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Sunday, October 17, 2010

What in the World are They Spraying???


If you don’t think this is serious, go to http://www.libertynewsradio.com and pull up the archives of the Human Food Factor Show from Oct. 2, 9, and yesterday, the 16th. We interviewed experts, a scientist, a movie producer and Dane Wigington, who told us exactly what these cloud trails contain and what they are doing to us. Callers from coast to coast and up into Canada called in and verified that the same things are also happening in their parts of the country.

You can also visit: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org for a ton of information on this subject. It is not a “fringe site”. It is a pretty complicated site but if you take the time, has lots of up to date information on this subject.

I don’t remember ever giving anyone the authority to endanger our health and well being. I also don’t want to have to answer to my children and grandchildren, when they ask me why we did nothing to stop the aerial experiment that killed our crops and made us all sick.

8:30 AM Sunday- Here in Tennessee, they’ve sprayed the hell out of us again in the early morning hours. Many of our crops failed this year and we are seeing some premature leaf drop. Everyone is sick, coughing, massive sinusitis, headaches and above the neck sensations that are not normal. Everyone feels tired. Everyone is out of money and time.

UPDATE: 11:00 AM Sunday- They are spraying again. Huge spray trails from jet aircraft, from about 30,000 feet up. There are “blankets” of multiple trails coming out of the wings, the full width of the aircraft. The entire sky is now full of this fake cloud material. Chemicals and heavy metals. This is the most invasive spraying we have seen yet. We must be pretty important our here in the Tennessee Valley, to warrant all this attention. Wonder why?

This is an email I received from Michael Murphy this morning. Bravo Michael!!! Should be an excellent tool for understanding folks!!

Howard, I am proud to announce that "What in the World are They Spraying?" is now officially complete and ready for order at the following link:

This is a letter composed to geoengineeringwatch, a group dedicated to informing the public about the complex nature of what is happening in our skies and to us.

Hello geoengineeringwatch.org,

It is great to hear about you and we appreciate your efforts to inform the global public about this devastating problem that is killing our fish, wildlife, our food supply and our health.

We just had Dane Wigington on our show yesterday and Michael Murphy last week, concerning these Chemtrails. Dane referenced your site numerous times to our listeners, and suggested they download a printable "flyer" that nobody seems to be able to find. In my research, I have studied thousands of websites, gleaning every piece of information possible concerning where we are headed, who is taking us there, and the most obvious, how and why.

Dane has impressed upon me that these Chemtrails are of first and most importance to deal with, and I couldn't agree more. It is killing us and our food supply. The reasons are obvious and it must be stopped ASAP. Doesn't really matter who is doing it, "it" and the effects are our primary concern

The CFR states, 'if they stop now, it could have even more disastrous effects than if they continue.' I believe this is "in house garbage" to convince each other that this is billions of dollars being well spent. Like, ‘ We're losing money now, but we'll make up for it in volume.’

For a unified effort and to inform the public unilaterally, the message has to be simple to navigate. Grouping information into files like a "History file", "NWO file", a "HAARP file", "CFO file", "UN file", "Who file", etc. might help.

Quicker, easier and accomplishes the goal in volumes of understanding, by recognition. That is the trick. Getting the basic information out to the most people, in the least amount of time.

Your site is more or less a shotgun approach, a Rense method of display and in our humble opinion, will lose many before they take the time that's needed. The folks have to find the basic information they need quickly and easily, to verify the existence, the contents and what will happen if we don't all get on the same page.

Our concern is this; if we are already half way down the pipe and if this doesn't stick quickly in the largest possible portion of the population, we may see the end game yet. That is not an option for our survival.

The internet, our radio shows and various documentaries, including Jesse Ventura on mainstream, are our last hope to regain unified control of our lives. Thus, it is of utmost importance that we band together and get this job done. Let me ask you this:

1. How about state by state, country by country petitions and Chemtrail reporting? Area and test reporting.
2. How about submitting these periodically updated reports to all the legislators, groups, newspapers (letters to editors, etc.)?
3. Formal requests to all the companies involved and watchdog groups? Periodic total watch results per geographic location?
4. Multiple requests to cease and desist, to everyone who is ignoring us.
This would be a unified effort to get the information out in the open and up front, for the attention it needs. Then neither the media, nor our political incumbents could ignore it. Again, I believe we are at the halfway mark. God help us if we have to suffer the end of this process.

Your thoughts?

My best,

Howard Axtell, author and show host
"The Human Food Factor", book and show

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