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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can we agree, it's time to draw a line in the sand?


My presence in "like thinking" groups, having my own radio show and becoming a researcher are the by-products of an earthshattering awakening in my life. I never in a thousand years ever dreamt I would defend the righteous, become a talk show host or research history that I was never taught in school.

Blatant mind bombs; truths being presented as interpretations ((intoxications)rather than fact, a lie: merely a mistake or mispoken, official information flagrantly presented as fact, when the truth is the exact opposite; and promises by those lucky enough to get into public office, being merely fodder to keep the feeble minded breathing hard.

Then the truth comes out... It was all lies. And, so many are still swept up by it all. Unbelievable.

We are suffering from a complete breakdown of the basics in this country. "Proof of Value" no longer exists?

So much misdirection and distraction, just to keep us all entertained in a euphoric state, with nothing but "potentials" and "possiblities" flying around our heads. It is the most disgusting waste of time I have ever seen or had to engage in. I quit. I am sick of playing like "it" might have been only a mistake or a "mistruth".

People are responsible for their actions. Our parents, or at least some have, taught us right from wrong and to lie, steal and cheat, are crimes against humanity. This is why we have courts.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and quit engaging in all this crap. Starting tomorrow, make it the first, "call a liar a liar" day. Start putting round pegs in round holes again and be the smart individuals we were born as.

Treat things for what they are and not what they might be. This analogy of twists describing truth, distracts us from the facts and turns this wonderful life we have into a fairy tale. A land where anything goes and all we have to do, is ignore reality.

Reality folks, this is what "they" don't want us to see. They don't want the attention drawn to the facts because it will expose what is happening in America and the direction we are being herded in.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This is what the Tea Party movement is all about. It isn't a group, it isn't a Party, it is a body of "like thinking" normal people who are beginning to realize that everything is not as we have been told and hasn't been for a long long time.

Get loud, be proud, sink or swim. Say it like it is. Drive these idiots back into the closets they came from.

1. They have discredited conspiracy theorists for years and now, 15 years later, everything they have been trying to warn us about, is true. Since when is the truth a sin?

2. The UN and numerous participants in scientific community have announced, 'we are thinking about the benefits and are considering applying the Welsback patents and aerosol spraying, to combat the dangers of global warming.'

FACT: They have been doing it for years already and lying about it. Simple proof: Their "daddies" in the Council of Foreign Relations, in thier minutes from one of their meetings stated, 'we don't dare stop now as it could have even worse, maybe even catastophic effects, if we were to stop the spraying suddenly.'

FACT: NASA has been doing these aerosol experiments in the troposphere dating back years, the same stuff.

So which is it?

FACT: Then, there is California's once fertile soil going from a perfect 5.5 PH, to 6.8 in which none of the normal crops will grow and one common denominator: Overhead aircraft spraying load after load of dispersants that test out to be aluminum & barium oxides and more. This raises the PH.

FACT: People are sick from a multitude of airborne and chemical reactions to these dispersants. It's a fact; After a massive assault of these programs, the obituaries skyrocket. Connected? Who would know? How is it that a new huge hospital opens up and one week later, every bed is filled? Connected? Again, who knows?

3. Are you tired of the fatigue, headaches, major sinusitis, itchy skin, eyes, ears and scalp, and wondering why you and your children have coughs that appear and don't go away? Can't clear your throat lately?

4. George Soros (Shwartz Gyorgy)- Being allowed to run free and do to us, what he has done to every country who let him in. He is an international criminal, a felon, who isn't even welcome in his own country. And yet, his financial tentacles are still reeking havoc in his homeland. And, is a solid friend and supporter of our present administration. Land of the free, home of the thief, go figure!

5. Then, there is the issue of legalized bribery. Since when do we sit back and watch people invest in candidates, get them elected and get THEIR agenda accomplished instead of their constituents? Term limits would help BUT, THIS LEGALIZED BRIBERY HAS GOT TO STOP!!!

All the pretty colors and the finesse debris of a spoken story mean nothing compared to examining facts. It doesn't even matter who. 2 factors, It's happening and what is it? Those are the questions that count. Then, does it affect our way of life and do we want it? This is the thought process that we need to fine tune.

'I was in Vietnam and when I came home, I was treated like a criminal.' This is a guy that wants to be re-elected and very well could be. HE LIED. He has never stepped foot in Viet Nam and lied about it over and over again. How could he ever believe no one would notice? Maybe he just didn't care! People are stupid, right?

How could anyone be so stupid as to vote for a cretin like this and yet, they still are.

I apologize for what might sound like ranting and raving but folks, I am sick and tired of this crap being stuffed down our throats. I don't have all the answers but I do know one thing: We are at least 300 million strong and that is a whole lotta strength!


The Human Food Factor Show is proud to announce; Mark McCandlish will be on our show on Saturday, the 30th of October, from 4-6PM Eastern time. This gentleman is one of the most credible and experienced witnesses I have ever had the pleasure to interview and I promise, will be one of the best yet!!

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