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Sunday, November 28, 2010

European bankers go home! And, take your system with you!!!

What is to follow in this writing, is an opinion on how FREEDOM allowed this country to become great. Also, how the unsustainable European financial structure in America is going to bankrupt us, unless we get rid of it completely and soon.

The US has been the playground for the foreign owned FED and European central banking system since the early 1900’s and has collapsed every other country who has instituted it, with one exception: Britain. Just so happens, this is where the system came from. The only reason Britain hasn’t collapsed completely, is because they haven’t pulled the plug on themselves. Go figure.

This, combined with the Corporation of America (our Government), engaging in business for profit with all the other global corporations, has brought us to the brink of financial disaster due to the worst corporate management and practices anyone has ever seen.

An unsustainable financial structure is bad enough, but when a runaway, inept Board of Directors is added to the equation, you could easily call it corporate suicide. It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to see it.

Here’s my problem with this picture…

1. If our Board of Directors is engaging in collapsing our economy intentionally and in concert with our unsustainable European financial system, exactly who are they working for? Unknowingly? Knowingly? It’s hard to tell how many are smart enough to even know although, you can bet there those who know very well!

2. Where is their future job and financial security coming from, if they know the system is collapsing? By whom and how will that be provided?

3. How is it that the shareholders (us) are suffering all of the losses and the corporations, including our Government, are swimming in cash, and jobs?

4. What is the end result when the dust settles?

I compare free enterprise and competitive bargaining for profit, to myself. I am an entrepreneur. I have been to the top (what I consider the top) and all the way to the bottom several times. Now, I employ probably 20-80 people. Once again, I climbed from -0-, to providing a living for myself and others.

This ability, in my opinion, is precious freedom. America, the great. Freedom provides the means for people to live better and to pay their bills, including myself. Then, the better the company does, the more people I can provide work for. Thus, growth.

Now, if I go to local legislators and pay them off to make my business positioning better over others, it should be considered illegal, because it's bribery. If regulation of fairness is defined by quality of employment to protect the employee, offers a level of pay that matches the economy (in a competitive environment), offers fairness in business practices through regulation; the business process should still terminate at the end of its full circle.

This is where the fairness and continuity of business became an “open ended” free for all.

Business was allowed into political arenas, creating a free for all. Instead of a company running on its own legs, it now has the opportunity to be "carried" by other means. Taxes, for example. And, with absolutely no regulatory control over involvement with other businesses and government.

Government compensation through our taxes is a big problem.

The government needs to stay out of the business arena entirely, with exception to international trade. This would only be in the area for instituting tariffs and import/export taxes. Then, this money should be used to better the business environment here in the US unilaterally. The only other duty government should provide for, is Defense. This would be under a unilaterally agreed upon budget proposal, to be voted on by the people. Possibly, at the state level.

Government contracts are a very good example of this government/big business relationship problem. John Murtha, Reid, Cheney, Clinton and Pelosi would be prime examples of some of the worst violators of all, for dishing out dicy and hugely profitable government contracts to their preferred partners. They propagate integration between big business for profit and the government which shouldn't profit from any business, in any respect.

In other words, when you build a business, that business should be regulated for fairness to its employees, payment and fair business practices. We don't need Unions to create ridiculous pay levels and unsustainable benefits either. Only fairness regulatory legislation.

NO MORE PAY PER VIEW politicians bought off through bribery.

The problem; the US is being run into the ground, as a corporation. Most of these people in Washington know nothing about running a company and DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT. Too many chiefs, with powers, equals big trouble.

There is a historical number of administrations that have been allowed to run the US as a corporation for profit. The Boards of Directors of the Corporation of America have failed its shareholders miserably. Further, I don't believe anyone was ever asked to be a shareholder in the first place. This is how America’s business has become so convoluted. The USA Corporation is doing business with all the other corporations, for the benefit of the Board and their pals specifically and further down the line, us. And, we are the shareholders? Indeed.

I contest the validity of us being investors in this corporate suicide.

I believe; the Government (Board of Directors) took on the attributes of a corporate entity and introduced themselves to the world markets, as a fellow corporation. Once this happened, that competitive nature infused itself into the government and the political sector. It is as permanent as we will allow.

This is where the cord needs to be cut; where the payola and divisive legislation begins.

Can you imagine how many politicians wouldn't find these jobs so attractive, without all the illegal bribery they’re presently being allowed to collect on? If they were not allowed to engage in business for profit and did only the jobs they were hired to do? We would probably only need half of them, at half the cost. So much for the demise and popularity of "eager beavers" in Washington, DC.

How do we get this done, before the Corporation of America bankrupts? Also, what all falls under that corporation as assets, if it does bankrupt????

These are the questions we must answer and fairly quickly folks.

Life is a performance based process. You can choose to live under a bridge, or you can help build it. If one chooses to do nothing, please be prepared to do without!

Public response would be appreciated! I will add it to our national and international blogs.



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