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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Truth and consequences, with facts to support!

Hello folks,

Today marked the beginning of a series of Human Food Factor shows that offer ironclad evidence about the effects of accelerated geothermal aerosol spraying infecting our health, our air, our food supply and our water.

We are bringing on residents, biologists, film makers and scientists, you name it, who will testify not only to the existence of these Chemtrails, but the dangers they present to mankind.

Today we featured Francis Mangels, a scientist in the field of biology, who expoused the technical data he has personally extracted from the soils and water throughout Northern California. His tests reveal up to 1200 times the allowed contamination levels of aluminum in drinking water and he commented on what will be our demise if this escalated project is not stopped.

Agriculture will grind to a stop and our food supply will dwindle. The 90% less insect life in the streams means the fish have nothing to eat . WE ARE THERE NOW!

Our listeners called in and verified military aircraft being converted to tankers and people who have worked on these projects.

Stay tuned in for next weeks show and Dane Wigington, who is also a resident of Mt. Shasta county in California, may just visit our show. He owns one of the largest solar arrays in California and whenever the aerosol spraying is heavy, he loses up to 60% of his electrical production.

We will also be featuring an interview with the esteemed Michael Murphy, writer, movie producer and director, right after the premier of his new documentary, "What on Earth are They Spraying", on October 23, 2010!

So.... they don't want crops to grow, they want people to get sick, they want natural animal life to dwindle and they don't want green energy to work after all; sounds like they want to provide all our food, health and fossil fuel needs to me. Do you think?

Do you think that might be a profitable position for them?

How about the fact, we are paying for it all already??? Anybody get the idea this may be the worst investment we've ever made?

Tune in next Saturday 5-7 Eastern on the Human food Factor Show, on Liberty News Radio! Live feeds and archives of all the shows can be found at http://www.libertynewsradio.com and archives can be downloaded to your computer. Visit http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com for a copy of the book- "The Human Food Factor". Call in and tell us what you know. Find out which legislator in your state gave signed authorization for these chemicals to be sprayed in your state. Call in next Saturday- 866-986-6397

Have a great week!

Howard Axtell, author & show host
"The Human Food Factor"


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