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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Who, what, where, when and why, are they doing what they're doing???

How has Hope and Change effected our life? Your life? How is it that everyone presenting sensationalized news, reorganizes the facts to either show they are trying, even when they are failuring miserably or to lay blame on others as to why they aren't doing their job.

I see this in business all the time. All the excuses in the world for why they cannot do what they were hired to do. Then they say, “I can’t do my job because of somebody else.” FAILURE, is to recognize a problem and do nothing to fix it. Maybe it isn’t to their benefit and if they can keep stringing us along, they keep getting paid. Then, the problem never gets fixed because it isn’t in their best interest.

All this jabber, when the bottom line is failure. It doesn’t matter where a problem came from or when, only solutions will correct the problem. The question is, WHEN???
Many would say, there hasn’t been enough time. Some will say (mostly the same people), the problem is too big. These are all excuses as to why they cannot or will not do the job they were hired to do.

Maybe they are doing the job they were hired to do and we are not the employer??? Too many lies and too much outright theft, at our expense.

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Howard Axtell, author & show host
"The Human Food Factor Show"


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