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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peace, good will, honesty and truth; good words to live by!

Hello America,

Today's show was an example of the public waking up. I pray that our newer listeners will consider what I have said. At least consider.

We have become so indoctrinated through think tanks over the last 50 years, that our public mindset is upside down and backwards. No one really knows what is an accepted reality or even how to get to that point.

We need to reboot as a society and rewrite the history books to reflect the truth accurately. We need to redefine our values to reflect who we are, where we came from and what we believe in. We need to remind each other that our instincts and common sense do matter and will take us back to a reality based on fact.

We need to flush the indoctrination from our lives.

People need to remember that if you see something, the one who tells you you didn't, is either lying or nuts. Today's show was one of the most important shows ever and if you only download one from the archives, this is the one!


Check out the book, take a history lesson and look at the chemtrail reports.


Peace, good will, honesty and truth; good words to live by.



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