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Sunday, November 28, 2010

European bankers go home! And, take your system with you!!!

What is to follow in this writing, is an opinion on how FREEDOM allowed this country to become great. Also, how the unsustainable European financial structure in America is going to bankrupt us, unless we get rid of it completely and soon.

The US has been the playground for the foreign owned FED and European central banking system since the early 1900’s and has collapsed every other country who has instituted it, with one exception: Britain. Just so happens, this is where the system came from. The only reason Britain hasn’t collapsed completely, is because they haven’t pulled the plug on themselves. Go figure.

This, combined with the Corporation of America (our Government), engaging in business for profit with all the other global corporations, has brought us to the brink of financial disaster due to the worst corporate management and practices anyone has ever seen.

An unsustainable financial structure is bad enough, but when a runaway, inept Board of Directors is added to the equation, you could easily call it corporate suicide. It doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to see it.

Here’s my problem with this picture…

1. If our Board of Directors is engaging in collapsing our economy intentionally and in concert with our unsustainable European financial system, exactly who are they working for? Unknowingly? Knowingly? It’s hard to tell how many are smart enough to even know although, you can bet there those who know very well!

2. Where is their future job and financial security coming from, if they know the system is collapsing? By whom and how will that be provided?

3. How is it that the shareholders (us) are suffering all of the losses and the corporations, including our Government, are swimming in cash, and jobs?

4. What is the end result when the dust settles?

I compare free enterprise and competitive bargaining for profit, to myself. I am an entrepreneur. I have been to the top (what I consider the top) and all the way to the bottom several times. Now, I employ probably 20-80 people. Once again, I climbed from -0-, to providing a living for myself and others.

This ability, in my opinion, is precious freedom. America, the great. Freedom provides the means for people to live better and to pay their bills, including myself. Then, the better the company does, the more people I can provide work for. Thus, growth.

Now, if I go to local legislators and pay them off to make my business positioning better over others, it should be considered illegal, because it's bribery. If regulation of fairness is defined by quality of employment to protect the employee, offers a level of pay that matches the economy (in a competitive environment), offers fairness in business practices through regulation; the business process should still terminate at the end of its full circle.

This is where the fairness and continuity of business became an “open ended” free for all.

Business was allowed into political arenas, creating a free for all. Instead of a company running on its own legs, it now has the opportunity to be "carried" by other means. Taxes, for example. And, with absolutely no regulatory control over involvement with other businesses and government.

Government compensation through our taxes is a big problem.

The government needs to stay out of the business arena entirely, with exception to international trade. This would only be in the area for instituting tariffs and import/export taxes. Then, this money should be used to better the business environment here in the US unilaterally. The only other duty government should provide for, is Defense. This would be under a unilaterally agreed upon budget proposal, to be voted on by the people. Possibly, at the state level.

Government contracts are a very good example of this government/big business relationship problem. John Murtha, Reid, Cheney, Clinton and Pelosi would be prime examples of some of the worst violators of all, for dishing out dicy and hugely profitable government contracts to their preferred partners. They propagate integration between big business for profit and the government which shouldn't profit from any business, in any respect.

In other words, when you build a business, that business should be regulated for fairness to its employees, payment and fair business practices. We don't need Unions to create ridiculous pay levels and unsustainable benefits either. Only fairness regulatory legislation.

NO MORE PAY PER VIEW politicians bought off through bribery.

The problem; the US is being run into the ground, as a corporation. Most of these people in Washington know nothing about running a company and DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT. Too many chiefs, with powers, equals big trouble.

There is a historical number of administrations that have been allowed to run the US as a corporation for profit. The Boards of Directors of the Corporation of America have failed its shareholders miserably. Further, I don't believe anyone was ever asked to be a shareholder in the first place. This is how America’s business has become so convoluted. The USA Corporation is doing business with all the other corporations, for the benefit of the Board and their pals specifically and further down the line, us. And, we are the shareholders? Indeed.

I contest the validity of us being investors in this corporate suicide.

I believe; the Government (Board of Directors) took on the attributes of a corporate entity and introduced themselves to the world markets, as a fellow corporation. Once this happened, that competitive nature infused itself into the government and the political sector. It is as permanent as we will allow.

This is where the cord needs to be cut; where the payola and divisive legislation begins.

Can you imagine how many politicians wouldn't find these jobs so attractive, without all the illegal bribery they’re presently being allowed to collect on? If they were not allowed to engage in business for profit and did only the jobs they were hired to do? We would probably only need half of them, at half the cost. So much for the demise and popularity of "eager beavers" in Washington, DC.

How do we get this done, before the Corporation of America bankrupts? Also, what all falls under that corporation as assets, if it does bankrupt????

These are the questions we must answer and fairly quickly folks.

Life is a performance based process. You can choose to live under a bridge, or you can help build it. If one chooses to do nothing, please be prepared to do without!

Public response would be appreciated! I will add it to our national and international blogs.



“The Human Food Factor”

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Executive Orders and Martial Law- How close is it?

Hello Patriots,

Today's show was something I never intended to do, but you know what... IT'S TIME WE TALKED ABOUT THIS STUFF!

We are dealing with the last 5 or 6 administrations that have pounded theirs and their handlers agenda's through, by using an instrument called an "Executive Order". An executive order can be used when the president doesn't feel there’s time for a law to be voted on or held up by the Senate or Congress.

The president has the power to decide whether to create law through the parliamentary process, or to just pencil whip it into law. This is his or hers immediate solution for what is considered a National Emergency and requires martial law to be imposed.

This ability has been flagrantly abused by a number of presidents. For example, Bill Clinton, G. Bush Jr. and now... even Barack Hussein Obama. Obama signed 65 E.O.'s into law, in his first 180 days of office. Apparently, it has become fashionable.

To enact law without the consent of the people or any due process whatsoever.

By declaring a state of emergency, this method can be used to impose martial law on the people of the United States. Bill Clinton signed legislation that combined 10-12 supporting Executive Orders, under E.O. 12919. This one E.O. (12919) effectively takes over control of all the states, resources, land, food, wealth, transportation and the media. All these enjoined E.O.'s take effect upon the signing of E.O. 12919.

We are talking separating families, commandeering food and water supplies, all methods of transportation and again, complete control of the media in all respects. This also includes control over all inland waterways, farms, equipment and vehicles. In other words, it overrides the Constitution and Bill of Rights completely and removes ownership of everything you own. This also includes all our minerals, precious metals and our bank accounts.

The president has the power to seize property, all means of production, all forms of transportation, take over all private enterprise, restrict travel, amongst a host of other things, similar to how Hitler did it in Germany, by using his emergency powers.

Then, it occurred to me; the Federal government has already legislated and accomplished a lot of what’s in these Executive Orders, under the big kahuna, E.O. 12919.

The E.O. that orders seizure of all communications media in the US, for instance- The "fairness doctrine" and the new internet law being looked at is the Rockefeller-Snowe Cybersecurity bill. This effectively controls what is available for viewing on the internet by one of the worst and oldest propagandists for the New World Order, Rockefeller.

One of the E.O.'s that fall under this E.O. empowers the Postmaster General to register all men, women and children in the US. The Census has all but completely accomplished this.

Seizure of all health, education and welfare facilities: This was accomplished by the health bill and the Unions.

Seizure of all coastal and inland waterways: Bill Clinton already did this through the UN, during his tenure. Biospherism.

Seizure of airports and aircraft: Seems to me that the TSA has done a spectacular job for the Feds in this arena also, under the guise of public safety. Does anybody truly believe that we are safer?

I could go on but one thing is abundantly clear, these guys have no problem signing these E.O.'s into law without our consent. In the face of international strife, S. China & S. Korea, Mexico's drug war, panty bombers, etc., a national emergency might not be that far off.

If I have a message that draws any attention at all, let it be this... PREPARE FOR THE WORST, HOPE FOR THE BEST. We are completely set up to lose everything unless we react in a positive manner and immediately. We are way, way too close to another "false flag" or spectacular event that will result in martial law being declared, due to some "national emergency" and we may never even know what it is!

It may be another secret that Wiki will have to release, but too late for us. And, with the internet under wraps, we may never see that either.

React and buy a little extra at the store. Start thinking about what to do when everything you take for granted, isn't readily available. Great way to start off Christmas and a new year ain't it gang? It's just reality folks and like I said before, BE PREPARED AND HOPE FOR THE BEST!

Check out today's show and hear the enactment of martial law being implemented in the US. The archives are at Great show!

Check out my website at and we'll see you next Saturday, provided nothing goes wrong!


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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Do you know what is really happening? What are you thankful for?


I address everyone as if I know them personally. I address everyone I talk to under the auspice; they have an idea of what is going on around us and actually care. I address no one at a different level than another because there are only one set of facts that concern us all.

I believe life is actually a level playing field.

I don't have a 32 million dollar a year news anchor job to worry about. Or, a boss who's bosses insist on certain guidelines or criteria in my job of reporting history. Is it a luxury?

Is it truly a luxury to make so much money and to present a partial truth? Facts, watered down to the point there is no real object in presenting the message? To the point, the message becomes meaningless? Why even open your mouth?

Is it the money, or the power?

Granted, if you didn't play team ball, your message might never be heard. Thus, doing -0- good for humanity and only benefiting those close to you. So what do you do?

I don't pretend to have all the answers. I learn new things almost every day my eyes and ears are open (everyday, truth be known). All this information just bounces off the rubbery side of my brain, the side that hears all the crap and then the parts just seem to attach themselves together.

Then somehow, that glorious brain I/we were born with, sorts through all this "stuff" and goes through it's auto recovery thing and re-digests it. Then, the results emerge. The funny thing, it happens almost by itself! The brain delivers at light speed, an instant thought that tells you what's up. Plusses, minuses, etc.

I believe; this is the basis of the truths we know and learn. Reality, due to the facts, creating results.

This isn't brain surgery and it doesn't take a Rhodes scholar. It takes just a moment of natural interaction between experience, stimulation and meat. Listening to the news, is just like digesting meat. Your senses tell you if it's fresh, cooked enough, tastes right or is warm enough. Almost instantly, you know what it is your senses are experiencing.

Now, another subject or two...

With every speech we've ever heard; how many of those individuals did your natural senses tell you, were telling the truth? You feel a handshake, you look into the eyes, you feel the genuineness in the voice. Now again, how many? How many did you truly and unequivocally believe? All those empty, ferverent speeches, prepared by someone else for effect. So many!

How does it make you feel when so many have been exposed as liars, red handed? And, are voted right back in? There is a stigma among us. The "public" has hardened to accept this style of communication, because this stigma has grown all around us. Everyday, it is more and more accepted to bend the truth and be regarded as only a "twist" in the facts. We have heard it called, the "spin", on our favorite news channels.

Folks, there is no "spin". It is either the truth or it isn't.

A "misunderstanding" disqualifies a professional from being a professional. It is accepted however, from those who don't realize or know their limitations. The actual problem is; the stupidity behind the "acceptance" by us, as a simple minded and supportive public.

I have to ask you... Do you remember watching Bill Clinton saying, 'I never had sex with that woman?', as he told the world his story. Then, red handed he said, 'it depends on what your definition of sex is.' How degrading to the woman he lied about and he could have cared less. He was, always has been and still is, a pig and a liar. And, still allowed to speak in public, create policy and is referred to as Mr. President.

Every candidate we have had to choose from, has done exactly the same thing, with a cost to our Nation's decency and respect. It makes you wonder, where the heck do these candidates come from? Why is it we only get to choose between the most effective liars? Who brings us these slugs?

This is what we face. Do you remember, of course lately it hasn't been difficult, looking into the eyes of G. Bush Jr., when he made all his speeches against an invisible 9-11 enemy, generating his father's war, and declaring war on Afghanistan the day before 9-11? The look in his eyes and the message coming out of his mouth were the words of someone else. We knew it, you could tell. It was all crap. You could see it in his eyes.

Then you have our present encumbent. Three months of campaigning that produced the exact opposite of what he promised. Three months of hope, change and transparency. Then, you get to see all the other speeches that we had missed, SEIU, ACORN and on & on, but it was too late. In bed with the Communists, Muslims, socialist groups, Marxists and then, apologizing for the rest of us. How embarrassing to our Nation of Patriots.

And, the fact that we have convicted criminals paving the way for the direction of this country, welcomed with open arms into our own White House. What does this say about us? Idiots?

Back again to choice... What were we the unsuspecting public supposed to do with the G. Bush Jr. election? Let Gore get elected to the presidency? Can you just imagine what we would have now if he had made it in? The inventor of the internet? The global warming war and a Nobel Peace prize winner? Not only a liar, but nuts to boot?

Now, the same again, in clown town DC.

What would have happened if he had made it instead of the sneaky eyed, suspicious acting, following his father's insanity in advocating the New World Order in over 60%of his speeches, to the point his own party was commenting on his being nuts?


Folks, it all boils down to not being able to believe anything you hear. It is a concious and unconcious zen that must be used to absorb and pick through what you hear, just to know the truth. Not even little fat faced GB is on target. I love him to death, but the tremendous amount of good he has done is unfortunately shadowed by an equal amount of pure crap, perpetuated by his bosses bosses. The ones that own every news outlet there is.

I must give credit where credit is due though, no matter how small... Glenn Beck's week on the war criminal George Soros, guilty of so many crimes against humanity, is something that we can never repay him for. Bravo!!! But then, in the back of my mind I wonder... has old George made some new enemies that want to cost him through this negative reporting?

You see, you never know. We have to trust one another and talk. Study and learn together. We need to get simple and look at things for what they are, not what they could be. Could be is an emotion, a dream. Is, is what it is.

Thank you for indulging in my rant. I am so disgusted with all this, I just wish it would hurry up, so we can all get back to reality.

We were so good at it once.

I am going to take this a step further on my radio show this coming Saturday. I want to show our listeners what will happen if the minion population gets desperate over food prices and product costs skyrocketing out of reach.

What happens when everything is simply "out of control" and needs a complete military intervention. What it will be like when the bus driver decides to add another 20-30 Executive Orders to the 65 he signed in his first 180 days. One pencil whip and our world is upside down and backwards. Goodbye Constitution, hello Mad Max.

Just a simple Ordon Welles reminder of just how complete another false flag or simple "event" would be. It would also accomplish the answer to all the economic and financial woes we are experiencing. It will give us another stark reality to make us forget the freedoms were were guaranteed by our Founders.

Tune in, Saturday 11/27/2010 from 5-7 Eastern, on AM, FM and shortwave radio. pick up streams from and the archives of all our shows. You can also check out my book, "The Human Food Factor", a "history lesson" and my updated "chemtrail report", at

Don't miss this show, you'll never forget it. It is a picture of what is coming unless we get serious and very, very soon.


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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enough is enough! Enough already!

Hello Folks,

Enough is enough. As a professional businessman and researcher, I am losing sleep over a "not so invisible" enemy running rampant in our country. It’s to the point; I just can't stand it anymore.

The engineers and architects for the re-investigation into 9-11. on Geraldo Riviera.

Then I remembered:

"They", the Condoleezza’s, Rumsfelds, Bush's, Cheney's and their bumbling attempts to get their stories straight, along with all the eyewitness and video evidence; a plan that destroyed our freedom and killed thousands of Americans on our own soil. Tons of documentation and eyewitness evidence says: A new independent investigation!!!!

This same group of people are the same ones trying to convince millions of people that they never saw what they saw. Like missiles taking off in the waters of California. Hallucinations!! Right? Bull!

These people need to be charged with treason, murder and everything else they’ve done. I am sick of this crap!!!! I believe they knew it, they planned it (and a badly executed plan at that), and killed our own citizens to promote their insane agenda.

The awe over the transference of power on their faces, was priceless. Then they opened their mouths and removed all doubt.

Balls in the air….

We have just acquired new internet censorship legislation, legislation tagged in with the health bill and the stimulous, millions of gallons of crude oil evaporating into thin air, how about a “plant a pig” project for our 1.8 million Moslem brothers and sisters, invasive searches at airports, more invasive legislation, George Soros & Obama, 65 Executive Orders signed in the first 180 days of the Obama office, unpopularity in all courts, Glenn Beck- save America, Alternet, Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Michael Murphy, Mark Francis, Dane, Monsanto fighting over intellectual property.

50 years of massive think tank invasion into our minds and how we think and react to the point, nobody is dead on target because we’ve ALL been taught to believe differently. It is such a mish mash of information that today, there is no consistency in belief.

Thank God for tea party mentality. It isn’t a party, it isn’t a group, it is a consistent belief in freedom and our Constitution among the general public that recognizes this huge invisible threat in our midst.

What won’t the government do??? What won’t the government support??

Look at history.

All the torture and medical procedures at San Quentin prison in the 50’s-70’s, Intention poisoning and radiating of pregnant women, intentionally infecting entire sectors of the public with syphilis even in Guatemala, which somehow can be cured by apology??? Tuskegee airmen are now changed in the history books, to migrant farm workers.

Intentional radiation exposure to our troops with depleted uranium in the munitions. I talked to a National Guard soldier who told me they knew it. He said, ‘it is part of the job.’

Again, what won’t our government do to its people??

Then you have Jesse Ventura being mocked by the media, as being a lunatic. And, Alex Jones. I say, BLESS THEM both.


Ignore whether it makes sense to you because, OF COURSE IT DOESN’T!!

Of course it doesn’t make sense that a sector of our leadership would try to convince us, that what we see with our own eyes, doesn’t exist. Does that make sense? Of course not!

Homeland security running college students off who are testing the marsh water in Louisiana, taking all they brought and all their samples. School kids studying biology being threatened with jail, in the name of National defense? Does that make sense? Not a word out of that area by the media lately either!

Not a word on the 1100 dead and 100’s of thousands with treatable cholera projected to kill Haitians. Not a word from these so called smiling do gooders that somehow, made most of the donated funds just disappear.

They wouldn’t do this would they? Of course they would, they did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did it, just like they always have.

It’s real life history folks. Look it up. WAKE THE HECK UP!

Over and over, killing, poisoning, taking risks with the public health and if it isn’t the industrial military complex and the unbelievably mean, cruel and deadly practices they are allowed to perform, by our government; it’s the corporations battling for profits at any cost in human health and life.

Swapping out FDA officials with major corporations like Monsanto, just to acquire the legal means to integrate test tube GMO foods into our stores, invisibly with NO LABELING! In 1999, the Council of Foreign Relations stated 70% of the grocery store products, were GM. And, they also supported it.

Gee, I wonder where the government got that direction from. LOOK IT UP!!

People have got to wake up and LOOK. Pull off the blinders and LOOK at the common sense values of what is happening to us as a society. We have been taught to get in the box, stay there, do not observe, do not question and let this indoctrinational instruction take over. In other words… STAY OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Then there is the… OR ELSE! This is where we are at. Through all this endless think tank public manipulation, for over 50 years, we have a society that is severely divided and everybody thinks they’re right. How is it possible that there could be so many different viewpoints, opposite of each other, when there is only 1 set of facts to observe???

There can only be 1 truth with each set of facts and yet, here comes the blinders and everyone is running around like a bunch of chickens, coming home to roost every night. It is easy to confuse an entire body of people. You just divide them until their instinct to return home takes over; then you pump them full of more of the same, through the media you provide.

This is easy to see if you just rip off those blinders and start to use the brain God gave us. Use your brain, so that the common sense we were born with can take over. Open your eyes on your own. Break the chains of stupidity. They aren’t ours!

Don’t believe what you are told. Use your head, your own mind. Sure you can work within a system, but what if that system is being used to control the masses, the population, instead of allowing mankind to grow its own consciousness. Oops, then we would be uncontrollable?

This is an illegal, or soon to be, figure of free speech. You can live with the blinders, stay out of the way and have no part in selecting the direction we are being moved towards. Or, you can wake up and see what is being imposed on us, again and again.

It doesn’t even matter who or why, at first. It does matter what and if it is happening. WHAT it is, is the most important factor and is it good for you, your family, your friends, America and our planet?

This is our home, for us to live in as we please. Not in fear, but to grow together.

We had better hurry if we want to open our eyes and talk about this. Their next move is already in the House, to take away our ability to communicate with each other on shows such as this. It has already been legislated in the past, appealed and now they are doing it again. Censorship.

Further… Do not believe anything you’re told. There are usable parts but most all of it has been think-tanked for your reaction. If you really want to know the truth about anything, LOOK IT UP for yourself. Look up everything to do with it and make up your own mind as to what the truth actually is.

You’d better care. What you believe, will redesign our future and you have to be the one who has the facts together, to make sure it is good for us.

This is one heck of a situation for us as a society to be in. We are divided by these differences in belief, when reality isn’t diversified. Reality is an accumulation of facts that promotes and delivers specific results. It is a no brainer.

There is no room for speculation in a fact finding mission either. Until the public can get rid of the baggage that has been crammed into us for all these years and get real, we are doomed to repeat these mistakes over and over. Now, guess what; the “think tanks” know this and we are making their studies a success, regardless of the truth. Suckers.

We must:

Listen, research, learn and know the truth. Every one of us needs to be properly equipped to make good accurate decisions based on the facts. We must do our due diligence in learning the facts, so that we can ALL be on one page. Together we will survive, divided we’ll fall. Did anyone ever consider that possibly, it was planned this way?

The more we hear and bravo to Glenn Beck’s latest shows!

Listen in to the Human Food Factor Show, being broadcast coast to coast on AM, FM and shortwave radio. The show can be picked up live at and archives of the show are there also. Check out the website: , purchase the book, read History Lesson & Chemtrail Report!

Call in, tell us your piece at 866-986-6397.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Peace, good will, honesty and truth; good words to live by!

Hello America,

Today's show was an example of the public waking up. I pray that our newer listeners will consider what I have said. At least consider.

We have become so indoctrinated through think tanks over the last 50 years, that our public mindset is upside down and backwards. No one really knows what is an accepted reality or even how to get to that point.

We need to reboot as a society and rewrite the history books to reflect the truth accurately. We need to redefine our values to reflect who we are, where we came from and what we believe in. We need to remind each other that our instincts and common sense do matter and will take us back to a reality based on fact.

We need to flush the indoctrination from our lives.

People need to remember that if you see something, the one who tells you you didn't, is either lying or nuts. Today's show was one of the most important shows ever and if you only download one from the archives, this is the one!

Check out the book, take a history lesson and look at the chemtrail reports.

Peace, good will, honesty and truth; good words to live by.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Who Are We, What Have We Become?

I have long entertained the idea that as a society, we could bond together and create a clear, truthful and complete view of our present social environment and evaluate how we got here. This view would be based on verifiable history and factual information.

I had hoped we could learn together and reconstruct history based on fact to understand the relatable aspects and differences between the past and our present history and the past, and present educational venues. This is where I hit a brick wall.

It’s like watching Pelosi vs Einstein.

I have found a huge disparity between age groups, historic and educational values and true life experiences, across the board. Unfortunately, due to this diversity, it may not even be possible for our society to join together as a unified consciousness.

I used to believe it was possible.

We have been taught and indoctrinated in so many different directions, it has brought us all to the point of being hopelessly divided and animated as such. Simply put, hopelessly deadlocked.

FACT: There are hundreds, if not thousands, of “think tanks” around the planet that project, study and design human response to stimulation. These studies are unending and appear within every venue of our society.

Advertising, marketing, entertainment, practices of all kinds in business and general living, as well as the media.

We are studied, scoped and probed into what produces a projected and desired result. This is a fact and is the prescription which creates predictable environment, through a predictable society.

Someone once said, ‘they are smarter than we are.’ Guess what… Of course they are! They study, they learn and they have a basic goal in mind…. Knowledge

What I propose and hope for is an awakening amongst the common public. To create a public think tank to “unthink” ourselves, back from where we have been manipulated to. Then, a snafu.


I have found there are basically 2 different types of people. Stereotyping is not my favorite for defining people but in this case, it works.

1. First, you have people that are somehow self-cocooned into believing that the world is related only to them personally and their lifestyle.

• To this person, everything is fine if they can get or already have what they want.
• Lives a day to day relationship based only on their life, with no provisions made towards the possibility of something changing and these accommodations ceasing to exist.
• They will not question how their accommodations are acquired. They don’t care.
• This person wears “blinders” so as not to upset their belief and understanding. This includes not researching conditions that could change the comfort zone within their life.
• Is unwilling to learn, until which time it directly affects them.
• This person basically could care less about anything that doesn’t directly affect them and will accept anything that is provided and accommodates their wishes.
• This person is everything to themselves. Self centered.
• They will mock studies and research without doing due diligence in obtaining the facts, or the truth. Denial.
• Lastly; these are the people who will be the most violently upset when what they believe they are promised or entitled to, isn’t delivered. History.

2. The second type of person is: People who look at their social and environmental surroundings as a condition, rather than something to be taken for granted.

• They will study the validity of whether their accommodations could be uninterrupted.
• This person is aware of his surroundings and registers facts.
• The person investigates validity.
• This person cares about others and their way of life, as a team player.
• Has respect for knowledge.
• Will take appropriate steps to insure the factual nature of popular beliefs is intact.
• Respects the individual differences and relationships between people and the aspects of a “greater good”, within a society.

Thus, the Pelosi vs Einstein syndrome.

This is some situation for us as a society to be in. We are divided by these differences in belief, when reality isn’t diversified at all. Reality is an accumulation of facts that promotes and delivers specific results. It is a no brainer. Believe it or not; the truth is the truth and facts are facts, no matter what your opinion might be.

There is little room for speculation in a fact finding missions. Until the public can get rid of the baggage that has been crammed into us for all these years and get real, we are doomed to repeat these mistakes over and over again.

Now, guess what; the “think tanks” know this and we have made their studies a success, regardless of the truth. Suckers.

We must: Think outside of the box and look out of the tunnel.

If we listen, learn and know the truth, each and every one of us can make good accurate decisions based on facts. We must do our due diligence in learning the facts, so that we can ALL be on one page. Together we survive, divided we’ll fall.

Did anyone ever consider, maybe this was planned that way?

Listen in to the Human Food Factor Show, being broadcast coast to coast on AM, FM and shortwave radio. The show can be picked up live at and archives of the show are there also. Check out my book at and the history lessons tab. Check out the chemtrail report. Check it out and tell me honestly, does this look “normal” to you??

Call in, tell us your piece- 866-986-6397. We welcome your calls.

See you tomorrow and every Saturday at 5-7 Eastern time!


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Friday, November 5, 2010

Too cool? Too calm? A storm brewing?


With November 2 elections behind us, most of us feel the satisfaction and relief of getting rid of so many "fat cat" long term, White House encumbents. Now that many of them have been replaced, the reaction between the GOP and the Dems is quite interesting. These new tea party elects seem to have made both sides a bit nervous.

Frankly, I don't think the GOP or the Dems ever really took the Tea party movement seriously. I don't think they believed that anyone in the "tea party" would ever get elected!

I listened to a number of comments but one that caught my ear was something like, 'The newbie "tea party" members in the White House would now have to learn to morph in with the other parties, just to be recognized in the "Old House". Somewhat "insignificant", they would have to work together and do things the way "things are done", to be recognized as valid members of the "Club".'

In other words, learn to do business in the status quo or not be accepted into the "club". It sounded almost like nervous anticipation. It sounded like; the will of the people could interfere with the "plans" and compromise would be necessary to provide the needed level of acceptance. So much for the will of the people and bravo to our new American Constitutional representatives!

Bachmann emphasizes the importance of the constitutional caucus:

It will be a different caucus focused on defending constitutional conservative principles by holding regular classes with real experts. The Tea Party caucus will allow Americans from all over the United States to be able to connect with members of congress without any filter.

According to Fox News, “The developments signal that the Tea Party’s congressional stewards are looking to expand the movement’s reach as soon as possible, though it’s unclear whether the contingent will complement or combat the Republican Party as a whole.”

All this being said; we still have all the same problems and the status quo in Washington is what got us there in the first place. This is where the true blue American public needs to stay at the plate and help our newly elected members hold on to the values they have taken to the White House.

Scott Brown now has the company he needs!!

We have many issues before us... The status quo is to receive all direction by the Council of Foreign Relations and their associated groups being mastered by those such as Gyorgy Sorosz and J. Rockefeller. This far left association, coupled with the United Nations global outreach is responsible for billions of our taxes being spent in their agenda'd behalf. This must stop!

There is also a condition that is growing more and more worrisome and that is the connection between the DOD, DHS and the Administration. There seems to be a shadowed link between them all where each becomes "self governed" with a automated "handshake approval" to each of their respective agenda's.

This is a seriously flawed relationship. Each has powers that are completely beyond of reach of public support and approval. Far beyond. These groups; the DOD, DHS, FDA, EPA & USDA are playing to the tune of the highest bidder and the public has absolutely no say whatsoever. The CFR is not an elected body. It is a "in house" invited membership, independent group that is not elected, yet directs the White House to push forward their plans for global humanity.

These groups are being directed through a lobbied administration, by the CFR and their plans are being organized and implemented through a United Nations framework.

The air and food supply is being contaminated through legislation that is bought and paid for. If you would like to verify this, Google up geoengineering aerosols cfr and you will see exactly what is going on.

They are spraying toxic metals by the ton under the auspice of slowing global warming. They have full knowledge of the implications to the health and the well being of plants and animals, from these poisons. It is an intentional disaster being implemented at full speed ahead, regardless of its effects on human health.

This is fully described in a new DVD documentary called: "What in the World are They Spraying", just released by Michael Murphy. If you want to know why you feel fatigued all the time and everyone is coughing 24/7, plants aren't producing in your garden, kids are sick all the time and sinus headches that won't go away; get this video for the facts! Google it!

They are spearheading complete control of our food supplies through genetics and bio technology, and their production. They own it all and are buying the legislation needed to allow it. The CFR, DOD and whomever else are spraying enormous amounts of aluminum over the entire Northern continent and many other countries. It is killing plants, people, fish and wildlife and contaminating our air, water and soil. It doesn't get any more complete than that.

Then the USDA, FDA and EPA facilitated the legalization of genetically modified and biotech foods, that are resistant to aluminum, FOR ONE EXAMPLE. All this food for the globe being produced by 3 companies!! They caused a problem, facilitated through legislation, then popped out the solution through the same method. All from lobbied proponents on both sides! There is no loss of profit. It's all profits to them and provided by us!!! We are the petrie dish producing all their profits.

What nice people these are, no?


I was accused once of fear mongering. I will only bring the facts as I learn them and this is all about us, our children, our air and water, and our ability to grow our own food. Clean food, with no chemicals or altered genetics. How about that clean air with no toxic heavy metals and poisons, being delivered with no consideration for our safety?

Where's the government on this? AT THE BANK!!!

So hear we are: A new breed in the White House that needs our help. These are some of the issues that need to be addressed immediately. Outlaw the CFR influence over our administrations. Get the United Nations out of our workings as a sovereign nation. Stop this convenient disconnect between public and the DOD, FDA, USDA & the EPA. Stop lobbiests and the acceptance of illegal bribery. Get term limits passed, Cap & Trade gone and start over on immigration and the Health Bill that nobody wanted. AND STOP THIS AEROSOL SPRAYING IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what we have to do. No little task America!

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Our job isn't over gang, it's just getting warmed up. Let's keep up the great work, a new party is in town!!


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