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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brothers & Sisters in Arms- Merry Xmas!!

Merry Xmas America!!! And, Happy Holidays to anyone who doesn't believe in it!

With as convoluted as our Nation has become, to stand first and foremost for our traditions, is the most important thing we can do, in my humble opinion.

Special thanks to all our listeners out there who have contributed to this show! It is very much appreciated!!

Our first segment was pre-empted, but we got right on it with the second segment. I got to hit on almost every point I wanted to bring up today. For those who didn't know, the death toll in Haiti has doubled (2000+) since we last reported. The gulf is in danger of a gas eruption / release that could decimate residents throughout the entire Gulf area. There is so much that these "people, these companies, have done to rape our land for profits. Nature's payback will be God awful.

I have never been a tree hugger, but these guys have gone too far. There are better ways, better places to do it and cheaper methods. The profits are too much for them to ignore. It is a travesty that the American government stole all Nicola Tesla's patents and inventions. One of those inventions creates electricity for free and could provide the entire planet with power, with absolutely no by products. Free power and -0- environmental impact.

When we see the final result from what we have let these people do, it will be a different world. They will have damaged humankinds DNA through poisonous foods, water and our air. They have interrupted the natural evolution of people and our planet Earth. We will pay and when the day comes, all of "them" will be clearly seen for what they've done and why they did it.

The problem: we're almost there. The damage has already been done, just the results remain. Then we will stand and wonder why we let them do what they did to us.

Those who believe in freedom, need to believe in each other. The new year ahead will prove out everything we’ve been talking and writing about. The falsehoods and the truths will become visible. We will move forward together and accommodate the challenges we face.

We must learn, live, enjoy and prepare. Learn who your friends are and thank each other, for being there. I will be there and you will be there with me. We will do what needs to be done to remain Patriots, in a free world, in the greatest place on Earth.

America, our Nation, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

A lot has been said, a lot has been done. Nothing has gone un-noticed. Thank you all and Bravo!!! YOU ARE THE BEST, you are the heroes in my book.

Peace and Merry Christmas folks, see you next year!

Your Brother in Arms,

Howard Axtell
520 University N.
M'boro, TN 37130

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