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Monday, December 6, 2010

My God, are we truly the Idiot Sheep???

Hello my fellow Americans, fellow patriots, citizens who love this country, people who look at all this crap going on and casually wonder, 'wow, is this some kind of a crazy movie, or what?' The problem here is that we are being driven into some kind of frenzy by people who want to use that frenzy to their advantage. This frenzy is a two edged sword folks.

What these people don't understand is that when all their elaborate plans are accomplished, they will become completely transparent. They will be exposed for everything they have done and walk in shame among the very people they disrespected and the nations around the world they destroyed, including ours.

Possibly a little too much wine tonight my friends, and so many years of researching. It has finally destroyed my confidence. Confidence in people, being naturally decent, not being tempted into decency rather than the decadence that has become so attractive to so many. They know not of history, they know not of the future, they only dream that they will have everything they've ever wanted and the freedom to take it, at any expense.

Is this democracy? Maybe so. Maybe this is the demented values of people who have so much, that reality is whatever they desire it to be. So many nations, so many cultures, have fallen to the same ruse and been burnt to the ground and again, history repeating itself.

These people are in Cancun today, promising trillions of dollars to anyone who will sign on to a venture called global warming. This proclaimation is described as the immediate and terminal demise of our planet, due to a natural process that is scientifically proven, will take 5 billion years to complete. This "program" has been beaten into the global peonic public for over 68 years, to the point that many believe that we are headed for extinction in the very near future.

It is scientifically untrue and has been proven so.

My heart is heavy. I am disheartened because I know the path we are being led down and where it is taking us. I listen to Glenn Beck. I love the man for the good message he brings through the millions of dollars he and Newscorp spends to acquire information. I know who is on that Board of Directors. I know who they are and they are the same people who are weaving this plan, in respect to who those they work for.

My friends, we are the pawns in all this. What we understand and believe, is the most important thing of all. We are the power that makes the difference, by numbers alone. Sickness, lack of food supplies or fuel, through the European banking system in this country, to legislation constricting our ability to provide for ourselves, is designed and will succeed in large numbers of our society, to beg for intervention. This is the only cover "they" have. To become saviors, the solution for the problems they caused. This is their only salvation. And, if they are to succeed in this simple projection of their "project", our goose is cooked.

The problem remains... We outnumber the heartless, the stupid and mean, ignorant bastards, a million to one. And, they know it. Then, they have the media that they own and the acts they engineer, to make us believe they are going to save us all.

The facts are: They spent all our money, they created the exit for all our American businesses to go offshore, they have created massive legislation for when everyone goes nuts when they have to come home and explain to their family, their kids, etc., why they have to leave their homes and are unsure as to where they are moving to.

These people are the people that get everyone fired up to donate to a devastated foreign country, and make all the funds evaporate. These are the same people that tell you that your were hallucinating when you watched a missle take off, only 35 miles away. The same people also said, '100's of millions of gallons of crude oil, in the worst ecological disaster the world has ever seen, just evaporated.' And, they are making more money on that recovery than they were producing oil products.

The facts; they are using Homeland Security, whoever they are, to contain the local Gulf news and have closed over 1000 miles of Red Shrimp netting, because of all the oil balls in the fishermens nets. Not good enough for news? I guess not.

Problem: thousands of fishermen out of work and starving families. The news "they" own, not important enough for us to know? And that Bill Clinton and bumble artist Bush conned the public into giving their hard earned money to a genuine concern, just "evaporated" ALSO? I wonder what that money went to fund? Beer for get togethers at the ranch or the White House? While 100's of thousands of treatable Cholera recipients die?

How fricking stupid are we?????????

What can we do?? Please, think about this. Our lives depend on the decent people on this planet to grab this nasty, rotten, little group of crotch grabbers, where it counts. We have to stop this!!! Money and power, doesn't equate to perfection. It doesn't matter if your children are being taught to be permanently stupid. It doesn't matter if you lose your home and tell your children you are homeless or living with Mom, who can't support you. It doesn't matter if you can grow your own food because it's illegal, or your State has a hoarding law. Can't even stockpile food legally?

We had better wake up now.

There is a reason Glenn Beck is getting pre-empted for my radio show across the Nation. It's because I am telling the truth and I CARE ABOUT US Normal People! I don't have a boss who works for someone who has an agenda that eliminates us as a spectacular and free people. We were not born to become slaves to a Bull%&@$ "terror" fear through an event or agenda that has made us serfs. Screw fear.

I love America, I love our people, I love our country so much. We need to come home to our house and tell "them" to call before they visit. Van Jones, BHO, FED, Glenn Beck, Soros, Brzezinski and even Shawn Hannity; call before you ask us to listen to any more of your crap. If you aren't for freedom and the Constitution we were guaranteed, stay out, or else!!!!!!!! No tresspassing!!!

Folks, I understand so much more that is not known by the general public. If you really want to know... Look up the United Nations and read everything they/we & everyone else is involved in and what their plans are. Then, keep in mind, Senator Rockefeller is where the UN came from and he works for the Rothschild family, always has. Look at their ideology, look at what "they" want for their Global world plan and always have. Read everything. You will be as disheartened as I am.

Glenn Beck... SHUT UP!!!! If you can't tell all the truth, SHUT UP!!! Uber guy.

I beseech you all, listen to these words, heed what I say, but don't believe it because I said it. I'll tell you where to look and we all need to now, 110%. A lot of these facts are are on my website at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com under the history lesson tab. Take it slow and read every link. You wil know part of what I know. There is an update that includes all the G meetings and you really need to know all this stuff. Soon to follow, I promise.

Howard Axtell, author and show host
"The Human Food Factor"


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