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Friday, November 5, 2010

Too cool? Too calm? A storm brewing?


With November 2 elections behind us, most of us feel the satisfaction and relief of getting rid of so many "fat cat" long term, White House encumbents. Now that many of them have been replaced, the reaction between the GOP and the Dems is quite interesting. These new tea party elects seem to have made both sides a bit nervous.

Frankly, I don't think the GOP or the Dems ever really took the Tea party movement seriously. I don't think they believed that anyone in the "tea party" would ever get elected!

I listened to a number of comments but one that caught my ear was something like, 'The newbie "tea party" members in the White House would now have to learn to morph in with the other parties, just to be recognized in the "Old House". Somewhat "insignificant", they would have to work together and do things the way "things are done", to be recognized as valid members of the "Club".'

In other words, learn to do business in the status quo or not be accepted into the "club". It sounded almost like nervous anticipation. It sounded like; the will of the people could interfere with the "plans" and compromise would be necessary to provide the needed level of acceptance. So much for the will of the people and bravo to our new American Constitutional representatives!

Bachmann emphasizes the importance of the constitutional caucus:

It will be a different caucus focused on defending constitutional conservative principles by holding regular classes with real experts. The Tea Party caucus will allow Americans from all over the United States to be able to connect with members of congress without any filter.

According to Fox News, “The developments signal that the Tea Party’s congressional stewards are looking to expand the movement’s reach as soon as possible, though it’s unclear whether the contingent will complement or combat the Republican Party as a whole.”

All this being said; we still have all the same problems and the status quo in Washington is what got us there in the first place. This is where the true blue American public needs to stay at the plate and help our newly elected members hold on to the values they have taken to the White House.

Scott Brown now has the company he needs!!

We have many issues before us... The status quo is to receive all direction by the Council of Foreign Relations and their associated groups being mastered by those such as Gyorgy Sorosz and J. Rockefeller. This far left association, coupled with the United Nations global outreach is responsible for billions of our taxes being spent in their agenda'd behalf. This must stop!

There is also a condition that is growing more and more worrisome and that is the connection between the DOD, DHS and the Administration. There seems to be a shadowed link between them all where each becomes "self governed" with a automated "handshake approval" to each of their respective agenda's.

This is a seriously flawed relationship. Each has powers that are completely beyond of reach of public support and approval. Far beyond. These groups; the DOD, DHS, FDA, EPA & USDA are playing to the tune of the highest bidder and the public has absolutely no say whatsoever. The CFR is not an elected body. It is a "in house" invited membership, independent group that is not elected, yet directs the White House to push forward their plans for global humanity.

These groups are being directed through a lobbied administration, by the CFR and their plans are being organized and implemented through a United Nations framework.

The air and food supply is being contaminated through legislation that is bought and paid for. If you would like to verify this, Google up geoengineering aerosols cfr and you will see exactly what is going on.

They are spraying toxic metals by the ton under the auspice of slowing global warming. They have full knowledge of the implications to the health and the well being of plants and animals, from these poisons. It is an intentional disaster being implemented at full speed ahead, regardless of its effects on human health.

This is fully described in a new DVD documentary called: "What in the World are They Spraying", just released by Michael Murphy. If you want to know why you feel fatigued all the time and everyone is coughing 24/7, plants aren't producing in your garden, kids are sick all the time and sinus headches that won't go away; get this video for the facts! Google it!

They are spearheading complete control of our food supplies through genetics and bio technology, and their production. They own it all and are buying the legislation needed to allow it. The CFR, DOD and whomever else are spraying enormous amounts of aluminum over the entire Northern continent and many other countries. It is killing plants, people, fish and wildlife and contaminating our air, water and soil. It doesn't get any more complete than that.

Then the USDA, FDA and EPA facilitated the legalization of genetically modified and biotech foods, that are resistant to aluminum, FOR ONE EXAMPLE. All this food for the globe being produced by 3 companies!! They caused a problem, facilitated through legislation, then popped out the solution through the same method. All from lobbied proponents on both sides! There is no loss of profit. It's all profits to them and provided by us!!! We are the petrie dish producing all their profits.

What nice people these are, no?


I was accused once of fear mongering. I will only bring the facts as I learn them and this is all about us, our children, our air and water, and our ability to grow our own food. Clean food, with no chemicals or altered genetics. How about that clean air with no toxic heavy metals and poisons, being delivered with no consideration for our safety?

Where's the government on this? AT THE BANK!!!

So hear we are: A new breed in the White House that needs our help. These are some of the issues that need to be addressed immediately. Outlaw the CFR influence over our administrations. Get the United Nations out of our workings as a sovereign nation. Stop this convenient disconnect between public and the DOD, FDA, USDA & the EPA. Stop lobbiests and the acceptance of illegal bribery. Get term limits passed, Cap & Trade gone and start over on immigration and the Health Bill that nobody wanted. AND STOP THIS AEROSOL SPRAYING IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what we have to do. No little task America!

Listen in to "The Human Food Factor Show" live coast to coast, on AM, FM and shortwave radio! If you'd like, the show can be listened to live at http://www.libertynewsradio.com and archives of the show can also be found there. Look us up at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com, check out the book! Look at the new tabs: History Lesson & Chemtrail Reports for a truly educational experience.

Our job isn't over gang, it's just getting warmed up. Let's keep up the great work, a new party is in town!!


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