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Sunday, October 24, 2010

CAN WE AGREE YET? The worst investment in American history?

Thanks everyone,

Saturday's show was great! Concerned citizens from North and Central America and even Canada, have called in to voice concerns over the massive amounts of aircraft delivered aerosols ("Chemtrails), being sprayed in our skies recently.

It is creating worldwide "off the chart" health issues, killing crops, contaminating fertile growing areas, killing off aquatic life, fish, birds, etc. These poisonous chemicals and heavy metals are being sprayed on us everyday now, in massive amounts. FACT.

Over the last month, we've interviewed expert after expert, offering professional opinions and evidence concerning the overall effects of releasing tons of aluminum oxide and barium into our atmosphere and our air supply.

The short version: It kills living organisms and interrupts Nature's perfect system of cooling the Earth and cleaning the air. These government contracts are being awarded to a few major corporations and they're making a killing off them, no pun intended. They are contaminating our air supply with patented chemical and heavy metal brews. Period.

I can tell you this; it will not end well for anyone concerned and this means all of us.

I need everyone, in every state and locale, to look up, go to my website and leave a weekly weather report for your area. I will include your reports in all The Human Food Factor blogs and on this show. We must increase awareness and bring this situation to the forefront quickly, so the mainstream media will have to pick it up. Fox News already has run an article on it and a good one.

How are your crops doing? How is the respiratory health in your community? How much are they spraying? When and how are they doing it? What do you know?

The effects of these geoengineered aerosol projects is catastrophic to public health, our air, food and water supply, and our atmosphere.


We've heard all about the "change" and "hope" from almost every political hopeful. The only "change" we've seen, are colorful versions of the same story, from a different mouthpiece. The only "hope" we've seen, is us hoping for a a positive return on our investment. It has NEVER HAPPENED. It has always been more of the same.

The point of being a successful investor is having the ability to recognize loss from gain. This is the point that one decides whether to pull his investment and try something that works, right?

This doesn't seem to be in the "plan" according to those who control the "plan" and they also own the media. So, we never hear the corrected version. It is up to us to recognize our situation for what it is. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, you can pretty much rest assured assume, it is a duck!

The overall results of our government system thus far, deserves an F-. It always has and always will result in the same failures, until we recognize it for what it is.


We need a new approach to politics and our relationship to politicians, as citizens. We have been accommodating a system that has been self serving at the encumbant level. We need to create a system that begins by accommodating people for their hard work.

Too much money and time has been wasted. To continue throwing our time and money into this bottomless pit, is foolish. Enough is enough.

"Hope and change" has become a joke to die for and if we don't change to accommodate us, we will go down in history as being the dumbest and laziest people, the world has ever known. That is, if we actually make it through this.

This is the point where we need to take over our own lives and create our own payperview lifestyle instead of paying for someone else's. Picture this... how much is half your life worth to you???

Redistribution of wealth is slavery on both ends. Wake up America, we need to create a new system where everyone gets what they deserve. Not the old, 'they make all the money, we do all the work' system.

It's a no brainer folks. Look at it as an investment. To date, the worst investment ever known! Now, they're even offering up our real estate and our resources to prove it. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST INVESTMENT IN HISTORY!

Check out the website: http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com, purchase the book! Go to the "History Lessons" tab and take your time, you'll be shocked at what you'll find out about: Where we are headed, who is taking us there and why. I highly recommend our last 4 shows and they can be downloaded from http://www.libertynewsradio.com. Highly recommended!!

Have a great week and we'll catch you next Saturday 4-6 Eastern, live on Liberty News Radio and on AM, FM and shortwave, coast to coast!


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