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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chemtrails in America and the process of Discovery.

Hello folks,

It's Saturday, October 30, 2010 and once again the Human Food Factor radio talk show will broadcast nationwide, coast to coast, on AM, FM & shortwave radio. If we are not broadcasting in your area, we can be picked up live at Liberty News Radio ( 5-7PM Eastern time and archives of all our shows can be found there.

I highly recommend our last 5 Saturday shows. We have had expert after expert on who have offered their expertise and evidence concerning the recent tremendous onslaught of aircraft sprayed aerosols. It doesn't matter if you think it might be a conspiracy theory, what does matter is if it is verified as fact and what they are.

Today, we will be interviewing yet another professional, Mr. Mark Candlish. He will further contribute to the information we have been expousing. He is a highly educated expert and his testimony will provide insight to some of the things that are going on around us, that many simply are not aware of, or, don't consider important. I guess the importance evolves once it puts you in the hospital, or happens to one of our kids.

We have been indoctrinated not to question authority and to accept everything as offered by our providers. Even when it makes no sense, doesn't add up or even when it's a blatant lie that's obvious to everyone. It is a pity how many people get caught up in these webs to the point; obvious fact becomes nothing more than an attachment to the provided picture. I guess the first most obvious question should be, who is providing the picture and what is in it for them? Gets pretty easy from there! You can call it what you like but, facts are facts, right?

The November elections (everyone needs to be paying attention to) are right around the corner! The fervor of the combatants is blazing and voter fraud is running rampant for the desperate. What a scenario and these are adults? Wow! What a process indeed.

I could have never predicted what our society has become and the games we are now forced to play. It has made us the laughing stock of the world. Not in our world, theirs. All these other countries are watching us do exactly what happened to most of them. They understand what it's like and now they are being forced to watch as the last hope of freedom, a supposed "free nation", is transformed into the same mess that ruined them.

One has to understand what happened to them and compare it to us. A glorious leader appears, with promises of change and hope, invigorating the public with the promise of a transformation into the utopia everyone dreams of. Perfect jobs, perfect incomes and a wonderful atmosphere that accommodates "all good". Everyone is prosperous and happy, right?

We ALL need to be very careful with these statements and promises, no matter where they're coming from. The scenario I just quoted was from Nazi, Germany and Hitlers rise to power. Everyone was caught up and even in America, Adolph Hitler's climb to power amazed everyone. Then, the obvious hit the fan and millions were massacred.

This is only one example of the exact same scenario.

It is very difficult to picture people that seem perfectly sane, engaging in these activities. If you bash somebody from all sides with streams of information, whether it is correct or incorrect, some of it sticks. Then they might become overwhelmed and even ignore the truth, because it is too difficult to deal with. The obvious inconsistancies may even appear too incomprehensible to deal with. The answer to the question in ones mind would be. 'Why would anyone do that to us or, they would never do that.' Then again, most of us aren't desperate or at least not the most desperate!

This is one of the biggest problems facing us as a "provided for society". Everything being provided is a complicated mess. However, every mess has a basic root in all that information. It is overwhelming and many just secuum and go with the flow to avoid any further conflict. Psychologically and physically.

People are smart and maybe a little lazy, but it's no wonder we have become complacent. It's too much to deal with as presented, UNTIL these complicated issues are simplified and verified as a simple set of facts. Then and only then, can one make an appropriate judgment.

I had a statement emailed to me yesterday, describing some of the investigatory research I have posted, as being inflamatory and non factual based information. Mongering, he said. If this were true and I was doing all this because of profits or, if I was just plain nuts, it would be different. I would have just ignored it and continued pumping out garbage, for one of those reasons.

I am here because I care. I care about myself, my family and everyone out there, as a valuable member of our society. What we are discovering is that there are a ton of plans for us as a Nation, that many are not aware of. Many feel there is something brewing, but can't put their finger on it and can't find a reference for a timeline for "it". The big questions: What and When? Things do happen and we are due.

Fear supports desperation. Desperate people do desperate things. What could cause this "desperation"? Position, potential loss of profits, loss of power? Possibly and most likely because, 'it's all about the money, all the time.', to quote a friend of mine. Global warming, taxes, monetized healthcare and carbon prices, waning freedom and the potential terrorist threat being interpretated into mass regulation rather than cure, are the things we all are being put in the middle of. We need to concern ourselves with: Who is controlling all of these things, profiting from it and who is paying for it.

Pretty much a no brainer folks. We are being played in so many ways and it's all about the profit and who gets it. Capitalism is great, if it's regulated for decency and fairness. Where we are at now or heading to at full steam, is one boss, one system, united under the United Nations and with glory for all. The "one boss" part of the statement being the key word.

Dial up The Human Food Factor Show, today (Saturday) from 5-7 eastern and listen in. It should be a very good show. That website to listen live on the internet is again: and to check out my book or to read up on today's discovery, go to Pull up the History Lessons and Chemtrail Reports tab! These tabs will take you to many of my references and live Chemtrail weather reporting. You can learn about certain things that you really should know, if you don't already!


Have a great weekend folks, Howard

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can we agree, it's time to draw a line in the sand?


My presence in "like thinking" groups, having my own radio show and becoming a researcher are the by-products of an earthshattering awakening in my life. I never in a thousand years ever dreamt I would defend the righteous, become a talk show host or research history that I was never taught in school.

Blatant mind bombs; truths being presented as interpretations ((intoxications)rather than fact, a lie: merely a mistake or mispoken, official information flagrantly presented as fact, when the truth is the exact opposite; and promises by those lucky enough to get into public office, being merely fodder to keep the feeble minded breathing hard.

Then the truth comes out... It was all lies. And, so many are still swept up by it all. Unbelievable.

We are suffering from a complete breakdown of the basics in this country. "Proof of Value" no longer exists?

So much misdirection and distraction, just to keep us all entertained in a euphoric state, with nothing but "potentials" and "possiblities" flying around our heads. It is the most disgusting waste of time I have ever seen or had to engage in. I quit. I am sick of playing like "it" might have been only a mistake or a "mistruth".

People are responsible for their actions. Our parents, or at least some have, taught us right from wrong and to lie, steal and cheat, are crimes against humanity. This is why we have courts.

It is time to draw a line in the sand and quit engaging in all this crap. Starting tomorrow, make it the first, "call a liar a liar" day. Start putting round pegs in round holes again and be the smart individuals we were born as.

Treat things for what they are and not what they might be. This analogy of twists describing truth, distracts us from the facts and turns this wonderful life we have into a fairy tale. A land where anything goes and all we have to do, is ignore reality.

Reality folks, this is what "they" don't want us to see. They don't want the attention drawn to the facts because it will expose what is happening in America and the direction we are being herded in.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! This is what the Tea Party movement is all about. It isn't a group, it isn't a Party, it is a body of "like thinking" normal people who are beginning to realize that everything is not as we have been told and hasn't been for a long long time.

Get loud, be proud, sink or swim. Say it like it is. Drive these idiots back into the closets they came from.

1. They have discredited conspiracy theorists for years and now, 15 years later, everything they have been trying to warn us about, is true. Since when is the truth a sin?

2. The UN and numerous participants in scientific community have announced, 'we are thinking about the benefits and are considering applying the Welsback patents and aerosol spraying, to combat the dangers of global warming.'

FACT: They have been doing it for years already and lying about it. Simple proof: Their "daddies" in the Council of Foreign Relations, in thier minutes from one of their meetings stated, 'we don't dare stop now as it could have even worse, maybe even catastophic effects, if we were to stop the spraying suddenly.'

FACT: NASA has been doing these aerosol experiments in the troposphere dating back years, the same stuff.

So which is it?

FACT: Then, there is California's once fertile soil going from a perfect 5.5 PH, to 6.8 in which none of the normal crops will grow and one common denominator: Overhead aircraft spraying load after load of dispersants that test out to be aluminum & barium oxides and more. This raises the PH.

FACT: People are sick from a multitude of airborne and chemical reactions to these dispersants. It's a fact; After a massive assault of these programs, the obituaries skyrocket. Connected? Who would know? How is it that a new huge hospital opens up and one week later, every bed is filled? Connected? Again, who knows?

3. Are you tired of the fatigue, headaches, major sinusitis, itchy skin, eyes, ears and scalp, and wondering why you and your children have coughs that appear and don't go away? Can't clear your throat lately?

4. George Soros (Shwartz Gyorgy)- Being allowed to run free and do to us, what he has done to every country who let him in. He is an international criminal, a felon, who isn't even welcome in his own country. And yet, his financial tentacles are still reeking havoc in his homeland. And, is a solid friend and supporter of our present administration. Land of the free, home of the thief, go figure!

5. Then, there is the issue of legalized bribery. Since when do we sit back and watch people invest in candidates, get them elected and get THEIR agenda accomplished instead of their constituents? Term limits would help BUT, THIS LEGALIZED BRIBERY HAS GOT TO STOP!!!

All the pretty colors and the finesse debris of a spoken story mean nothing compared to examining facts. It doesn't even matter who. 2 factors, It's happening and what is it? Those are the questions that count. Then, does it affect our way of life and do we want it? This is the thought process that we need to fine tune.

'I was in Vietnam and when I came home, I was treated like a criminal.' This is a guy that wants to be re-elected and very well could be. HE LIED. He has never stepped foot in Viet Nam and lied about it over and over again. How could he ever believe no one would notice? Maybe he just didn't care! People are stupid, right?

How could anyone be so stupid as to vote for a cretin like this and yet, they still are.

I apologize for what might sound like ranting and raving but folks, I am sick and tired of this crap being stuffed down our throats. I don't have all the answers but I do know one thing: We are at least 300 million strong and that is a whole lotta strength!


The Human Food Factor Show is proud to announce; Mark McCandlish will be on our show on Saturday, the 30th of October, from 4-6PM Eastern time. This gentleman is one of the most credible and experienced witnesses I have ever had the pleasure to interview and I promise, will be one of the best yet!!

Tune in to the Human Food Factor Show, listen live on AM, FM and shortwave radio, coast to coast or live at Liberty News Archives of the shows are also available there and the last 4 weeks have been excellent.

I highly recommend the download if you want to know what is going on under our noses and right in our faces. Check out the new Chemtrail Report and the History Lesson tabs on my website at Contribute to the Chemtrail Report! Send us information about where and what they are doing in your area. Send your pictures and information please! Howard

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Chemtrail weather report- Tennessee 10/25/2010

Hello America,

As I promised, I will deliver.

We are getting reports from all over America and the rest of the planet as well. We have scientists, experts and professionals reading wind and weather irregularities that suggest manipulation. Across the board, there is a massive, new styled onslaught of highly invasive spraying coming from large white aircraft, flying at about 45,000 to 50,000 feet. These fake cloud formations are called, appropriately, "Chemtrails".

10/24/2010... Yesterday, rain was in the forecast for Middle Tennessee. It delivered high winds and rain as predicted. This morning, low and behold, aircraft were seen spraying layer upon layer of these fleecy fake clouds, from horizon to horizon. They must have taken advantage of the natural cloud cover for hours, to hide the huge number of trails they had sprayed out into our sky.

This spraying continued thoughout the day to the point the entire sky, from horizon to horizon, was filled with these "fake cloud" materials. These materials have been identified as toxic chemicals and heavy metals, poisonous to all living organisms. For anyone who doesn't realize it; that means us.

Incoming statements report: chronic fatigue, headaches, incessant productive coughing, aches and pains, hissing in the head/ears, etc. all the way to people becoming bedridden from these effects being added to their already difficult environment. Coefficient, these "trails".

Interestingly enough, I have to admit; I feel like I am carrying an elephant on my back 24/7 and have many of the above symtoms. I feel like I have to force myself to engage in anything physical, most of the time. This is not the old "me" however, I am driving my "car" and I will continue to do so until I have done everything I can do.

I am not positive that all this can be attributed to "Chemtrails", but I can say this; Several common denominators and all the physical evidence presented, erases 99.9% of any speculation.

The evidence I speak of is the actual patents being engaged in. These patents are being perpetuated by investors and applied under the direction and framework provided by the Council of Foreign Relations and the United Nations.

All this information is verifiable by looking through their respective websites.

NOAA and NASA is playing a very large part in these programs being pushed forward by our government and have been for decades by every administration, since before Carter (also verifiable).

Wake up folks. This is no joke and it's happening not only to me; but you, your children and your families. Truth be known (and also verifiable), it's contaminating our air, food and water supply, in major leaps. Possibly even unreversably.

Their claim is: 'We will own the weather by 2025'. Sorry folks, the evidence shows they already do!


If this continues, there is no available scientific data available that can tell us how all of this turns out. There is however; scientific data defining the effects of massive aluminum and barium toxicity on living organisms. Again, we are those living organisms folks!

Go to and contact me. Send in your state or country's weather report and I will post it discreetly, to inform everyone possible that "someone" is attacking us with poisonous materials and that you are not the only one(s).

Come forward, fear not. Our voices will change the world!

Thanks, Howard

Sunday, October 24, 2010

CAN WE AGREE YET? The worst investment in American history?

Thanks everyone,

Saturday's show was great! Concerned citizens from North and Central America and even Canada, have called in to voice concerns over the massive amounts of aircraft delivered aerosols ("Chemtrails), being sprayed in our skies recently.

It is creating worldwide "off the chart" health issues, killing crops, contaminating fertile growing areas, killing off aquatic life, fish, birds, etc. These poisonous chemicals and heavy metals are being sprayed on us everyday now, in massive amounts. FACT.

Over the last month, we've interviewed expert after expert, offering professional opinions and evidence concerning the overall effects of releasing tons of aluminum oxide and barium into our atmosphere and our air supply.

The short version: It kills living organisms and interrupts Nature's perfect system of cooling the Earth and cleaning the air. These government contracts are being awarded to a few major corporations and they're making a killing off them, no pun intended. They are contaminating our air supply with patented chemical and heavy metal brews. Period.

I can tell you this; it will not end well for anyone concerned and this means all of us.

I need everyone, in every state and locale, to look up, go to my website and leave a weekly weather report for your area. I will include your reports in all The Human Food Factor blogs and on this show. We must increase awareness and bring this situation to the forefront quickly, so the mainstream media will have to pick it up. Fox News already has run an article on it and a good one.

How are your crops doing? How is the respiratory health in your community? How much are they spraying? When and how are they doing it? What do you know?

The effects of these geoengineered aerosol projects is catastrophic to public health, our air, food and water supply, and our atmosphere.


We've heard all about the "change" and "hope" from almost every political hopeful. The only "change" we've seen, are colorful versions of the same story, from a different mouthpiece. The only "hope" we've seen, is us hoping for a a positive return on our investment. It has NEVER HAPPENED. It has always been more of the same.

The point of being a successful investor is having the ability to recognize loss from gain. This is the point that one decides whether to pull his investment and try something that works, right?

This doesn't seem to be in the "plan" according to those who control the "plan" and they also own the media. So, we never hear the corrected version. It is up to us to recognize our situation for what it is. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, you can pretty much rest assured assume, it is a duck!

The overall results of our government system thus far, deserves an F-. It always has and always will result in the same failures, until we recognize it for what it is.


We need a new approach to politics and our relationship to politicians, as citizens. We have been accommodating a system that has been self serving at the encumbant level. We need to create a system that begins by accommodating people for their hard work.

Too much money and time has been wasted. To continue throwing our time and money into this bottomless pit, is foolish. Enough is enough.

"Hope and change" has become a joke to die for and if we don't change to accommodate us, we will go down in history as being the dumbest and laziest people, the world has ever known. That is, if we actually make it through this.

This is the point where we need to take over our own lives and create our own payperview lifestyle instead of paying for someone else's. Picture this... how much is half your life worth to you???

Redistribution of wealth is slavery on both ends. Wake up America, we need to create a new system where everyone gets what they deserve. Not the old, 'they make all the money, we do all the work' system.

It's a no brainer folks. Look at it as an investment. To date, the worst investment ever known! Now, they're even offering up our real estate and our resources to prove it. THIS HAS BEEN THE WORST INVESTMENT IN HISTORY!

Check out the website:, purchase the book! Go to the "History Lessons" tab and take your time, you'll be shocked at what you'll find out about: Where we are headed, who is taking us there and why. I highly recommend our last 4 shows and they can be downloaded from Highly recommended!!

Have a great week and we'll catch you next Saturday 4-6 Eastern, live on Liberty News Radio and on AM, FM and shortwave, coast to coast!


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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Look, listen, be aware of everything around you!!!

Hello folks,

Today we are going to talk about a number of subjects that directly affect us all.

We have spent a month almost completely on Chemtrails; their existence, the contents and how it is being done. We’ve had expert after expert on the show, verifying and proving out all the facts for you, our listening audience.

You know, to have a successful show on the air, television or radio, it is usually considered an entertainment venue. This show wasn’t designed to be entertaining and it has been a very pleasant surprise to find that you, our listeners, are concerned and aren’t necessarily looking for the artificial stimulation that most of the mainstream media dishes out 24/7.

It seems many would prefer some reality, some down to Earth documented evidence about where we are in this invisible race, to a goal we know very little about. Someone else’s goal perhaps.

It is like we’re on a bus and we have this little contest to decide, who is going to be the new bus driver. You know, every four years or so.

At the end of the day, it’s the same bus, headed for the same goal, just a new driver at the wheel; the product of an entertaining contest we all got to participate in.

On this show we challenge this element of a protocol that has distracted us for years.

Who would have ever thought that these contests might merely be to distract us into believing there was actually a winner and a loser in this really cool contest we all participate in?

We never really change course. A new fancy program, a new face, taking us to the same exact place that are now defined, as multiple failures. Einstein once said, ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.'

Stupid is as stupid does and the intent of this show, is with your help, to identify the stupid mistakes we’ve continued to make throughout all these years and recognize them for what they are. The failures, the bad ideas; perpetuated by ignorant and bad choices.

Call in, say your piece at 866-986-6397 Saturday 4-6 Eastern.

Download archives of the show or listen live on AM, FM and shortwave radio at or go to and check the ebook or paperback of “The Human Food Factor”, on sale!!

Check out the “history lesson” tab! Take your time, you will learn a lot!!

Thank you for being the best audience any of us here at the Human Food Factor Show and the Liberty News Radio Network, have ever seen. Citizens joining together as a multimillion effort to improve life as we know it, is an honorable thing to do and we appreciate all of you and your participation!

Thanks again, Howard

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do you wonder where we're headed? I do!!

Hello folks,

I don't know how many of you out there are familiar with a software program called "web bot” that was originally designed to forecast and predict stock market fluctuations and profitability?

This program evolved into being used to forecast future economic, environmental and social evolution. This is based on collective data being gathered worldwide, through massive data gathering “spiders". It creates specific pictures and climates of almost every kind imaginable. The future being predicted through all the collective conscious data being transmitted through the internet by everyone, about everything. It can even extrapolate the tangible moods on a global basis.

Quite a program indeed.

The owners claim, only 50% of the predictions they've predicted have actually come to fruition, for whatever reason. The cost was $10 for the latest report and the predictions are very interesting. This can be found at .

It is claimed that starting around the middle of November 2010, fear and unrest is going to settle into the populace, an upset and fearful condition. It claims that extreme climatic events are going to begin happening.

This could very well be caused by the recent hugely invasive levels of Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering chemical cloud banks that are being sprayed behind these large white jets, as they fly back and forth over and over again.

It also states that the royal class money marketeers and bankers are going to be publicly exposed and their incredible incomes will dwindle to nothing. Then, large groups of people will introduce them to something comparable to "debtor prisons". During this period, our economy will become toast and the Fed will be jailed?

I need to read it again!

The part that continues to get worse and worse, are these "extreme climatic weather events". Wars will go on hold pending extreme weather, etc. People will become nomadic (Mad Max) because of severe weather environments. Forecast!

Interesting stuff, considering our message here on the Human Food Factor Show over the last 6 months has been about the dangers of these aerosol poisons being sprayed in our skies nationwide and interrupting Nature's cycle.

We've talked extensively about the danger to all living things and the fact that the Earths natural cooling, moisture recycling system is being invasively interrupted by these environmental weather altering "experiments"; experiments that Bill Gates and many others are supporting through our administrations, the military and using legal framework provided by the United Nations.

The danger to living organisms and to the environment alone is enough to recognize that if it isn't stopped, will cause irreparable damage to both.

NEWS FLASH!!! If you mess with Mother Nature, packing a lunch won't help. YOU WILL LOSE. In this case, WE ALL LOSE!

You see, we aren't making the money off these projects, we're paying for it! Where is the benefit to the people? Watching Nature go berserk and all of us getting sick from the aluminum oxides, barium and the rest of the chemical soup? Then there is another point; California used to produce half of the Nations food supply, but now they can’t. Consequently, they’re broke. This is because of the aerosol spraying!

Their soil PH has gone from 5.5 PH, to 6.8 PH (from the spraying) and now nothing will grow. Then, they cut the water off to the San Joaquin Valley, destroying what was once one of the most fertile growing areas in the world. I WONDER WHY OUR GOVERNMENT DID THAT?

Now California is broke, still wondering why? They also claim that the highly concentrated amounts of conductive metals in the air have caused over 4 times the normal lightning strikes, resulting in the massive fires happening in Northern California.

So what have we accomplished? We aren’t able to produce our own food, so we poorer countries, by buying those same foods we used to produce here, but from them. Forced redistribution of wealth possibly? Good question.

Then we have the matter of everyone's chronic respiratory disease and illness from these toxic metals in our air, water and soil. Maybe they will also provide all our much needed health care, you think?

We have a big problem on our hands folks and every day that goes by allows the problem to worsen. We all need to be aware that "someone" wants to control the distribution of everything we need to live, on a global level. And, for us to pay for it.

Food for thought.... We'll be talking about how these corporate and administration heads are all related and just pass the baton back and forth among themselves. We are the only wild card. If we don't agree with their agenda, we are the only ones that can make the difference. They are not about to give up all their potential profits and power, without a spirited struggle.

Remember, we are supposed to call the shots! We can't forget that!!! We need to be bringing these things to the surface, until the media has to pick it up. Be a watchdog. Write about it, send it everywhere, look around you, LOOK UP!!

Tune in Saturday's 4-6 Eastern and if we aren't broadcasting in your area, you can listen live or download the archives of our shows from Check out my website at

Purchase the ebook or paperback- "The Human Food Factor", on sale!!

Call in 866-986-6397, we welcome your comments and anything you want to bring to the table! We need to get on this folks. It’s time to pay attention!



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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What in the World are They Spraying? Look up!!

Hello Folks,

Another weather report that you won't hear from the mainstream media.... Here in Middle Tennessee, after a very brief and beautiful blue sky break, whoever is flying those huge white jets at about 45,000 feet, have begun letting loose a deluge of fleecy spider webbing clouds, like we have never seen before.

This last weekend, it began in the wee hours of the morning before daybreak and by 8:30AM on Sunday, the entire sky was filled with a "whitening", one of the side effects of the chemical and metal content of the SAG experiments, or Statospheric Aerosol Geoengineering.

They then laid off for a couple of hours, probably to reload and by 11:00AM, they were back with spray volumes larger than we have ever seen before, here in Tennessee.

Ever since, it's like the have pulled the plug on any the obvious secrecy and coverup they have exhibited until now, and now they have stepped all the way out of the closet. It is an arrogant display of muscle, with the claim; 'we don't care if you know, we don't care what you want and we don't care if you know your money is being used to pay for this assault on you, your health, your babies and the well being of our environment.

I am not a "Green Nut", never have been but, does anyone ever remember voting on anything like this? Does anyone remember giving anyone the authority to do this without us even knowing what it is and how much it is costing us? It is another flagrant display of disregard for us and a blow being delivered to the Constitution and our rights as a governing body.

What the hell is up with these people? What more can we expect? What will they say if it comes to be that people are dying from massive aluminum oxide and barium exposure, maybe; 'we didn't know, but it was for your own good? We do not have any data, except what these chemicals do to the physiology of living organisms.

It kills them folks. It is a medical fact. They are unloading hundreds of thousands of tons of this nano particle, so small that when you breathe the particles, they go directly into your bloodstream. Aluminum settles in the brain, causing neurological damage (Alzheimers), barium is in the same category as arsnic and as a simple constant dust cloud, causes massive respitory pnuemoniatic symptoms, headaches and coughing.

Again... WHO GAVE THEM THE AUTHORITY TO DO THIS??? Are we the experiment??

I need reporting on this and I will forward it to every outlet I have, so that we can better keep track of it. VERY IMPORTANT. If it is going to hurt us, we'd better follow it and do everything we can to get it stopped. They must know we are seeing this massive onslaught, they have shifted into high gear and the next thing we'll hear from them will be; 'we didn't know, it was for your own good.'

Email me through my website at and lets get some more nationwide attention on this big problem. Right along with a great November voting spree!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

What in the World are They Spraying???


If you don’t think this is serious, go to and pull up the archives of the Human Food Factor Show from Oct. 2, 9, and yesterday, the 16th. We interviewed experts, a scientist, a movie producer and Dane Wigington, who told us exactly what these cloud trails contain and what they are doing to us. Callers from coast to coast and up into Canada called in and verified that the same things are also happening in their parts of the country.

You can also visit: for a ton of information on this subject. It is not a “fringe site”. It is a pretty complicated site but if you take the time, has lots of up to date information on this subject.

I don’t remember ever giving anyone the authority to endanger our health and well being. I also don’t want to have to answer to my children and grandchildren, when they ask me why we did nothing to stop the aerial experiment that killed our crops and made us all sick.

8:30 AM Sunday- Here in Tennessee, they’ve sprayed the hell out of us again in the early morning hours. Many of our crops failed this year and we are seeing some premature leaf drop. Everyone is sick, coughing, massive sinusitis, headaches and above the neck sensations that are not normal. Everyone feels tired. Everyone is out of money and time.

UPDATE: 11:00 AM Sunday- They are spraying again. Huge spray trails from jet aircraft, from about 30,000 feet up. There are “blankets” of multiple trails coming out of the wings, the full width of the aircraft. The entire sky is now full of this fake cloud material. Chemicals and heavy metals. This is the most invasive spraying we have seen yet. We must be pretty important our here in the Tennessee Valley, to warrant all this attention. Wonder why?

This is an email I received from Michael Murphy this morning. Bravo Michael!!! Should be an excellent tool for understanding folks!!

Howard, I am proud to announce that "What in the World are They Spraying?" is now officially complete and ready for order at the following link:

This is a letter composed to geoengineeringwatch, a group dedicated to informing the public about the complex nature of what is happening in our skies and to us.


It is great to hear about you and we appreciate your efforts to inform the global public about this devastating problem that is killing our fish, wildlife, our food supply and our health.

We just had Dane Wigington on our show yesterday and Michael Murphy last week, concerning these Chemtrails. Dane referenced your site numerous times to our listeners, and suggested they download a printable "flyer" that nobody seems to be able to find. In my research, I have studied thousands of websites, gleaning every piece of information possible concerning where we are headed, who is taking us there, and the most obvious, how and why.

Dane has impressed upon me that these Chemtrails are of first and most importance to deal with, and I couldn't agree more. It is killing us and our food supply. The reasons are obvious and it must be stopped ASAP. Doesn't really matter who is doing it, "it" and the effects are our primary concern

The CFR states, 'if they stop now, it could have even more disastrous effects than if they continue.' I believe this is "in house garbage" to convince each other that this is billions of dollars being well spent. Like, ‘ We're losing money now, but we'll make up for it in volume.’

For a unified effort and to inform the public unilaterally, the message has to be simple to navigate. Grouping information into files like a "History file", "NWO file", a "HAARP file", "CFO file", "UN file", "Who file", etc. might help.

Quicker, easier and accomplishes the goal in volumes of understanding, by recognition. That is the trick. Getting the basic information out to the most people, in the least amount of time.

Your site is more or less a shotgun approach, a Rense method of display and in our humble opinion, will lose many before they take the time that's needed. The folks have to find the basic information they need quickly and easily, to verify the existence, the contents and what will happen if we don't all get on the same page.

Our concern is this; if we are already half way down the pipe and if this doesn't stick quickly in the largest possible portion of the population, we may see the end game yet. That is not an option for our survival.

The internet, our radio shows and various documentaries, including Jesse Ventura on mainstream, are our last hope to regain unified control of our lives. Thus, it is of utmost importance that we band together and get this job done. Let me ask you this:

1. How about state by state, country by country petitions and Chemtrail reporting? Area and test reporting.
2. How about submitting these periodically updated reports to all the legislators, groups, newspapers (letters to editors, etc.)?
3. Formal requests to all the companies involved and watchdog groups? Periodic total watch results per geographic location?
4. Multiple requests to cease and desist, to everyone who is ignoring us.
This would be a unified effort to get the information out in the open and up front, for the attention it needs. Then neither the media, nor our political incumbents could ignore it. Again, I believe we are at the halfway mark. God help us if we have to suffer the end of this process.

Your thoughts?

My best,

Howard Axtell, author and show host
"The Human Food Factor", book and show

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Whatever walk of life- Do You Trust Your Government? I challenge you all, to look at the facts!

Folks of all belief,

I come to you as a normal, typical and honest guy. Someone who has wanted nothing more than to live a "Joe Blow" normal life, in a simple pursuit of happiness. Yup, that's me!

Have you noticed how much more pointed and sketchy the parameters of living have become? Have you noticed how everything seems to move in it's "own" direction, regardless of public input and seemingly, under it's own power? Even, regardless of our efforts expended, just to get the "right" one in office?


Simply put, it doesn't seem to matter who is in office, who is elected and what platform they support. Have you noticed, "they" (our administrations)don't change anything while in office. It's either slippery, in stealth or blatantly out in the open. "Change and hope", words we have grown to love and endear. My question is this...

How has all that change and hope improved our lives so far?? Over the last 50 years?

It's like the process is under it's own power, and the encumbents only add colored flavoring to the results. And, the results are the same, regardless of red, blue, progessive, conservative, etc.

All this time, we have been led to believe that the electoral process was a contest between good and evil, and yet both reveal the same exact qualities and results.

What the Hell is up with that!!!!!

Have we been duped into a mindset of "the challenge", a contest, where we either win or lose, resulting in a drop or a rise in our quality as a Nation, surviving a systematic problem that never seems to go away or improve?




I'm sorry folks, I don't believe it matters anymore what any of us believes in, or who we voted for. We are about to learn the truth. My job is to bring facts to the surface so that anyone who is willing to look and has the desire to know the truth, can see where we are being taken and why.

If you don't believe, or just just can't get your arms around visualizing a picture that doesn't offer the happy ending we all want; you will not have the advantage of knowing about what, where it came from and who did it, before we hit the wall we are aimed at.

Too much evidence, too much testimony, has made it to the surface, to the point almost every, once considered "conspiracy theorist" is all of a sudden, dead on target. Everything they have been trying to tell us has either already happened, or is getting ready to. This leaves the question;



There is now EVIDENCE. Understand the word. EVIDENCE is what convicts criminals in a court of law, before a jury of their peers.

There is evidence that: IN FACT, depleted uranium is being used in the munitions being provided to our troops in the Mid East.

THAT: The same radiation spike was signaled during 9-11 and the FBI, HAZMAT & the EPA were notified, but the 9-11 responders were not. Consequently, over 900 have died from radiation related illness, as well as a number of lower Manhattan residents. Breathing the dust from a radioactive thermite source.

The same interview states, 'Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, are 100% uninhabitable by humans and the lifespan of the depleted unranium deposits, is 4.5 billion years.

Look it up folks, "depleted unranium" being used in the Mid East and tell me: If you were a soldier, sitting ususpectingly on a box of shells in a transport for days and came up with cancer of the rectum, who could you tell? How would you know?


Evidence shows that every administration, for over the last 50 years, has been under the direction of the Council Of Foreign Relations, who in turn represent a small group of people (the wealthiest on the planet), through the webbed framework of the United Nations, which was formed by the same people.

DO NOT BELIEVE ME! LISTEN. LOOK. Find out the facts on the Human Food Factor Show, as we present the truth as we find it, in real time. Saturday's at 5-7 Eastern. If the show isn't being broadcast in your area, listen live on the internet at

Also, check out my book, "The Human Food Factor: on my website at Call ins are requested. Get your questions answered by leading experts such as Michael Murphy, Edward Griffin, Dane Wigington, Francis Mangels! Call in 866-986-6397


Know where the bullet is coming from before it's fired. At least you might stand a chance, to live a little longer.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life on Earth is an Amazing Thing! What is real, what isn't?

You know, I have spent 10's of thousands of hours trying to comprehend and understand, exactly what it is that we as a consolidated species are doing on this planet. I have come to realize that there is a certain group of people who believe "they" are far superior to most of us and feel that "they" have a far better plan for humanity than we could ever imagine on our own. This is what they think.

Their plan describes; untold magnificent wealth that surpasses anything we could ever understand and a new direction for total global governance. This governance is to be provided by those who have surpassed all in the financial world (that they themselves invented) and by conning governments into incorporating this ideology into their into their sovereign workings. This is being propogated through greed and promises of wealth, and obviously, has impressed our own administrations beyond belief.

What a deal!?!

So... It is; corporations can operate at their fullest advantage, as global entities rather than being answerable to any specific country, while under the framework provided by the United Nations. The Grand Design. They can now operate on any foreign ground, representing themselves as a product producing, USA company entity, while taking advantage of each and every one of their foreign locations monitarily and as a financial advantage.

Case and point:

Assist, plan and accommodate programs that eliminate agriculture (the Nation's food supply) in the USA, to accommodate producing a cheaper and less regulated version of the same product, from another country. Thus, instead of tomatoes being grown in California every year, we can expect imported product from a country where the EPA requirements do not exist so; all the chemical bug sprays are usable in a manner that can expose the workers to risk without regulation and if one gets sick, he is replaced immediately by another. Thus, a cheaper, less regulated and potentially unsafe version of the same product is produced for sale in America.

As described, this is redistribution of wealth.

Destroy California's agriculture through aerosol spraying, and give the business away to foreign interests owned by these so called "American companies", all from a foreign location where it is cheaper to produce, and thus providing larger profits to their shareholders.

Again, what a deal.

The fact is that (US) "global companies" are being supported (through legalized bribery), by our own political arena, who is allowing this to happen. These are supposedly "American companies" yet, they are not USA corps anymore. They are playing the tune as "new global corporations", having their cake and eating it too and being supported by Congress and most of our administrations, past and present.

When will we wake up and support the legal position that allows our laws regarding bribery to be enforced?

Lobbying is bribery, plain and simple. If a company is operating in another country and importing to America, they should be considered a "foreign entity" and pay that countries taxes, and importation taxes to us.

This is some of the subject matter we will cover here on the HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW, in the weeks to follow, every Saturday from 5-7 Eastern. You have got to catch this!! We will be revealing how all these government officials are related to each other and how they just pass the baton to whomever gets the seat. The results are the same regardless. Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama.. So far, the only difference has been appearance and discretion.

For the last few weeks, we have been broadcasting testimony and proof concerning the existence and content of the aircraft delivered aerosols that are endangering the health of every living organism on this planet and ending agriculture in this country, as we know it.

Next Saturday, we will be interviewing Dane Wigington, a California resident who has paid dearly from the effects of these Chemtrails being sprayed continuously over his 2000 acre property near Mt. Shasta, California.

His concerns sparked the interest of Michael Murphy, movie producer and writer, who we interviewed on our show last Saturday (10-9-2010) and Francis Mangels, retired 35 year USDA biologist and scientist, who we had on the week before. Both testified to the content and existence of these "Chemtrails" that are interrupting Nature's design and poisoning us, our air and food supply.

Tune in at the Liberty News Radio website and pick up a copy of my new book at Call ins are welcome and have your questions answered by an expert- 866-986-6397. Tune in, we welcome your listenership and participation!! Be a watchdog. Bring your comments to the table!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Chemtrails, GMO foods, the lies, the relationships. Who are these people and where did they come from?

Hello folks,

After all this time, people are finally waking up and asking the right questions about what is going on, on our planet. It is our planet. It is our country. This was our birth given right.

Who invented the idea of paying someone else for the right to live? I knew there was something wrong with that, even when I was younger. You work hard and reap the benefits of your labor. You don't work, you perish, right? Somewhere along the line, society got sidetracked and frankly, passed on the reality boat. I don't want to move to China or live like them! It's OK for the Chinese though. They'll do what they do and we'll continue to do what we do!

So.... what's all this, tie everything together under a single governing body, bull? If the people don't want it, who does, right? These are questions we must ask ourselves and we need to figure out these answers right now.

Someone out there wants to be the head cheese and a bunch of plebes want to be the head cheese's high paid servants. It has nothing to do with the people's wants, only the desires of the head cheese and the servants.


Somewhere in all this, there is a common denominator. Something that glues it all together and makes sense. The first thing that comes to mind is: they all must know each other very well or have for a long time. Secondly, JUST MAYBE they are getting their direction and information from the same well.

Making sense yet?

Funding: They must be getting their funding from a bottomless pit. If they went through all of our money, they must be getting it from another source, correct?

Just maybe... we the people, don't know who the boss really is. You think?

The HUMAN FOOD FACTOR SHOW, is on Liberty News Radio this Saturday from 5-7 Eastern We are going to begin picking apart who all these people are, how they're all joined together and exactly how they got themselves aligned in power together. This is all too coincidental and if you don't think so, you had better think again.

This is a conspiracy, not a theory. We had better wake all the way up and figure out who the real boss is and if this is the company we really want to keep working for.

We don't even know who's company it is!!

There are roughly about 400 years of history that needs to picked apart and examined. My findings match a number of others who have been researching the same things. The theory part goes away when a number of think tanks keep coming up with the same answers. It is time to join the dots and recreate the truth and the facts. Not what we're being told, but the facts, as we the people see it.

The truth and nothing but the truth.

It was NEVER meant to be this way. Someone is manipulating our planet to control everything on it. Everything that is happening, points to this opinion. All you have to do is open your eyes, think clearly and look at the simple facts. Someone has created a GRAND DESIGN for all of us and I am absolutely positive; it isn't what we thought it was. It will not be our HAPPY ENDING or the promised land! At least, it sure doesn't look that way right now, does it?

Saturday, the Human Food Factor Show will continue presenting facts and evidence concerning Chemtrails, the now "out of the closet" aircraft delivered aerosols, that we have been watching for years. Last week we interviewed Francis Mangels, a biological scientist, who testified that California is being devastated by abnormally high levels of heavy metals, showing up in the soils and water. This has created an agricultural disaster in California. These findings are being verified nationwide.

Aluminum levels in Mt. Shasta's snow are at 61 times the allowable limit in drinking water. It feeds the Sacramento and San Francisco watershed, as well as outlying agricultural farms, raising the PH from 5.5 to an unfarmable level of 6.8.

This disaster is being created by the one and only wild card,
CHEMTRAIL aerosol spraying.

Tomorrow, we will be interviewing the esteemed Michael Murphy, director, writer and producer of the new documentary- "What in the World are They Spraying?", premiering in Altanta on October 23. His insight and testimony will be available for call in questions by calling 866-986-6397. We look forward to what will provide a clearer view of what is being sprayed in our skies and who is doing it.

If the show isn't being broadcast in your area, it can be listened to live at and archives of the show can be downloaded to your desktop. Check out my new book, the Human Food Factor at: and again, call 866-986-6397, tell us what's eatin' you!


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Truth and consequences, with facts to support!

Hello folks,

Today marked the beginning of a series of Human Food Factor shows that offer ironclad evidence about the effects of accelerated geothermal aerosol spraying infecting our health, our air, our food supply and our water.

We are bringing on residents, biologists, film makers and scientists, you name it, who will testify not only to the existence of these Chemtrails, but the dangers they present to mankind.

Today we featured Francis Mangels, a scientist in the field of biology, who expoused the technical data he has personally extracted from the soils and water throughout Northern California. His tests reveal up to 1200 times the allowed contamination levels of aluminum in drinking water and he commented on what will be our demise if this escalated project is not stopped.

Agriculture will grind to a stop and our food supply will dwindle. The 90% less insect life in the streams means the fish have nothing to eat . WE ARE THERE NOW!

Our listeners called in and verified military aircraft being converted to tankers and people who have worked on these projects.

Stay tuned in for next weeks show and Dane Wigington, who is also a resident of Mt. Shasta county in California, may just visit our show. He owns one of the largest solar arrays in California and whenever the aerosol spraying is heavy, he loses up to 60% of his electrical production.

We will also be featuring an interview with the esteemed Michael Murphy, writer, movie producer and director, right after the premier of his new documentary, "What on Earth are They Spraying", on October 23, 2010!

So.... they don't want crops to grow, they want people to get sick, they want natural animal life to dwindle and they don't want green energy to work after all; sounds like they want to provide all our food, health and fossil fuel needs to me. Do you think?

Do you think that might be a profitable position for them?

How about the fact, we are paying for it all already??? Anybody get the idea this may be the worst investment we've ever made?

Tune in next Saturday 5-7 Eastern on the Human food Factor Show, on Liberty News Radio! Live feeds and archives of all the shows can be found at and archives can be downloaded to your computer. Visit for a copy of the book- "The Human Food Factor". Call in and tell us what you know. Find out which legislator in your state gave signed authorization for these chemicals to be sprayed in your state. Call in next Saturday- 866-986-6397

Have a great week!

Howard Axtell, author & show host
"The Human Food Factor"

Friday, October 1, 2010

A runaway government and stratospheric engineering- testimony!

Folks... Tomorrow marks the beginning of a series of shows that offer ironclad evidence about the effects of the geothermal aerosol spraying that is infecting our health, our air, our food supply and our water. Aircraft delivered aerosols have been going on in every state and country I've been in, for over 15 years.

Tomorrow (Saturday 5-7 Eastern), on the Human Food Factor Show, we will begin interviewing people that are suffering from the drastic effects of what has been considered, a "conspiracy theory" for over 15 years, and professionals offering scientific evidence and data. We will be bringing on residents, biologists, film makers and scientists, who will testify not only to the existence of chemtrails, but of the dangers they present to mankind.

In their arrogance, the people involved with these aerosol projects let the cat out of the bag a little early. They are all the way out of the closet. Then ClimateGate emerged and revealed that the "climate change" scientists had intentionally manipulated the climate data and had been paid to do it, by ours and other governments. To top it off, they used our money!!

The spraying has escalated to new invasive levels and the chemicals in them are showing up in huge amounts in our health and the environment. How does it affect us?

It interrupts the transfer of geothermic heat from the Earth into the atmosphere, cleansing of the air and then, it is supposed to come back in the form of precipitation. Without this natural transference, the Earth surface will not cool naturally, the air will not be cleansed and erratic weather will prevail. This is to say nothing of these aerosols shredding our ozone and causing major health issues.

IT HAS GOT TO STOP NOW!!!! One of of our guests will testify that every state must have legal framework to accommodate spraying over it's sovereign sky. Bart Gordon is a Congessman from Tennessee and when questioned, avoided the pertinent questioning and evaded the issue.

Every state has a representative who approved this chemical spraying. By the way, Bart Gordon is in that movie directed by Michael Murphy, "What in the World Are They Spraying?" (premiering in Atlanta 10-23-2010). Bart Gordon is the representative that approved chemical aerosol spraying over the state of Tennessee and Michael Murphy will be coming on our show to tell us all about it. Coming soon!

Every state has one! Find out who it is and call in: 866-986-6397. Tune in folks, every Saturday 5-7 Eastern and if we aren't broadcasting on AM, FM or shortwave in your area; you can dial us up live on and archives of the show can be found there also. Pick up a copy of my new book at All sales are going towards the show cost and we appreciate your support!

Call in, tell us what's eatin' you! 866-987-6397