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Friday, September 3, 2010

What is to become of us? What have we become? The Human Food Factor?

The overall picture here at the "Human Food factor Show" studio is accompanied somewhat, by a feeling of remorse. We have a questionable future. I've try to picture in my mind...

What is to become of us?

We have been played like a badly tuned instrument for so many years, yet we still don't have the wherewithall to implement answers; solutions to the problems appearing around us. We are threatened into submission, in fear of legal retaliation. Honorable, safe, yet non-productive answers to a train wreck happening before our eyes; with us, our families, our country and our society on board.

What have we become?

I bought a video a while back called "9-11 In Plane Site" and after watching all the news media live reporting again, I remembered seeing it all with my own eyes. How is it, instant reporting from live eyewitnesses during an event can be so easily forgotten? How is it that a completely different story can be presented and hammered into us, be accepted as fact 100%, with no question?

How is it that we can completely believe, even when a totally different set of facts exists? How is it, we automatically ignore hands on live evidence and testimony and so willingly believe in a media news bath, from the same people who have lied to us for years???

I remember the live versions of a number of events that have happened. All the supposed evidence immediately disappeared and we were automatically supposed to believe the words of those we know are proven liars, cheats and thieves.

Look at the results of those stories. An almost automatic, preplanned interjection into the privacy and rights of the common public, under the jist of public safety.

Does anyone really feel more secure? FROM WHAT?

A top secret "American" society with over 17,000 locations, 1300 Government entities, 3,666 private sector entities, coupled with 1200 government agencies, were just some of the results of post 9-11. A blend of military, government and corporate America has formed a hidden aperatus against the "war on terror", right here in America.

The statements made in the previous paragraph were from the words of Dana Priest, a double Pulitzer prize winner and William Arkin, who are doing a research study for the Washingtion Post, to broadcast on Frontline this fall.

Now, WHO IS THE ENEMY??? WHO FEELS SAFER??? Why is it, we are the only ones feeling the pressure?

Are we getting it yet? What is to become of us? What have we become? These are questions everyone in America needs to ask him or herself. How many of us understands how it feels to lose family in one of these events? What will it take before their "emergency" becomes yours, or mine? I don't believe we are stupid, only lazy.

Thousands have died in these "events" and yet, the only resultant effects are protocols to further contain, divide and diversify the public. How do you win a war on the front end? You got it and that's how it's done folks. This is far more serious than a simple dangerous hurricane or an oil well waiting for Bruce Willis to save the Gulf. It is our life and how we believe it is supposed to be.

We have been had and we need solutions now.

Tune in to my talk show tomorrow, on Saturday, at 5-7 Eastern and let's talk more about this. The call in number is 866-986-6397 and I want the listening audience to hear your comments and viewpoints. I don't want to see more people getting hurt, I want good things for the great people here in America. We are being overrun and manipulated into submission.

It has to stop now and it begins and ends with you and I.

http//:www.thehumanfoodfactor.com is the website and if the show isn't broadcasted in your area, it can be listened to live or downloaded from http://www.libertynewsradio.com.

Find and buy the video, "9-11, In Plane Site" and if only 5% is correct, (I believe even more is), we are in big trouble and have been taken to the cleaners.

We are America's last chance, as a wide awake and educated public.

Thank you for listening, you are the best!

Howard Axtell, author & show host


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