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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chemtrails in America and the process of Discovery.

Hello folks,

It's Saturday, October 30, 2010 and once again the Human Food Factor radio talk show will broadcast nationwide, coast to coast, on AM, FM & shortwave radio. If we are not broadcasting in your area, we can be picked up live at Liberty News Radio (http://www.libertynewsradio.com)from 5-7PM Eastern time and archives of all our shows can be found there.

I highly recommend our last 5 Saturday shows. We have had expert after expert on who have offered their expertise and evidence concerning the recent tremendous onslaught of aircraft sprayed aerosols. It doesn't matter if you think it might be a conspiracy theory, what does matter is if it is verified as fact and what they are.

Today, we will be interviewing yet another professional, Mr. Mark Candlish. He will further contribute to the information we have been expousing. He is a highly educated expert and his testimony will provide insight to some of the things that are going on around us, that many simply are not aware of, or, don't consider important. I guess the importance evolves once it puts you in the hospital, or happens to one of our kids.

We have been indoctrinated not to question authority and to accept everything as offered by our providers. Even when it makes no sense, doesn't add up or even when it's a blatant lie that's obvious to everyone. It is a pity how many people get caught up in these webs to the point; obvious fact becomes nothing more than an attachment to the provided picture. I guess the first most obvious question should be, who is providing the picture and what is in it for them? Gets pretty easy from there! You can call it what you like but, facts are facts, right?

The November elections (everyone needs to be paying attention to) are right around the corner! The fervor of the combatants is blazing and voter fraud is running rampant for the desperate. What a scenario and these are adults? Wow! What a process indeed.

I could have never predicted what our society has become and the games we are now forced to play. It has made us the laughing stock of the world. Not in our world, theirs. All these other countries are watching us do exactly what happened to most of them. They understand what it's like and now they are being forced to watch as the last hope of freedom, a supposed "free nation", is transformed into the same mess that ruined them.

One has to understand what happened to them and compare it to us. A glorious leader appears, with promises of change and hope, invigorating the public with the promise of a transformation into the utopia everyone dreams of. Perfect jobs, perfect incomes and a wonderful atmosphere that accommodates "all good". Everyone is prosperous and happy, right?

We ALL need to be very careful with these statements and promises, no matter where they're coming from. The scenario I just quoted was from Nazi, Germany and Hitlers rise to power. Everyone was caught up and even in America, Adolph Hitler's climb to power amazed everyone. Then, the obvious hit the fan and millions were massacred.

This is only one example of the exact same scenario.

It is very difficult to picture people that seem perfectly sane, engaging in these activities. If you bash somebody from all sides with streams of information, whether it is correct or incorrect, some of it sticks. Then they might become overwhelmed and even ignore the truth, because it is too difficult to deal with. The obvious inconsistancies may even appear too incomprehensible to deal with. The answer to the question in ones mind would be. 'Why would anyone do that to us or, they would never do that.' Then again, most of us aren't desperate or at least not the most desperate!

This is one of the biggest problems facing us as a "provided for society". Everything being provided is a complicated mess. However, every mess has a basic root in all that information. It is overwhelming and many just secuum and go with the flow to avoid any further conflict. Psychologically and physically.

People are smart and maybe a little lazy, but it's no wonder we have become complacent. It's too much to deal with as presented, UNTIL these complicated issues are simplified and verified as a simple set of facts. Then and only then, can one make an appropriate judgment.

I had a statement emailed to me yesterday, describing some of the investigatory research I have posted, as being inflamatory and non factual based information. Mongering, he said. If this were true and I was doing all this because of profits or, if I was just plain nuts, it would be different. I would have just ignored it and continued pumping out garbage, for one of those reasons.

I am here because I care. I care about myself, my family and everyone out there, as a valuable member of our society. What we are discovering is that there are a ton of plans for us as a Nation, that many are not aware of. Many feel there is something brewing, but can't put their finger on it and can't find a reference for a timeline for "it". The big questions: What and When? Things do happen and we are due.

Fear supports desperation. Desperate people do desperate things. What could cause this "desperation"? Position, potential loss of profits, loss of power? Possibly and most likely because, 'it's all about the money, all the time.', to quote a friend of mine. Global warming, taxes, monetized healthcare and carbon prices, waning freedom and the potential terrorist threat being interpretated into mass regulation rather than cure, are the things we all are being put in the middle of. We need to concern ourselves with: Who is controlling all of these things, profiting from it and who is paying for it.

Pretty much a no brainer folks. We are being played in so many ways and it's all about the profit and who gets it. Capitalism is great, if it's regulated for decency and fairness. Where we are at now or heading to at full steam, is one boss, one system, united under the United Nations and with glory for all. The "one boss" part of the statement being the key word.

Dial up The Human Food Factor Show, today (Saturday) from 5-7 eastern and listen in. It should be a very good show. That website to listen live on the internet is again: http://www.libertynewsradio.com and to check out my book or to read up on today's discovery, go to http://www.thehumanfoodfactor.com. Pull up the History Lessons and Chemtrail Reports tab! These tabs will take you to many of my references and live Chemtrail weather reporting. You can learn about certain things that you really should know, if you don't already!


Have a great weekend folks, Howard

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