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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you wonder where we're headed? I do!!

Hello folks,

I don't know how many of you out there are familiar with a software program called "web bot” that was originally designed to forecast and predict stock market fluctuations and profitability?

This program evolved into being used to forecast future economic, environmental and social evolution. This is based on collective data being gathered worldwide, through massive data gathering “spiders". It creates specific pictures and climates of almost every kind imaginable. The future being predicted through all the collective conscious data being transmitted through the internet by everyone, about everything. It can even extrapolate the tangible moods on a global basis.

Quite a program indeed.

The owners claim, only 50% of the predictions they've predicted have actually come to fruition, for whatever reason. The cost was $10 for the latest report and the predictions are very interesting. This can be found at http://www.halfpasthuman.com .

It is claimed that starting around the middle of November 2010, fear and unrest is going to settle into the populace, an upset and fearful condition. It claims that extreme climatic events are going to begin happening.

This could very well be caused by the recent hugely invasive levels of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering chemical cloud banks that are being sprayed behind these large white jets, as they fly back and forth over and over again.

It also states that the royal class money marketeers and bankers are going to be publicly exposed and their incredible incomes will dwindle to nothing. Then, large groups of people will introduce them to something comparable to "debtor prisons". During this period, our economy will become toast and the Fed will be jailed?

I need to read it again!

The part that continues to get worse and worse, are these "extreme climatic weather events". Wars will go on hold pending extreme weather, etc. People will become nomadic (Mad Max) because of severe weather environments. Forecast!

Interesting stuff, considering our message here on the Human Food Factor Show over the last 6 months has been about the dangers of these aerosol poisons being sprayed in our skies nationwide and interrupting Nature's cycle.

We've talked extensively about the danger to all living things and the fact that the Earths natural cooling, moisture recycling system is being invasively interrupted by these environmental weather altering "experiments"; experiments that Bill Gates and many others are supporting through our administrations, the military and using legal framework provided by the United Nations.

The danger to living organisms and to the environment alone is enough to recognize that if it isn't stopped, will cause irreparable damage to both.

NEWS FLASH!!! If you mess with Mother Nature, packing a lunch won't help. YOU WILL LOSE. In this case, WE ALL LOSE!

You see, we aren't making the money off these projects, we're paying for it! Where is the benefit to the people? Watching Nature go berserk and all of us getting sick from the aluminum oxides, barium and the rest of the chemical soup? Then there is another point; California used to produce half of the Nations food supply, but now they can’t. Consequently, they’re broke. This is because of the aerosol spraying!

Their soil PH has gone from 5.5 PH, to 6.8 PH (from the spraying) and now nothing will grow. Then, they cut the water off to the San Joaquin Valley, destroying what was once one of the most fertile growing areas in the world. I WONDER WHY OUR GOVERNMENT DID THAT?

Now California is broke, still wondering why? They also claim that the highly concentrated amounts of conductive metals in the air have caused over 4 times the normal lightning strikes, resulting in the massive fires happening in Northern California.

So what have we accomplished? We aren’t able to produce our own food, so we poorer countries, by buying those same foods we used to produce here, but from them. Forced redistribution of wealth possibly? Good question.

Then we have the matter of everyone's chronic respiratory disease and illness from these toxic metals in our air, water and soil. Maybe they will also provide all our much needed health care, you think?

We have a big problem on our hands folks and every day that goes by allows the problem to worsen. We all need to be aware that "someone" wants to control the distribution of everything we need to live, on a global level. And, for us to pay for it.

Food for thought.... We'll be talking about how these corporate and administration heads are all related and just pass the baton back and forth among themselves. We are the only wild card. If we don't agree with their agenda, we are the only ones that can make the difference. They are not about to give up all their potential profits and power, without a spirited struggle.

Remember, we are supposed to call the shots! We can't forget that!!! We need to be bringing these things to the surface, until the media has to pick it up. Be a watchdog. Write about it, send it everywhere, look around you, LOOK UP!!

Tune in Saturday's 4-6 Eastern and if we aren't broadcasting in your area, you can listen live or download the archives of our shows from http://www.libertynewsradio.com. Check out my website at http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com.

Purchase the ebook or paperback- "The Human Food Factor", on sale!!

Call in 866-986-6397, we welcome your comments and anything you want to bring to the table! We need to get on this folks. It’s time to pay attention!



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