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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life on Earth is an Amazing Thing! What is real, what isn't?

You know, I have spent 10's of thousands of hours trying to comprehend and understand, exactly what it is that we as a consolidated species are doing on this planet. I have come to realize that there is a certain group of people who believe "they" are far superior to most of us and feel that "they" have a far better plan for humanity than we could ever imagine on our own. This is what they think.

Their plan describes; untold magnificent wealth that surpasses anything we could ever understand and a new direction for total global governance. This governance is to be provided by those who have surpassed all in the financial world (that they themselves invented) and by conning governments into incorporating this ideology into their into their sovereign workings. This is being propogated through greed and promises of wealth, and obviously, has impressed our own administrations beyond belief.

What a deal!?!

So... It is; corporations can operate at their fullest advantage, as global entities rather than being answerable to any specific country, while under the framework provided by the United Nations. The Grand Design. They can now operate on any foreign ground, representing themselves as a product producing, USA company entity, while taking advantage of each and every one of their foreign locations monitarily and as a financial advantage.

Case and point:

Assist, plan and accommodate programs that eliminate agriculture (the Nation's food supply) in the USA, to accommodate producing a cheaper and less regulated version of the same product, from another country. Thus, instead of tomatoes being grown in California every year, we can expect imported product from a country where the EPA requirements do not exist so; all the chemical bug sprays are usable in a manner that can expose the workers to risk without regulation and if one gets sick, he is replaced immediately by another. Thus, a cheaper, less regulated and potentially unsafe version of the same product is produced for sale in America.

As described, this is redistribution of wealth.

Destroy California's agriculture through aerosol spraying, and give the business away to foreign interests owned by these so called "American companies", all from a foreign location where it is cheaper to produce, and thus providing larger profits to their shareholders.

Again, what a deal.

The fact is that (US) "global companies" are being supported (through legalized bribery), by our own political arena, who is allowing this to happen. These are supposedly "American companies" yet, they are not USA corps anymore. They are playing the tune as "new global corporations", having their cake and eating it too and being supported by Congress and most of our administrations, past and present.

When will we wake up and support the legal position that allows our laws regarding bribery to be enforced?

Lobbying is bribery, plain and simple. If a company is operating in another country and importing to America, they should be considered a "foreign entity" and pay that countries taxes, and importation taxes to us.

This is some of the subject matter we will cover here on the HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW, in the weeks to follow, every Saturday from 5-7 Eastern. You have got to catch this!! We will be revealing how all these government officials are related to each other and how they just pass the baton to whomever gets the seat. The results are the same regardless. Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama.. So far, the only difference has been appearance and discretion.

For the last few weeks, we have been broadcasting testimony and proof concerning the existence and content of the aircraft delivered aerosols that are endangering the health of every living organism on this planet and ending agriculture in this country, as we know it.

Next Saturday, we will be interviewing Dane Wigington, a California resident who has paid dearly from the effects of these Chemtrails being sprayed continuously over his 2000 acre property near Mt. Shasta, California.

His concerns sparked the interest of Michael Murphy, movie producer and writer, who we interviewed on our show last Saturday (10-9-2010) and Francis Mangels, retired 35 year USDA biologist and scientist, who we had on the week before. Both testified to the content and existence of these "Chemtrails" that are interrupting Nature's design and poisoning us, our air and food supply.

Tune in at the Liberty News Radio website http://www.libertynewsradio.com and pick up a copy of my new book at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com. Call ins are welcome and have your questions answered by an expert- 866-986-6397. Tune in, we welcome your listenership and participation!! Be a watchdog. Bring your comments to the table!



  • At October 15, 2010 at 12:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Global corporations is correct. I think most Americans are starting to realize who actually runs America (and the world). It's not the politicians nor the People!!

    Might read another good book out about Americans standing up to this universal power & take a stand. It's a great read.


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