The Human Food Factor News: December 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DONATIONS!! Thank you!!


As much as I hate asking anyone for anything, the need to remedy the financial obstacles of my personal investment in the Human Food Factor Show, is being answered!!!

You, a fantastic, willing and engaging Patriotic public, are coming together and helping me to get this job done!! Your comments,and your hard earned funds have made yet another month easier for me to handle. You care!!! Thank you!!

Our listeners need the truth and want the commitment of a brotherhood in our American Patriotic community. Brothers, sisters and family alike. Not just us, but in the world community as well. They are no different than we are. They are from a different environment and a different geographic community. They are not the problem and we aren't either.

Normal people are not the problem.

THANK YOU!! Everyone who is helping out and has offered support, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! If this keeps up, we will stay on the air! Our pleasure.

America is worth it folks and you are the folks I want to be a friends with and comrade to!!!!

In the new year, we will be faced with dangers never imagined. Citizen armies have been assembled, from the Girl Scouts to businesses engaging with the Federal government, to watch society in their daily lives.

If we are to maintain the freedoms we were guaranteed by our founding fathers, we must learn together and recognize the immensity of the global corporate takeover that faces us all, in this proposed Global community.

See... "they" aren't the only ones that can use the term "global"!!!!!!!

To live, to love, to be free as we were born is the name of the game. Bravo, Alex Jones for all your work!! Bravo, Jesse Ventura for being a mainstream view of evidence that people need to see. Evidence to believe in, the part we are not being taught or told about in the mainstream.

Listen to people who know: Gerald Celente, George Uri, The NIA, Glenn Beck (sometimes)and myself, others, along with the the crew at the Liberty News Radio Network. Everyone who cares is showing their evidence folks.

Listen, learn, know who your friends are. Prepare, prepare and hope for the best and I will be there with you. This is too much and unfortunately, it doesn't matter what you believe in or don't believe. What matters, is that you listen and learn, for future reference.

When this facade hits the fan, you'll need to know who your friends are, and be prepared. Nothing is too small, just DO IT!!!

Peace, love and God help anyone who tries to hurt, deny, or otherwise, enslave my brothers and sisters. Tyranny will disclose those who design and they will be stripped naked before us one day. Justice will belong to the free man and woman, when that day comes.

Thank you, my Brothers and Sisters in Arms,

The Human Food Factor Show

The Liberty News Network

Saturdays, 5-7 Eastern time, nationwide and is easily listened to and archived, at

Come on 2011!! I honestly never thought we'd make it to this point. It just means though, the hole we are to fall into will be deeper, because they're "kicking the can" further along.

Happy New Year folks!!!!! Prepare and thanks again.


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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Brothers & Sisters in Arms- Merry Xmas!!

Merry Xmas America!!! And, Happy Holidays to anyone who doesn't believe in it!

With as convoluted as our Nation has become, to stand first and foremost for our traditions, is the most important thing we can do, in my humble opinion.

Special thanks to all our listeners out there who have contributed to this show! It is very much appreciated!!

Our first segment was pre-empted, but we got right on it with the second segment. I got to hit on almost every point I wanted to bring up today. For those who didn't know, the death toll in Haiti has doubled (2000+) since we last reported. The gulf is in danger of a gas eruption / release that could decimate residents throughout the entire Gulf area. There is so much that these "people, these companies, have done to rape our land for profits. Nature's payback will be God awful.

I have never been a tree hugger, but these guys have gone too far. There are better ways, better places to do it and cheaper methods. The profits are too much for them to ignore. It is a travesty that the American government stole all Nicola Tesla's patents and inventions. One of those inventions creates electricity for free and could provide the entire planet with power, with absolutely no by products. Free power and -0- environmental impact.

When we see the final result from what we have let these people do, it will be a different world. They will have damaged humankinds DNA through poisonous foods, water and our air. They have interrupted the natural evolution of people and our planet Earth. We will pay and when the day comes, all of "them" will be clearly seen for what they've done and why they did it.

The problem: we're almost there. The damage has already been done, just the results remain. Then we will stand and wonder why we let them do what they did to us.

Those who believe in freedom, need to believe in each other. The new year ahead will prove out everything we’ve been talking and writing about. The falsehoods and the truths will become visible. We will move forward together and accommodate the challenges we face.

We must learn, live, enjoy and prepare. Learn who your friends are and thank each other, for being there. I will be there and you will be there with me. We will do what needs to be done to remain Patriots, in a free world, in the greatest place on Earth.

America, our Nation, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

A lot has been said, a lot has been done. Nothing has gone un-noticed. Thank you all and Bravo!!! YOU ARE THE BEST, you are the heroes in my book.

Peace and Merry Christmas folks, see you next year!

Your Brother in Arms,

Howard Axtell
520 University N.
M'boro, TN 37130

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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Glenn B.- THE “UNDERTOW IN AMERICA”- a surfer’s nightmare.

I caught your show again today! I started watching your show again because some of the new subject matter you are addressing. Excellent stuff, for the most part! As heavily financed as you are, I expect you’ll at least match my reporting and others that do what I do, or better.

I have really enjoyed the 99.9% accuracy in which you describe Soros and all his influence and so many others. I appreciate the public having the opportunity to hear these facts, because they aren’t common public knowledge. They should be, but they aren’t. Only through our respective news venues, are they known at all.

As you’ll remember, I have a few bones to pick with you.

To name a few:

1. Your crucifixion of Debby Medina in TX that greased the way for “money bags” Rick Perry to win that gubernatorial election, was an insult to the Tea Party. You trashed her like a piece of garbage and she didn’t deserve it.
2. You deny any possibility of error from the same government you state are, ‘lying to us all’, concerning 9-11. This is in view of the thousands of scientists that are saying the final 9-11 government report is scientifically impossible.
3. You deny the Executive Orders created by Oliver North in 1984 still exist, claiming they were all repealed. Gone. This is untrue and there is no way you and your research group wouldn’t know that. You also would have to know; in 1994 Bill Clinton balled them all up under the one EO, to be signed in the event of nationwide social unrest.
4. You also claim that FEMA relocation or “detention centers” don’t exist. There is no way you couldn’t know about REX 84 and all the corresponding programs, correct?
5. Finally, last but not least…. Why did you trade your friendship with Alex Jones, to support these mistruths? Why? Your employment perhaps? Some friend indeed. He is arrogant and radical. Yes. Wrong? Not anymore.

Mistruths? Most of us don’t call “mistruths” mistruths anymore, because they are what they are. If they’re intentional, they are lies, pure and simple. Any God fearing individual knows this.

I just watched your 12-13-2010 show in which you state, “if nobody was watching your show, no one would have ever known what was going on and, no one does the homework you have done.”

You say, “The riots in Europe and their revolution, is bad.” “Intentional chaos”, you say.

Most don’t understand what these people have lost and you aren’t filling in the blanks, so let me help.

They gave away their right to own and bear arms, so crime has skyrocketed off the charts and they can’t defend themselves against the tyranny of the EU. Their taxation has become so unrealistic, no one has any money left. Now they’re broke and going nuts. Pretty simple Glenn, “bottom up”, “inside out”.

Point: We’re next.

Chaos is the result of recognized injustice and the reaction of the people who have been screwed. A recognition of what has happened and who did it. Just like the tea party revolution in America. So which is it?

Sit on the couch, eat oreo’s, watch Glenn, listen to Howard and don’t get excited? Get into the primary voting contest that hasn’t worked yet and possibly doesn’t even apply any more? And, DO NOTHING?

Funny thing Glenn; I know you read my blogs and emails, yet I’ve never talked with you. The only indication I’ve gotten, is recognition through your recent reporting of the same facts I have been reporting for months. Lately, almost in lock step, with a reasonable amount of delay to catch up.

Either you’ve been pulling up and studying my archived information or more likely, you purposefully left it out of your past shows, until now. Understandably, you would want to take partial credit for things the public has already heard and broadcast it to your much larger listening audience. Bravo, at least for that!

And, you’re not the only one doing it. I am personally financed, so how can this be that your 32 million dollar a year study group, is coming in second again and again? It’s impossible. You have to know what I and others know, long before we broadcast, bottom line.

So, what are we to do? Am I to keep feeding you information that you take credit for? Or, shall we get together and tell the people what’s really going on and who this “shadow government” really is? You know the administrations are only facilitating, by doing what they are being told to do and when to do it.

How about the UN, or the CFR that Ms. Clinton says, “where we get our direction from”? What about the sales of our American resources to foreign interests, our last possible means of saving our currency and our sovereignty as a Nation?

Tell you what Glenn… read this article and let’s just see if it rises to the level of your reporting next week. Then, how about BP in the White House and the 40 billion to move Gulf residents by the US Army Corps of Engineers?

THE “UNDERTOW IN AMERICA”- a surfer’s nightmare.

I believe the best we can expect out of Washington elections, is to slow them down a little. The “undertow” is a complete takeover of the processes that are supposed to be coming out of the White House, but they aren't any more. The White House has only been assisting the undertow, for cash and federal jobs. This whispery group of “ghosts” called the "shadow government" is a very real truth that is emerging into the light, more and more every day. Basically, almost every venue in the White House has been infiltrated by these people and they are performing with very little to no Congressional oversight whatsoever and as planned.

There have been too many provisions made from the top that accommodate the means to bypass normal legislation. My point: I don't think it matters what we do in Washington anymore. It may help a little or possibly, slow them down temporarily.

Somehow, I doubt it. These greasy Charlie Wrangel / Obama / Soros / Brzezinski type freaks have appeared in every administration, for over 50 years. Probably more. They are coming out of the closet because we are so close to the end game now. Folks, they want that money and they want it now.

CARBON CREDIT TRADES, though a United Nations framework.

They are planning for global financial freedom; by eliminating sovereign nations. This undertow is huge. I believe the only way to destroy it, is to order the FED and ALL their supporters out of the country. Disassemble the central fractional banking system entirely and, back our currency with our own resources.

This would work almost immediately. It would save us and the rest of the world.

However, there is another big problem…

Obama signed the International Organizations Immunities Act, Title I, Public Law 79-291 that allows foreigners (foreign businesses and employees) to come here and engage in business with -0- taxation, including their imports to use in their businesses. They can also engage anyone in court proceedings to forward their financial business interests.

This is the exact opposite of what the federal Immigration Act states, as law.

Situation: Canada wants to build a pipeline across the United States. This gives them the right to come here, take land owners to court and take their land through eminent domain, LEGALLY. Then they build their pipeline unencumbered, using their own help.

China is buying into the largest oil tracts in Texas and Russia is buying substantial interest in our largest uranium mines. The Muslim community… God knows how much they own here. What this means is the "resources" I am speaking of, (the only thing we have left), are being bought up by other countries and our government is facilitating the process.

We, as a free nation, are who then? A conglomerate of foreign and domestic owned real estate? If this continues, it won't matter if Washington even exists. We will be owned by foreign interest thus, governed by them.

Through the UN.

People who support Muslim engagement in our communities need to understand what it is to live in a Muslim community. This is so they can “feel” the undercurrent of Sharia Law and watch what happens when you dilute a democracy such as ours, with a culture of what Americans consider barbarism. This is a culture which teaches some of their children terrorism through religion. This is a culture that isn’t here to embrace the American dream, but to institute their culture in America, through controlling our real estate.

It’s like putting sharks in the same tank with goldfish. It will not end well, as it is being addressed. I don’t care how you color it, it is a BIG MISTAKE!!!!! This is an immigration nightmare unless our laws and rules are enforced as they were originally written.

This is only part of the “Undertow” I am talking about. I don't even know what the cure is. The only thing I do know is: prepare for the worst. All this is bad enough, but the part we don't know, is what worries me.

So Glenn, why is it the United Nations and the Council of Foreign Relations aren’t in your commentary? The real Gulf and Haiti story, what is really going on? Does BP own Newscorp too? Good, pertinent stories!

Let’s get together and bring the complete picture to the people so they can make a choice as to what they really want. It’s like accepting a bid from a contractor.

People need the opportunity to choose to accept or deny the deal being presented. Let’s present the complete picture. Then, we’ll figure out what to do.

My “special phone” is also working Glenn. You know how to contact me.

Howard, author and show host

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Monday, December 6, 2010

My God, are we truly the Idiot Sheep???

Hello my fellow Americans, fellow patriots, citizens who love this country, people who look at all this crap going on and casually wonder, 'wow, is this some kind of a crazy movie, or what?' The problem here is that we are being driven into some kind of frenzy by people who want to use that frenzy to their advantage. This frenzy is a two edged sword folks.

What these people don't understand is that when all their elaborate plans are accomplished, they will become completely transparent. They will be exposed for everything they have done and walk in shame among the very people they disrespected and the nations around the world they destroyed, including ours.

Possibly a little too much wine tonight my friends, and so many years of researching. It has finally destroyed my confidence. Confidence in people, being naturally decent, not being tempted into decency rather than the decadence that has become so attractive to so many. They know not of history, they know not of the future, they only dream that they will have everything they've ever wanted and the freedom to take it, at any expense.

Is this democracy? Maybe so. Maybe this is the demented values of people who have so much, that reality is whatever they desire it to be. So many nations, so many cultures, have fallen to the same ruse and been burnt to the ground and again, history repeating itself.

These people are in Cancun today, promising trillions of dollars to anyone who will sign on to a venture called global warming. This proclaimation is described as the immediate and terminal demise of our planet, due to a natural process that is scientifically proven, will take 5 billion years to complete. This "program" has been beaten into the global peonic public for over 68 years, to the point that many believe that we are headed for extinction in the very near future.

It is scientifically untrue and has been proven so.

My heart is heavy. I am disheartened because I know the path we are being led down and where it is taking us. I listen to Glenn Beck. I love the man for the good message he brings through the millions of dollars he and Newscorp spends to acquire information. I know who is on that Board of Directors. I know who they are and they are the same people who are weaving this plan, in respect to who those they work for.

My friends, we are the pawns in all this. What we understand and believe, is the most important thing of all. We are the power that makes the difference, by numbers alone. Sickness, lack of food supplies or fuel, through the European banking system in this country, to legislation constricting our ability to provide for ourselves, is designed and will succeed in large numbers of our society, to beg for intervention. This is the only cover "they" have. To become saviors, the solution for the problems they caused. This is their only salvation. And, if they are to succeed in this simple projection of their "project", our goose is cooked.

The problem remains... We outnumber the heartless, the stupid and mean, ignorant bastards, a million to one. And, they know it. Then, they have the media that they own and the acts they engineer, to make us believe they are going to save us all.

The facts are: They spent all our money, they created the exit for all our American businesses to go offshore, they have created massive legislation for when everyone goes nuts when they have to come home and explain to their family, their kids, etc., why they have to leave their homes and are unsure as to where they are moving to.

These people are the people that get everyone fired up to donate to a devastated foreign country, and make all the funds evaporate. These are the same people that tell you that your were hallucinating when you watched a missle take off, only 35 miles away. The same people also said, '100's of millions of gallons of crude oil, in the worst ecological disaster the world has ever seen, just evaporated.' And, they are making more money on that recovery than they were producing oil products.

The facts; they are using Homeland Security, whoever they are, to contain the local Gulf news and have closed over 1000 miles of Red Shrimp netting, because of all the oil balls in the fishermens nets. Not good enough for news? I guess not.

Problem: thousands of fishermen out of work and starving families. The news "they" own, not important enough for us to know? And that Bill Clinton and bumble artist Bush conned the public into giving their hard earned money to a genuine concern, just "evaporated" ALSO? I wonder what that money went to fund? Beer for get togethers at the ranch or the White House? While 100's of thousands of treatable Cholera recipients die?

How fricking stupid are we?????????

What can we do?? Please, think about this. Our lives depend on the decent people on this planet to grab this nasty, rotten, little group of crotch grabbers, where it counts. We have to stop this!!! Money and power, doesn't equate to perfection. It doesn't matter if your children are being taught to be permanently stupid. It doesn't matter if you lose your home and tell your children you are homeless or living with Mom, who can't support you. It doesn't matter if you can grow your own food because it's illegal, or your State has a hoarding law. Can't even stockpile food legally?

We had better wake up now.

There is a reason Glenn Beck is getting pre-empted for my radio show across the Nation. It's because I am telling the truth and I CARE ABOUT US Normal People! I don't have a boss who works for someone who has an agenda that eliminates us as a spectacular and free people. We were not born to become slaves to a Bull%&@$ "terror" fear through an event or agenda that has made us serfs. Screw fear.

I love America, I love our people, I love our country so much. We need to come home to our house and tell "them" to call before they visit. Van Jones, BHO, FED, Glenn Beck, Soros, Brzezinski and even Shawn Hannity; call before you ask us to listen to any more of your crap. If you aren't for freedom and the Constitution we were guaranteed, stay out, or else!!!!!!!! No tresspassing!!!

Folks, I understand so much more that is not known by the general public. If you really want to know... Look up the United Nations and read everything they/we & everyone else is involved in and what their plans are. Then, keep in mind, Senator Rockefeller is where the UN came from and he works for the Rothschild family, always has. Look at their ideology, look at what "they" want for their Global world plan and always have. Read everything. You will be as disheartened as I am.

Glenn Beck... SHUT UP!!!! If you can't tell all the truth, SHUT UP!!! Uber guy.

I beseech you all, listen to these words, heed what I say, but don't believe it because I said it. I'll tell you where to look and we all need to now, 110%. A lot of these facts are are on my website at under the history lesson tab. Take it slow and read every link. You wil know part of what I know. There is an update that includes all the G meetings and you really need to know all this stuff. Soon to follow, I promise.

Howard Axtell, author and show host
"The Human Food Factor"