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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do you know what is really happening? What are you thankful for?


I address everyone as if I know them personally. I address everyone I talk to under the auspice; they have an idea of what is going on around us and actually care. I address no one at a different level than another because there are only one set of facts that concern us all.

I believe life is actually a level playing field.

I don't have a 32 million dollar a year news anchor job to worry about. Or, a boss who's bosses insist on certain guidelines or criteria in my job of reporting history. Is it a luxury?

Is it truly a luxury to make so much money and to present a partial truth? Facts, watered down to the point there is no real object in presenting the message? To the point, the message becomes meaningless? Why even open your mouth?

Is it the money, or the power?

Granted, if you didn't play team ball, your message might never be heard. Thus, doing -0- good for humanity and only benefiting those close to you. So what do you do?

I don't pretend to have all the answers. I learn new things almost every day my eyes and ears are open (everyday, truth be known). All this information just bounces off the rubbery side of my brain, the side that hears all the crap and then the parts just seem to attach themselves together.

Then somehow, that glorious brain I/we were born with, sorts through all this "stuff" and goes through it's auto recovery thing and re-digests it. Then, the results emerge. The funny thing, it happens almost by itself! The brain delivers at light speed, an instant thought that tells you what's up. Plusses, minuses, etc.

I believe; this is the basis of the truths we know and learn. Reality, due to the facts, creating results.

This isn't brain surgery and it doesn't take a Rhodes scholar. It takes just a moment of natural interaction between experience, stimulation and meat. Listening to the news, is just like digesting meat. Your senses tell you if it's fresh, cooked enough, tastes right or is warm enough. Almost instantly, you know what it is your senses are experiencing.

Now, another subject or two...

With every speech we've ever heard; how many of those individuals did your natural senses tell you, were telling the truth? You feel a handshake, you look into the eyes, you feel the genuineness in the voice. Now again, how many? How many did you truly and unequivocally believe? All those empty, ferverent speeches, prepared by someone else for effect. So many!

How does it make you feel when so many have been exposed as liars, red handed? And, are voted right back in? There is a stigma among us. The "public" has hardened to accept this style of communication, because this stigma has grown all around us. Everyday, it is more and more accepted to bend the truth and be regarded as only a "twist" in the facts. We have heard it called, the "spin", on our favorite news channels.

Folks, there is no "spin". It is either the truth or it isn't.

A "misunderstanding" disqualifies a professional from being a professional. It is accepted however, from those who don't realize or know their limitations. The actual problem is; the stupidity behind the "acceptance" by us, as a simple minded and supportive public.

I have to ask you... Do you remember watching Bill Clinton saying, 'I never had sex with that woman?', as he told the world his story. Then, red handed he said, 'it depends on what your definition of sex is.' How degrading to the woman he lied about and he could have cared less. He was, always has been and still is, a pig and a liar. And, still allowed to speak in public, create policy and is referred to as Mr. President.

Every candidate we have had to choose from, has done exactly the same thing, with a cost to our Nation's decency and respect. It makes you wonder, where the heck do these candidates come from? Why is it we only get to choose between the most effective liars? Who brings us these slugs?

This is what we face. Do you remember, of course lately it hasn't been difficult, looking into the eyes of G. Bush Jr., when he made all his speeches against an invisible 9-11 enemy, generating his father's war, and declaring war on Afghanistan the day before 9-11? The look in his eyes and the message coming out of his mouth were the words of someone else. We knew it, you could tell. It was all crap. You could see it in his eyes.

Then you have our present encumbent. Three months of campaigning that produced the exact opposite of what he promised. Three months of hope, change and transparency. Then, you get to see all the other speeches that we had missed, SEIU, ACORN and on & on, but it was too late. In bed with the Communists, Muslims, socialist groups, Marxists and then, apologizing for the rest of us. How embarrassing to our Nation of Patriots.

And, the fact that we have convicted criminals paving the way for the direction of this country, welcomed with open arms into our own White House. What does this say about us? Idiots?

Back again to choice... What were we the unsuspecting public supposed to do with the G. Bush Jr. election? Let Gore get elected to the presidency? Can you just imagine what we would have now if he had made it in? The inventor of the internet? The global warming war and a Nobel Peace prize winner? Not only a liar, but nuts to boot?

Now, the same again, in clown town DC.

What would have happened if he had made it instead of the sneaky eyed, suspicious acting, following his father's insanity in advocating the New World Order in over 60%of his speeches, to the point his own party was commenting on his being nuts?


Folks, it all boils down to not being able to believe anything you hear. It is a concious and unconcious zen that must be used to absorb and pick through what you hear, just to know the truth. Not even little fat faced GB is on target. I love him to death, but the tremendous amount of good he has done is unfortunately shadowed by an equal amount of pure crap, perpetuated by his bosses bosses. The ones that own every news outlet there is.

I must give credit where credit is due though, no matter how small... Glenn Beck's week on the war criminal George Soros, guilty of so many crimes against humanity, is something that we can never repay him for. Bravo!!! But then, in the back of my mind I wonder... has old George made some new enemies that want to cost him through this negative reporting?

You see, you never know. We have to trust one another and talk. Study and learn together. We need to get simple and look at things for what they are, not what they could be. Could be is an emotion, a dream. Is, is what it is.

Thank you for indulging in my rant. I am so disgusted with all this, I just wish it would hurry up, so we can all get back to reality.

We were so good at it once.

I am going to take this a step further on my radio show this coming Saturday. I want to show our listeners what will happen if the minion population gets desperate over food prices and product costs skyrocketing out of reach.

What happens when everything is simply "out of control" and needs a complete military intervention. What it will be like when the bus driver decides to add another 20-30 Executive Orders to the 65 he signed in his first 180 days. One pencil whip and our world is upside down and backwards. Goodbye Constitution, hello Mad Max.

Just a simple Ordon Welles reminder of just how complete another false flag or simple "event" would be. It would also accomplish the answer to all the economic and financial woes we are experiencing. It will give us another stark reality to make us forget the freedoms were were guaranteed by our Founders.

Tune in, Saturday 11/27/2010 from 5-7 Eastern, on AM, FM and shortwave radio. pick up streams from http://www.libertynewsradio.com and the archives of all our shows. You can also check out my book, "The Human Food Factor", a "history lesson" and my updated "chemtrail report", at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com

Don't miss this show, you'll never forget it. It is a picture of what is coming unless we get serious and very, very soon.


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