes no sense’.

When you put two and two together, one must remember; who would have the most to gain from any event, good or bad? THE MOTIVE. Everything has a motive. Your cold, you come inside. Motive: to get warm. When there are so many stories that don’t gel, then the eventual official word makes little to no sense at all?

It proves one thing; it still makes no sense.

At what point does a set of circumstances make sense and why isn’t that the final outcome of every investigation? Maybe we never really hear the findings, if there ever was any.

It feels like we are being fed storyline after storyline. People hallucinating a missle taking off. That was one of the best! Or, all the millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf, just evaporated.

At what point do we wake up and use our eyes and ears to figure these events out for ourselves and quit believing this “senseless rabble”? The motive should be easy to see. Once you pick though all the evidence and look at it, listen to it and figure out what makes sense no matter how bizarre it may seem. After all, these are all "senseless" events, right?

Your thoughts?

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Immigration & "Globalization"- Is it right for America?

What has been forgotten in this country, is our pride. Millions of people have immigrated to this country to embrace freedom in America and our culture. Typically, to escape a more oppressive environment.

If their wish is to change America to accommodate their old ways of life, the only thing they're here for is the real estate. This could easily be construed as a takeover, passively (if allowed) or however necessary. If we let it happen, they would be crazy not to move in and turn it or part of it, into their own. They aren't here for freedom in America, or the culture.

This is a terrible danger to our country. This revolving "open door" policy is part of a "globalized vision" for the planet. It is being perpetuated purposefully by administrations past and present. Modifying our culture to accommodate other cultures will change America forever; our dreams, our solidarity, our culture and our sovereignty.

Allowing external legal systems within our own legal system, will destroy America from within. It's all about the real estate and the taking over of that real estate by another "country". Is it an invasion? My opinion, absolutely. This is part of the "progressive change", who ever "they" are, have been perpetuating for years.

If we lose our identity as a culture or a sovereign nation, we are no longer America. We will be part of them, as they are part of us; only the most valuable resource on this planet, given away to all takers. Thanks to BHO, Clinton's, Bush's, the whole lot of them. This is what they've wanted all along. A faceless stew, non-identifiable, separated people by grouping, divisible and no longer indivisible, as a sovereign country.

To quote: "I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." This is what our leaders have done. They have removed the "indivisible" part and enforced "justice and liberty for all', at the judicial level. They have taken the parts that glue us together as a people and are erasing them legislatively.

Once they are finished, America will become a memory, blended in with all the rest. These foreign interests will pick our lands clean, free for the taking. Thanks again to our so called leaders. It is "progressive globalization" and if it isn't stopped, we're done as a Nation. We better get used to it or do something, because we're pretty much almost 100% there.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Julian Assange, Wikileaks, debacle?


I think the first thing to realize is; who is spreading this info in the first place and why? Who is orchestrating the mood, who is quite possibly distorting God knows what? Hey it's top secret & classified, right? So we left it out on the table with the other scraps so a peon could scoop it all up for public use? No once, but twice? Bull.

I'm sorry but if we the public continue to follow like lapdogs instead of using our God given common sense and believe all this "circumstantial garbage (from the very people who have so much to lose, of course), we are doomed as an ignorant and bored excuse of a mediocre society. And, we will deserve everything we get.

At the end of the day, sites like this, our radio talk shows and internet usage in general will be the price we pay. That is once they convince enough of us that they are telling the truth for the first time ever. Then of course will come the much needed regulation that will repeal the 1st ammendment and no one will have the opportunity to offer endless days of jabbering over such subjects as this. It simply won't be allowed anymore.
Again and again. Cause or design a problem, convince everyone that it is, then bring on that pre-prepared solution you've wanted to get done for 20 or 30 years. What's it going to take, cold water?
Eric Holder and the rest of the "appointed" fan club are a perfect representation of what it takes to muddy the waters. Keeps everyone thinking on a mediocre level, while the real deal is being moved along under cover.

You know, I've spent most of my life listening to all the media "talking points" and explicit drama stories, just like everyone else. I've listened to it all and mindlessly, never thought anything of it. Normal maybe? Hearing only the storylines, instead of looking at what they actually are or were and who was delivering them. I had never even considered that the mere presentation of what I was hearing might have been prepared for my response or reaction. An anticipated reaction.

I wondered if I was paranoid, so I looked harder. I realized, not only did half of the stories not make sense, they might have even been designed not to. Designed to be exciting, far out, unbelievable, and with a projected criminal undertone. After looking at enough of these over the last 8 years, I have come to believe it makes all of us feel potentially criminal. Even in thought.

Interesting stuff, these conspiracies. Julian Assange is a very interesting study indeed. His credits far surpass what we have been told. As far as I can tell, he is the target of ours and other governments because of his involvement with the cypherpunks. According to Wikipedia, this group, including himself, have been around for some time and deal with cryptology in code, cybercode. Primarily, to be able to communicate in code that can't be eavesdropped. Successfully, I might add.

So one must wonder what the real reason is, right? Once you clear all the garbage out of the way, it is amazing at how simple the answers are. Bizarre, yes. Normal? Absolutely not. And this is why we haven't caught it, until now.

To add: I believe many of these "presentations" and stories would make great fictional movies and have actually ended up in being. I believe now that these stories are designed to bring out the "good" and the "bad" in people. Our feelings. The next trick is to design; what is good or bad? This is, in my opinion, where we are with the media and the people who are generating these stories. That is, in the fashion they are being generated.

The story may be intact, but the evolution of our beliefs may be being toyed with. I am probably dead on here, although I'd wish I weren't. Redesigning our morals and our approach to life seems to be what these people want to do. Why? Another story entirely, but interwoven in almost every way except...

Our first and foremost involuntary instinct is in our belief in the Laws of Nature and a merciful God. This is the snafu they are faced with.

Thus, we see the attack in separation of religion and state in almost every arena. This is a serious day we are faced with folks and this undertow is something to be recognized and will need to be dealt with, no matter what walk of life we exist in.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

SHOW TOPIC: The “Undertow”

Hello folks, Happy New Year!! Had another great show yesterday!

This SATURDAY’S SHOW TOPIC: The “Undertow”

I need to be crystal clear as I present this part of my research. Who is responsible for engineering the "change" we’re all supposed to believe in? Why is it; this “change” is so important to be implemented before being presented as part of “the plan”? Why weren’t we told about these plans ahead of time?

To follow, are answers to some of these questions.

To play any game, it is critically important to know what the game is. We need to know who the players are, the rules and the purpose of the “game”. If you intend to win, you cannot play the game without knowing these components. Correct?

We should know; as an intelligent and enterprising 21st century society, there are no accidents, there are no surprises and nothing is ever left to chance. Everything has been planned out in the event of almost every circumstance. We know this from experience. We know who controls what and that money buys almost anything. At what point do we forego our natural good sense, to follow blindly into a circumstantial global program we know nothing about? To follow those self serving people that have been bought off by people we have never even seen? What about the same kind of people who killed millions of their own people? This scenario is the same, but much, much bigger.

The interaction in this Global game is between the three layers of participants:

1. The aristocrats, elite royalty and ruling class
2. The middlemen, corporate interests and the military
3. Our society, the general public

#1. The aristocrats and elite ruling class have been around for centuries. Family names, such as the “House of Rothschild” of London, Queen Beatrice, etc. date back to the beginning, although some of their names have changed through time. These are the wealthiest families on our planet, they always have been. They are called the ruling class “elite” and they didn’t just die off or disappear. They are still here.

First, they slipped into the background, to engage in a more private method of ruling rather than having to mingle at all with middle and lower class society. They exert their powers by distributing and investing their immense wealth all around us, creating the façade that “we the people” are actually part of it and somewhat in the driver’s seat. We see many of the effects of these funds and FED, being one good example.

To quote a Mayer Rothschild statement; ‘Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.’ Another, by John D. Rockefeller is: ‘Competition is a sin.’ America isn’t the only country to be duped into accepting the financial favors from these elites. Many other countries have and are paying the price today, as we watch the plug get pulled one by one. The elite’s money supply is endless, they own it all and they know it. This is power, through wealth, just like dope is to a junkie. You can understand why I call this and these people, “the head of the snake”. They can’t get all the players in line without help though and they have to keep the rules under wraps to insure they win.

#2. The middlemen form the working part of their plan or game. They farm out the elite’s funds to create the framework of the “game” that the elite have in mind for our society. Basically, the funds are to grease the wheel wherever it’s needed. The media, the military, the United Nations, the CFR and the UK Royal Society, being good examples.

They fund governments to carry out their plans, share in the profits and accept lobbying from every direction that guarantees they win the “game” and stay in favor with the elite ruling class. Starmakers, presidencies, overthrown governments, you name it. They will stop at nothing to insure they win the game for their handlers. Payday is based on approval, of course.

To be in the elite crowd, they must play ball by the rules laid out to them. This is where the Bush’s, Rockefeller’s, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Brzezinski’s, Carter’s, Quayle’s, Kissinger’s, Soros and many more people come in to play. It is their job to form the fit of our society, to the plans of their providers. Then, to sell it to us as a need or solution for the problems they created. All part of the game no one is aware of because NOBODY TOLD US. Thus, the UNDERTOW.

Frankly, who would have ever thought all this up? Not you or I, that’s for sure. It is so whacked out, nobody in their right mind would ever dream up the “Global Governance Game”! Someone told me once, ‘everyone has their price.’ I’ve hated that statement since the first time I heard it however, many among us do have a price. They’ll sell their soul for a cup of soup. Just look at Washington.

#3 Societies and the global general public are being told that everything is breaking up and we desperately must react. This is to address the insurmountable problems that have arisen due to man in general. We are molded by the middlemen media and the governments follow suit, convincing us that solution or “change” is needed immediately, as our only hope of survival. And, we are to believe it. The middlemen have conveniently arranged global framework to address all these problems on a global level.

The game has now grown to accommodate the entire planet. If we are convinced that the world will end without this “change” they bring us, I believe they win the game.

Question is now: Exactly what does the winner win? What does the loser get?


They elite and their slobbering followers are so whacked out they will shoot themselves and everyone else in the foot, through their belief that they own Nature. When Nature reacts as the laws of physics state, that equal and opposite reaction will be the biggest surprise ever. "They" will find out that Nature is simply impossible to own, just like the fountain of youth and eternal life.

1. They are spraying the atmosphere with toxic heavy metals at such a rate, the pictures from outer space show blankets of these materials covering much of the planet. These chemicals are poisonous to living organisms and yet no one will take responsibility for all the good it must be doing for us. The fine particulate matter they are spraying is also in all our water and our soils. Anyone remember giving permission to use our money for this? The endgame is to resurrect the infamous “Climate Change Disaster” that just popped up and was completely debunked as lies, as it was introduced by Edmund Rothschild and Maurice Strong. Through this aerosol program though, they just may create climatic disaster through their brag of, “owning the weather”. Then their multi trillion dollar baby- the carbon credit trade will need to go forward to save us from the results of their messing with Nature in the first place.

2. They are funding and promoting a small unique group of now “mega global corporations” to provide all our food supply, from out of a test tube. This is instead of us growing our own. No one is jumping up with the positive results of this GMO product because it’s only been around for 15 years and not enough time has elapsed for genuine safety testing for distribution to the world public. What they also haven’t told the public is the CFR has reported that as of 1997, 80% of all food in the supermarkets has test tube genetics laced into them.

3. So there you have it and this is only the tip of the iceberg. The structure of all this is very easily researched although it took me years to see it all. The ruling elite have financially romanced and forced support of the game plan they designed years ago. Their dream is to own a much more manageable society and expanded their game plan to include the entire planet Earth. Just like the Conquistadors of old.

With help, they have taken over the air we breathe, our water, our food supply and our productive lands. The planets resources are what they really like and that is part of what they get when they win. The troubling part to their Conquistadorial game plan is their viewpoint on population control. Rumblings have been rippling through the media waves and internet. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, the Kiyoto Protocol (their answer for global warming) and many others are all saying we are grossly over populated. Frankly, I don’t see it, even though half the planet has moved here. This is echoing again, the ruling elite who have said publically, we need to depopulate over 2/3rds our planet, to create the perfect biosphere, for the select few. Sound familiar? Again, what does the loser get folks?

This is the mentality we are dealing with as a society. These whack jobs we never see and the plebes that we see all too much, are selling us all down the river and we are almost there. All we need is another highly orchestrated disastrous “event” and the end of this game will be at hand. There will be a winner and there will definitely be a loser. The question is; how many of us will live to see it? This is the same game of the ruling class that has been around for centuries. They go to a country, send out the Archbishop to establish the only belief, enslave all the people, killing the ones who don’t go along with the program and steal all the land, women, gold and silver.

This is their agenda, just on a global level and with the same distain for life that they’ve always had. Their supporters are as rotten as they are and deserve no less attention.

I believe this New Year will bring the results of 2010 to a head and Lord knows what that means. I don't know how much longer they can keep kicking this can down the road before it all collapses. Until then, I'll keep talking and bringing you the truth as we find it. Keep preparing for the worst and hope for the best. Keep your heart warm and your powder dry. Know who your friends are!

See you next week!


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