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Friday, October 1, 2010

A runaway government and stratospheric engineering- testimony!

Folks... Tomorrow marks the beginning of a series of shows that offer ironclad evidence about the effects of the geothermal aerosol spraying that is infecting our health, our air, our food supply and our water. Aircraft delivered aerosols have been going on in every state and country I've been in, for over 15 years.

Tomorrow (Saturday 5-7 Eastern), on the Human Food Factor Show, we will begin interviewing people that are suffering from the drastic effects of what has been considered, a "conspiracy theory" for over 15 years, and professionals offering scientific evidence and data. We will be bringing on residents, biologists, film makers and scientists, who will testify not only to the existence of chemtrails, but of the dangers they present to mankind.

In their arrogance, the people involved with these aerosol projects let the cat out of the bag a little early. They are all the way out of the closet. Then ClimateGate emerged and revealed that the "climate change" scientists had intentionally manipulated the climate data and had been paid to do it, by ours and other governments. To top it off, they used our money!!

The spraying has escalated to new invasive levels and the chemicals in them are showing up in huge amounts in our health and the environment. How does it affect us?

It interrupts the transfer of geothermic heat from the Earth into the atmosphere, cleansing of the air and then, it is supposed to come back in the form of precipitation. Without this natural transference, the Earth surface will not cool naturally, the air will not be cleansed and erratic weather will prevail. This is to say nothing of these aerosols shredding our ozone and causing major health issues.

IT HAS GOT TO STOP NOW!!!! One of of our guests will testify that every state must have legal framework to accommodate spraying over it's sovereign sky. Bart Gordon is a Congessman from Tennessee and when questioned, avoided the pertinent questioning and evaded the issue.

Every state has a representative who approved this chemical spraying. By the way, Bart Gordon is in that movie directed by Michael Murphy, "What in the World Are They Spraying?" (premiering in Atlanta 10-23-2010). Bart Gordon is the representative that approved chemical aerosol spraying over the state of Tennessee and Michael Murphy will be coming on our show to tell us all about it. Coming soon!

Every state has one! Find out who it is and call in: 866-986-6397. Tune in folks, every Saturday 5-7 Eastern and if we aren't broadcasting on AM, FM or shortwave in your area; you can dial us up live on http://www.libertynewsradio.com and archives of the show can be found there also. Pick up a copy of my new book at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com. All sales are going towards the show cost and we appreciate your support!

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