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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DONATIONS!! Thank you!!


As much as I hate asking anyone for anything, the need to remedy the financial obstacles of my personal investment in the Human Food Factor Show, is being answered!!!

You, a fantastic, willing and engaging Patriotic public, are coming together and helping me to get this job done!! Your comments,and your hard earned funds have made yet another month easier for me to handle. You care!!! Thank you!!

Our listeners need the truth and want the commitment of a brotherhood in our American Patriotic community. Brothers, sisters and family alike. Not just us, but in the world community as well. They are no different than we are. They are from a different environment and a different geographic community. They are not the problem and we aren't either.

Normal people are not the problem.

THANK YOU!! Everyone who is helping out and has offered support, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! If this keeps up, we will stay on the air! Our pleasure.

America is worth it folks and you are the folks I want to be a friends with and comrade to!!!!

In the new year, we will be faced with dangers never imagined. Citizen armies have been assembled, from the Girl Scouts to businesses engaging with the Federal government, to watch society in their daily lives.

If we are to maintain the freedoms we were guaranteed by our founding fathers, we must learn together and recognize the immensity of the global corporate takeover that faces us all, in this proposed Global community.

See... "they" aren't the only ones that can use the term "global"!!!!!!!

To live, to love, to be free as we were born is the name of the game. Bravo, Alex Jones for all your work!! Bravo, Jesse Ventura for being a mainstream view of evidence that people need to see. Evidence to believe in, the part we are not being taught or told about in the mainstream.

Listen to people who know: Gerald Celente, George Uri, The NIA, Glenn Beck (sometimes)and myself, others, along with the the crew at the Liberty News Radio Network. Everyone who cares is showing their evidence folks.

Listen, learn, know who your friends are. Prepare, prepare and hope for the best and I will be there with you. This is too much and unfortunately, it doesn't matter what you believe in or don't believe. What matters, is that you listen and learn, for future reference.

When this facade hits the fan, you'll need to know who your friends are, and be prepared. Nothing is too small, just DO IT!!!

Peace, love and God help anyone who tries to hurt, deny, or otherwise, enslave my brothers and sisters. Tyranny will disclose those who design and they will be stripped naked before us one day. Justice will belong to the free man and woman, when that day comes.

Thank you, my Brothers and Sisters in Arms,

The Human Food Factor Show

The Liberty News Network

Saturdays, 5-7 Eastern time, nationwide and is easily listened to and archived, at http://www.libertynewsradio.com

Come on 2011!! I honestly never thought we'd make it to this point. It just means though, the hole we are to fall into will be deeper, because they're "kicking the can" further along.

Happy New Year folks!!!!! Prepare and thanks again.


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