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Friday, November 12, 2010

Who Are We, What Have We Become?

I have long entertained the idea that as a society, we could bond together and create a clear, truthful and complete view of our present social environment and evaluate how we got here. This view would be based on verifiable history and factual information.

I had hoped we could learn together and reconstruct history based on fact to understand the relatable aspects and differences between the past and our present history and the past, and present educational venues. This is where I hit a brick wall.

It’s like watching Pelosi vs Einstein.

I have found a huge disparity between age groups, historic and educational values and true life experiences, across the board. Unfortunately, due to this diversity, it may not even be possible for our society to join together as a unified consciousness.

I used to believe it was possible.

We have been taught and indoctrinated in so many different directions, it has brought us all to the point of being hopelessly divided and animated as such. Simply put, hopelessly deadlocked.

FACT: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of “think tanks” around the planet that project, study and design human response to stimulation. These studies are unending and appear within every venue of our society.

Advertising, marketing, entertainment, practices of all kinds in business and general living, as well as the media.

We are studied, scoped and probed into what produces a projected and desired result. This is a fact and is the prescription which creates predictable environment, through a predictable society.

Someone once said, ‘they are smarter than we are.’ Guess what… Of course they are! They study, they learn and they have a basic goal in mind…. Knowledge

What I propose and hope for is an awakening amongst the common public. To create a public think tank to “unthink” ourselves, back from where we have been manipulated to. Then, a snafu.


I have found there are basically 2 different types of people. Stereotyping is not my favorite for defining people but in this case, it works.

1. First, you have people that are somehow self-cocooned into believing that the world is related only to them personally and their lifestyle.

• To this person, everything is fine if they can get or already have what they want.
• Lives a day to day relationship based only on their life, with no provisions made towards the possibility of something changing and these accommodations ceasing to exist.
• They will not question how their accommodations are acquired. They don’t care.
• This person wears “blinders” so as not to upset their belief and understanding. This includes not researching conditions that could change the comfort zone within their life.
• Is unwilling to learn, until which time it directly affects them.
• This person basically could care less about anything that doesn’t directly affect them and will accept anything that is provided and accommodates their wishes.
• This person is everything to themselves. Self centered.
• They will mock studies and research without doing due diligence in obtaining the facts, or the truth. Denial.
• Lastly; these are the people who will be the most violently upset when what they believe they are promised or entitled to, isn’t delivered. History.

2. The second type of person is: People who look at their social and environmental surroundings as a condition, rather than something to be taken for granted.

• They will study the validity of whether their accommodations could be uninterrupted.
• This person is aware of his surroundings and registers facts.
• The person investigates validity.
• This person cares about others and their way of life, as a team player.
• Has respect for knowledge.
• Will take appropriate steps to insure the factual nature of popular beliefs is intact.
• Respects the individual differences and relationships between people and the aspects of a “greater good”, within a society.

Thus, the Pelosi vs Einstein syndrome.

This is some situation for us as a society to be in. We are divided by these differences in belief, when reality isn’t diversified at all. Reality is an accumulation of facts that promotes and delivers specific results. It is a no brainer. Believe it or not; the truth is the truth and facts are facts, no matter what your opinion might be.

There is little room for speculation in a fact finding missions. Until the public can get rid of the baggage that has been crammed into us for all these years and get real, we are doomed to repeat these mistakes over and over again.

Now, guess what; the “think tanks” know this and we have made their studies a success, regardless of the truth. Suckers.

We must: Think outside of the box and look out of the tunnel.

If we listen, learn and know the truth, each and every one of us can make good accurate decisions based on facts. We must do our due diligence in learning the facts, so that we can ALL be on one page. Together we survive, divided we’ll fall.

Did anyone ever consider, maybe this was planned that way?

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