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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enough is enough! Enough already!

Hello Folks,

Enough is enough. As a professional businessman and researcher, I am losing sleep over a "not so invisible" enemy running rampant in our country. It’s to the point; I just can't stand it anymore.

The engineers and architects for the re-investigation into 9-11. AE911Truth.org. on Geraldo Riviera.

Then I remembered:

"They", the Condoleezza’s, Rumsfelds, Bush's, Cheney's and their bumbling attempts to get their stories straight, along with all the eyewitness and video evidence; a plan that destroyed our freedom and killed thousands of Americans on our own soil. Tons of documentation and eyewitness evidence says: A new independent investigation!!!!

This same group of people are the same ones trying to convince millions of people that they never saw what they saw. Like missiles taking off in the waters of California. Hallucinations!! Right? Bull!

These people need to be charged with treason, murder and everything else they’ve done. I am sick of this crap!!!! I believe they knew it, they planned it (and a badly executed plan at that), and killed our own citizens to promote their insane agenda.

The awe over the transference of power on their faces, was priceless. Then they opened their mouths and removed all doubt.

Balls in the air….

We have just acquired new internet censorship legislation, legislation tagged in with the health bill and the stimulous, millions of gallons of crude oil evaporating into thin air, how about a “plant a pig” project for our 1.8 million Moslem brothers and sisters, invasive searches at airports, more invasive legislation, George Soros & Obama, 65 Executive Orders signed in the first 180 days of the Obama office, unpopularity in all courts, Glenn Beck- save America, Alternet, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Michael Murphy, Mark Francis, Dane, Monsanto fighting over intellectual property.

50 years of massive think tank invasion into our minds and how we think and react to the point, nobody is dead on target because we’ve ALL been taught to believe differently. It is such a mish mash of information that today, there is no consistency in belief.

Thank God for tea party mentality. It isn’t a party, it isn’t a group, it is a consistent belief in freedom and our Constitution among the general public that recognizes this huge invisible threat in our midst.

What won’t the government do??? What won’t the government support??

Look at history.

All the torture and medical procedures at San Quentin prison in the 50’s-70’s, Intention poisoning and radiating of pregnant women, intentionally infecting entire sectors of the public with syphilis even in Guatemala, which somehow can be cured by apology??? Tuskegee airmen are now changed in the history books, to migrant farm workers.

Intentional radiation exposure to our troops with depleted uranium in the munitions. I talked to a National Guard soldier who told me they knew it. He said, ‘it is part of the job.’

Again, what won’t our government do to its people??

Then you have Jesse Ventura being mocked by the media, as being a lunatic. And, Alex Jones. I say, BLESS THEM both.


Ignore whether it makes sense to you because, OF COURSE IT DOESN’T!!

Of course it doesn’t make sense that a sector of our leadership would try to convince us, that what we see with our own eyes, doesn’t exist. Does that make sense? Of course not!

Homeland security running college students off who are testing the marsh water in Louisiana, taking all they brought and all their samples. School kids studying biology being threatened with jail, in the name of National defense? Does that make sense? Not a word out of that area by the media lately either!

Not a word on the 1100 dead and 100’s of thousands with treatable cholera projected to kill Haitians. Not a word from these so called smiling do gooders that somehow, made most of the donated funds just disappear.

They wouldn’t do this would they? Of course they would, they did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did it, just like they always have.

It’s real life history folks. Look it up. WAKE THE HECK UP!

Over and over, killing, poisoning, taking risks with the public health and if it isn’t the industrial military complex and the unbelievably mean, cruel and deadly practices they are allowed to perform, by our government; it’s the corporations battling for profits at any cost in human health and life.

Swapping out FDA officials with major corporations like Monsanto, just to acquire the legal means to integrate test tube GMO foods into our stores, invisibly with NO LABELING! In 1999, the Council of Foreign Relations stated 70% of the grocery store products, were GM. And, they also supported it.

Gee, I wonder where the government got that direction from. LOOK IT UP!!

People have got to wake up and LOOK. Pull off the blinders and LOOK at the common sense values of what is happening to us as a society. We have been taught to get in the box, stay there, do not observe, do not question and let this indoctrinational instruction take over. In other words… STAY OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Then there is the… OR ELSE! This is where we are at. Through all this endless think tank public manipulation, for over 50 years, we have a society that is severely divided and everybody thinks they’re right. How is it possible that there could be so many different viewpoints, opposite of each other, when there is only 1 set of facts to observe???

There can only be 1 truth with each set of facts and yet, here comes the blinders and everyone is running around like a bunch of chickens, coming home to roost every night. It is easy to confuse an entire body of people. You just divide them until their instinct to return home takes over; then you pump them full of more of the same, through the media you provide.

This is easy to see if you just rip off those blinders and start to use the brain God gave us. Use your brain, so that the common sense we were born with can take over. Open your eyes on your own. Break the chains of stupidity. They aren’t ours!

Don’t believe what you are told. Use your head, your own mind. Sure you can work within a system, but what if that system is being used to control the masses, the population, instead of allowing mankind to grow its own consciousness. Oops, then we would be uncontrollable?

This is an illegal, or soon to be, figure of free speech. You can live with the blinders, stay out of the way and have no part in selecting the direction we are being moved towards. Or, you can wake up and see what is being imposed on us, again and again.

It doesn’t even matter who or why, at first. It does matter what and if it is happening. WHAT it is, is the most important factor and is it good for you, your family, your friends, America and our planet?

This is our home, for us to live in as we please. Not in fear, but to grow together.

We had better hurry if we want to open our eyes and talk about this. Their next move is already in the House, to take away our ability to communicate with each other on shows such as this. It has already been legislated in the past, appealed and now they are doing it again. Censorship.

Further… Do not believe anything you’re told. There are usable parts but most all of it has been think-tanked for your reaction. If you really want to know the truth about anything, LOOK IT UP for yourself. Look up everything to do with it and make up your own mind as to what the truth actually is.

You’d better care. What you believe, will redesign our future and you have to be the one who has the facts together, to make sure it is good for us.

This is one heck of a situation for us as a society to be in. We are divided by these differences in belief, when reality isn’t diversified. Reality is an accumulation of facts that promotes and delivers specific results. It is a no brainer.

There is no room for speculation in a fact finding mission either. Until the public can get rid of the baggage that has been crammed into us for all these years and get real, we are doomed to repeat these mistakes over and over. Now, guess what; the “think tanks” know this and we are making their studies a success, regardless of the truth. Suckers.

We must:

Listen, research, learn and know the truth. Every one of us needs to be properly equipped to make good accurate decisions based on the facts. We must do our due diligence in learning the facts, so that we can ALL be on one page. Together we will survive, divided we’ll fall. Did anyone ever consider that possibly, it was planned this way?

The more we hear and bravo to Glenn Beck’s latest shows!

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